Prof Alexandra Henrion-Caude: Why So Many Scientists Are Concerned About DNA Contamination

The World Council for Health hosted an emergency hearing on 9 October 2023 featuring geneticist Prof Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude and eight other leading experts to determine what is currently known about #PlasmidGate and the presence of bacterial DNA and genetic sequences found in vials of Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Our expert panel addressed the implications of these findings for all people of the world.

Prof Alexandra Henrion-Caude’s presentation details why she and so many other scientists are concerned about the discovery of plasmid DNA in Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

“The most frequent antibiotic-resistant genes are plasmid-born and are thus easily transferred [into DNA],” Henrion-Caude explained. After more than two years of implementation of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, “no work has been able to describe the fact that the RNA of the Covid vaccine did not present genetic toxicity or carcinogenicity.”

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Urgent Expert Hearing DNA Contamination Reminder

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About Prof Alexandra Henrion-Caude

  • Prof Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude is a Harvard trained geneticist, specialized on RNA and epigenetics. She is Director of SimplissimA Research Institute with the goal of identifying simple, low-cost, sustainable and ethical health solutions.
  • She retired from a tenured position as Director of Research at the French National Institute of Health, where she worked for over 25 years. Her research has focused for 30 years on how the environment impacts our genes, including RNA.
  • In March 2020, she spoke out publicly against the health policy put in place to manage the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, and became one of the most prolific activists among European academic leaders.

This is an edited segment from the emergency hearing hosted by WCH on 9 October 2023 with Kevin McKernanDr Janci LindsayProf Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Alexandra Henrion-CaudeAssoc Prof Byram BridleDr Peter McCulloughProf Brigitte KönigDr Jessica Rose, and Katie Ashby-Koppens.

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