Assoc Prof Byram Bridle: Immunological Consequences of DNA Contaminants in modRNA Shots

The World Council for Health hosted an emergency hearing on 9 October 2023 featuring immunologist Associate Professor Byram Bridle and eight other leading experts to determine what is currently known about #PlasmidGate and the presence of bacterial DNA and genetic sequences found in vials of Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Our expert panel addressed the implications of these findings for all people of the world.

During his presentation, Byram Bridle showed that Covid-19 modRNA ‘vaccines’ were not manufactured properly and discussed the documentation released this month by Health Canada through a Freedom of Information request which confirmed that bacterial plasmid DNA isn’t listed as an ingredient in the shots.

Anybody who’s received plasmid DNA in these shots, they have never given informed consent for that,” he explained. “Those of us who know the manufacturing process … were assured that there would not be plasmid DNA present.”

“There’s no excuse [for] companies like Pfizer and Moderna, with all of their money and all of their expert scientists, to leave the plasmid DNA in the vaccines,” Bridle said. “The fact that they didn’t get rid of this is egregious.”

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Urgent Expert Hearing DNA Contamination Reminder

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About Assoc Prof Byram Bridle

  • Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph, Canada. He specializes in the development, optimization, and safety testing of vaccines in the context of infectious diseases and cancers.
  • Bridle teaches immunology, virology, and cancer biology at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. He has received multiple prestigious awards for his research and teaching and has published extensively in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Bridle has also received multiple citations as a top-tier reviewer for Canada’s national medical research granting agency.
  • He was one of the first to warn the public that modified RNA ‘vaccines’ could distribute throughout the body where they could potentially cause harm through multiple mechanisms of action.

This is an edited segment from the emergency hearing hosted by WCH on 9 October 2023 with Kevin McKernanDr Janci LindsayProf Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Assoc Prof Byram BridleDr Peter McCullough, Prof Brigitte König, Dr Jessica Rose, and Katie Ashby-Koppens.

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  1. We need these incredibly bright, brave scientists to lead us out of this mess. Saying,Thank You is not enough! God Bless You All!
    Kevin McKernan, Dr Janci Lindsay, Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Assoc Prof Byram Bridle, Dr Peter McCullough, Prof Brigitte König, Dr Jessica Rose, and Katie Ashby-Koppens.