Better Way Charter

How do we create a Better Way?

The inaugural Better Way Conference held in May 2022 in Bath, UK, was a forum bringing people together to co-create new ways of living and working that promote health, sense-making, and well-being. Participants included health, law, and environmental experts, human rights advocates, independent journalists, and laypeople from around the world, both in person and online.

Together, we invited each other to step away from fear and into community. We learned from each other and engaged in lively discussion with respectful curiosity and openness, embodying the better way we wish to see for ourselves and generations to come, welcoming, compassionate, inclusive, wise, and joyful.

This document sets out the issues and actions proposed. It is a reference point for World Council for Health partners, communities, and individuals everywhere to continue this exciting work of co-creating a Better Way, one step at a time.

7 Principles of a Better Way


We act in honour and do no harm

We do our best to live by this law, and enact the principles within this charter by it.


We are free beings with free will

We take responsibility for, and control of, our lives, our choices and our health.


We are part of nature

We recognise that the well-being of people and planet are interdependent and we nurture both in equal measure.


Spirituality is integral to our well-being

People are spiritual and we thrive when life has conscious meaning and higher purpose.


We thrive together

We are inclusive and value our diverse, integrated, and collaborative community.


We value different perspectives

We celebrate respectful discussion as the means to ever more refined knowledge, compassion and wisdom.


We use technology with

We recognise technology used respectfully will enhance learning and wisdom to benefit people and planet.

With courage, we do not tolerate:

  • The violation of people’s inalienable rights and freedoms*
  • Profit, power and influence coming before the well-being of people and planet

* freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, the right to free and informed consent, the right to bodily integrity, and that everyone is innocent before proven guilty.

How do we reclaim or rebuild science?

From Conversation 1 of the Better Way Conference: Reclaiming Science Together

The Issues

  • Regulatory agencies are funded by the pharmaceutical industry; therefore, drug development and authorisation can no longer be trusted.
  • High-ranking universities are employed to conduct pharmaceutical industry research; dependency on pharmaceutical industry money has corrupted their integrity.
  • High-ranking medical journals are funded by the pharmaceutical industry and their proxies; dependency on the pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the scientific publication process.
  • Industry-directed research into biotechnology and transhumanism is blatantly transgressing ethical boundaries.
  • Influenced by private partnerships and individuals, in particular the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates, the World Health Organisation has promoted pharmaceutical industry interests over public health and safety.

The Actions

  • Raise awareness of the corruption within drug regulatory agencies and universities.
  • Create a new transparent drug approval process that includes independent scientific evaluation and civil society participation.
  • Demand data sharing and transparency from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Demand pharmaceutical industry funding of public agencies is ceased and hold these regulatory agencies accountable for the misuse of public funds.
  • Hold pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies and individual decision-makers to account for failure to protect the public from iatrogenic harm.
  • Boycott corrupted journals and innovate new approaches to sharing scientific research. Research should be open for scrutiny, review and discussion by peers.
  • Boycott pharmaceutical industry injections for healthy people, such as vaccines and contraceptives, and also new types of injections for treating diseases like malaria due to lack of full disclosure regarding ingredients and technology used.
  • Raise awareness of people adversely affected by the Covid-19injections and advocate for medical and psychosocial support, accountability and adequate compensation.
  • Conduct studies to evaluate the extent of the iatrogenic health crisis instigated by the mass administration of inadequately tested Covid injections.
  • Enforce existing ethical norms based on the Nuremberg Code and hold those implicated to account.
  • Explore ways to implement guard rails on biotechnology within the context of human and planetary health, and the future of our species.

How do we manage the health consequences of the Covid-19 chapter?

From Conversation 2 of the Better Way Conference: Managing C19 Health Consequences

The Issues

  • Safe, cheap and effective treatments that work for Covid-19 and are candidates to treat vaccine injury, such as ivermectin, have been suppressed in favour of novel and expensive pharmaceutical industry products.
  • Suppression of public awareness of safe covid treatments facilitated the emergency use authorisation of novel pharmaceutical industry products and led to unnecessary deaths and suffering.
  • As the experimental Covid-19vaccine ingredients were not fully disclosed by the manufacturers, informed consent w.r.t covid vaccination has not been upheld.
  • The Covid-19 vaccination programme appears to be a trojan horse to introduce a global digital identification system and brings the entire declaration of a ʻpandemicʼ into question.
  • Pharmaceutical industry data, scientific manuscripts, pharmacovigilance databases and doctor and patient testimonials indicate that the risks associated with the experimental Covid-19 vaccines outweigh any benefits.
    A climate of silence means vaccine-injured people fail to get adequate care and treatment for their symptoms.
  • Governments and media have employed psychological tactics to enforce compliance.

The Actions

  • Establish a clear set of people-focused principles to be adopted for future international health emergencies that is free from pharmaceutical industry interest.
  • Demand that all medical technologies and drugs with insufficient evidence on safety be withdrawn.
  • Remind authorities that informed consent cannot be given and the Covid-19 vaccination programme is therefore unlawful.
  • Remind medical doctors of their Hippocratic Oath and duty of care.
  • Campaign to let doctors be doctors and give them the freedom to use their skills and knowledge to treat their patients to the best of their ability.
  • Create safe forums for knowledge exchange between healthcare practitioners to raise awareness of vaccine injury and share effective treatment protocols.
  • Create safe spaces and opportunities for vaccine-injured to receive the care they need and deserve.
  • Create and support initiatives that give vaccine-injured the space and platforms to safely tell their stories and be genuinely heard and acknowledged, e.g. video stories.
  • Educate and raise awareness within the medical community of vaccine-injured needs and possible treatment strategies.
  • Explore ways to restore open dialogue about this supposedly taboo subject, to reconnect people with their compassion and move beyond judgment.
  • Create initiatives to raise awareness of early symptoms of vaccine injury and establish networks for psychological support.
  • Conduct research to explore treatment options for people with vaccine injuries.

How do we actively create a world in which people thrive?

From Conversation 3 of the Better Way Conference: Fostering Active Communities

The Issues

  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are collaborations between a government agency and a private firm or foundation established to finance, build or operate a project. Often mentioned in combination with global health and agricultural development are the Bill andMelinda Gates Foundation,Rockefeller Foundation, Wellcome Trust, World Bank and the pharmaceutical companies. Although PPPs are a long-standing problem, Covid-19 has radically exposed the extent to which government policies are driven by these external interests.
  • The influence of PPPs during the Covid crisis resulted in violation of inalienable rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, the right to free and informed consent, and the right to body integrity.
  • Academic institutions influenced by PPPs are failing to preserve and defend of our human rights.
  • School education systems are failing young people, with memorisation valued over critical and creative thinking and practical life skills.
  • A consumerist and secular world view is promoted over spiritual well-being, connectedness and purpose.

The Actions

  • Highlight institutional corruption and empower grassroots decision-making.
  • Develop and endorse educational programs and campaigns on the importance of informed consent when accepting medical interventions.
  • Advocate for the development and integration of decentralised networks that collectively work towards lawful and practical solutions to the challenges faced by nation states and humanity in general.
  • Innovate health care systems with a focus on health promotion, personal responsibility, choice, compassion and living life to the full.
  • Develop blockchain technology for data sovereignty, privacy and decentralisation.
  • Develop educational programs that foster critical thinking, inclusive discussion and open debate.
  • Empower traditionally held values, skills, law and sovereignty.
  • Facilitate opportunities for intergenerational exchange of youth ability and learning with elder wisdom.
  • Endorse and facilitate mentorship programs, including the teaching of entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy.

How do we restore journalistic independence and media credibility?

From Conversation 4 of the Better Way Conference: Reclaiming & Revolutionizing Media

The Issues

  • Mainstream and social media, including Reuters, BBC, Financial Times, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, are captured by corporate interests in the form of the “Trusted News Initiative”
  • Corporate owners and the ultra-wealthy, including Gates Foundation, use mainstream and social media to market their products and to control the public narrative and behaviour.
  • 75% of the journalism revenue is tied to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • News and information that threatens pharmaceutical profits, like vaccine harms, are censored.
  • Public trust in mainstream media is at an all-time low.
  • There are cultural issues inside the legacy media of self-censoring, an over-reliance on “credible scientists” and spoon feeding, and a lack of investigative journalism.

The Actions

  • Create new independent media outlets and promote citizen journalism that monitors, deconstructs and counters propaganda.
  • Establish independent international media content and news platforms.
  • Provide opportunities and encourage the building of relationships between independent journalists and scientists, nationally and internationally to counteract biased, narrow-minded, or agenda-driven(mis-)reporting.
  • Network independent media to promote priority and consistent messaging.
  • Actively “cultivate security” for those individuals and whistle-blowers who speak out against corruption and , e.g. by inviting them to speak and giving them the respect that they deserve.

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How can the law serve human rights?

From Conversation 5 of the Better Way Conference: Law, Justice, & Human Rights

The Issues

  • Judicial systems are compromised and unlawful.
    • Laws are enacted without public consultation or due process, often not reflecting the values of society.
    • Regulatory bodies are beholden to government and private interests rather than serving the people.
    • Covid policies violate our inalienable rights and policies such as PCR testing have led us to believe we do not have these rights.
    • The hierarchy of law has been inverted, so the legal system supposedly takes precedence over common and natural law, rather than the other way around.
  • Censorship and inequality obstruct fair legal process.
    • Thereʼs no data transparency or accountability for governments, corporate and private interests
    • Few barristers are willing to represent doctors, whistleblowers etc, and few doctors/whistleblowers are willing to speak out
    • There is no level playing field in terms of resources, with plaintiffs often up against well-funded corporations with large legal teams
    • Victims of malfeasance and malpractice have no voice
  • The World Health Organisation and United Nations, infiltrated by the World Economic Forum and corporate interests, are attempting an unprecedented power grab.
    • WHO pandemic treaty and IHR amendments violate human rights and national constitutions
    • Subtle manipulation of national regulations to mirror the pandemic treaty means this power grab is already happening

The Actions

  • Raise awareness of peopleʼs rights and their violations with clear, evidence-based information
  • Educate men, women and children to recognise that we are all indigenous to Earth and that natural law supersedes corporate legal systems.
  • Use the courts as a stage and file multiple lawsuits to add pressure and raise awareness
  • Create an alternative justice system with our own courts
  • Hold individual men and women liable under the law for the harm they do
  • Enact a new magna carta
  • Call on nations to exit the WHO entirely
  • Develop an international public emergency treaty that maintains the inalienable rights of people, and the sovereignty of nations.

How do identify and address environmental challenges?

From Conversation 6 of the Better Way Conference: Health, Environment, & Sovereignty

The Issues

  • General pollution of land, air and water by corporations is an ongoing and worsening problem
  • Glyphosate is a dangerous biocide widely used in farming that is toxic to all life forms.
  • Increasing water fluoridation and other toxins in our water is affecting global health.
  • Radiofrequency radiation (RFR) is increasing exponentially through wireless communications systems and is becoming more biologically disruptive.
  • ICNIRP the RFR regulatory agency relied upon by the WHO and FDA, is a private body which places corporate interests above public health and animal/insect/planetary health.

The Actions

  • Foster grassroots community activism, from door-to-door campaigns alerting local governments of their liabilities and responsibilities.
  • Call to abolish/ban glyphosate and raise awareness of the risks so that people stop using it.
  • Campaign to stop the renewal of the approval of glyphosate in the European Union and elsewhere when opportunities arise.
  • Raise international awareness that wireless radiation is a ClassA carcinogen
  • Encourage and support people to take damages claims relating to environmental harms to court.
  • Research, foster and share innovative natural systems to solve environmental problems(e.g. via bioremediation and biomimicry).
  • Raise community awareness of practical steps for reducing exposure to environmental toxins, such as eating organic foods free of pesticides, hardwiring computers within the home/office/school setting, and ditching smart phones to minimise RFR exposure.

How do we innovate new approaches to promoting health?

From Conversation 7 of the Better Way Conference: Innovate, Integrate, & Meditate

The Issues

  • The health and well-being of the human species is at an all-time low.
  • The western healthcare model is profit driven, with a bias towards pharmaceutical products and biotechnology.
  • Health care guidance is reactive and diseased-focused, it is not aimed at promoting health.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs come with side effects, leading to an eternal cycle of cause and effect.
  • The role of natural products and nature in healing is ignored, with an overemphasis on new-to-nature molecules and patented medicines.
  • Hyper-specialisation of doctors ignores the interconnection of systems and the importance of seeing a human being as a whole.
  • Medicalisation of natural processes, such as childbirth, indoctrinates us to believe these processes are inherently dangerous and disempowers us.
  • We are programmed early on to conform within narrow social norms, limiting ingenuity, self-expression and spirituality.
  • Unhealthy individual lifestyle patterns are endemic and exacerbate poor physical and mental health, including anxiety, depression and obesity.
  • Our health and personal data are a commodity which is sold and exploited for commercial purposes.

The Actions

  • Rebuild health and social frameworks that are aligned with natural ways of healing and being.
  • Include a holistic approach to health (mind, body and soul) in health promotion strategies.
  • Develop integrated approach to medicine to encompass different healing modalities: allopathic and natural, to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Develop a common language for health that promotes inter-modality referral
  • Encourage the love of nature (biophilia) as elemental to our well-being, prescribing nature-based therapies to promote well-being.
  • Respect and honour human diversity, choice and different perspectives to empower individual sovereignty.
  • Foster and empower local, self-governing communities and community-based health promotion and support.
  • Empower women to have the birth they want with informed consent.
  • Innovate non-invasive, inexpensive ways to assess, diagnose, treat and measure outcomes.
  • Innovate blockchain-based ways to ensure health data is owned and managed by the individual.
  • Shift the focus from economic growth to the growth of well-being at all levels: personal, social and planetary.
  • Develop education options that foster self-awareness, respect for nature, healthy lifestyles and genius.
  • Foster trust in individual intuition (heart-based) for better decision-making in matters of health in conjunction with the mind (head-based).

The proposed actions detailed above can be downloaded here.

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