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We’re very happy that you’re considering sharing your valuable time and skillset with us.

Current Job Openings:

Commission-Based Fundraiser – The World Council for Health is seeking a motivated and dynamic commission-based Fundraiser to join our team. This role is ideal for a self-starter who is passionate about health advocacy and has a proven track record in fundraising. The Fundraiser will be responsible for developing and executing fundraising strategies to secure financial support from individual donors, corporate sponsors, foundations, and other funding sources. This position is commission-based, offering a competitive commission structure on funds raised. Learn more and apply.

Volunteer with Us:

As our staff team is small and our ambitions are very large, making volunteer input vital to the success of the World Council for Health. In addition, volunteers bring new skills and perspectives to our work and allow our team to work more closely with local communities. Volunteers are integral to what we do. We value your support and the strengthening effect it has on the work.

Why volunteer with WCH?

Contribute to a Healthier World

The World Council for Health is a broad, grassroots, expert-led initiative to work together to empower global and community health. Join us today as a volunteer to create a Better Way together.

Be part of our Community

The strength of the World Council for Health is in our approach to collaboration. We are powered almost entirely by volunteers in our growing number of committees made up of scientists, medical practitioners, lawyers, activists, and patients. We work across borders dissolving barriers through international coalition partnerships united for the protection of humanity.

Empower yourself and others

Through education and ethos, we empower people to step away from fear and engage more fully in living life. We do this
by providing them with the resources to optimize their health and wellbeing so we might be able to step into our collective power.

Before applying to volunteer with WCH, please familiarize yourself with our Mission, Vision, and Values. You can find that and more on our About Us page. Please also take a moment to review the 7 Principles of A Better Way.

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There is an abundance of information to inform, inspire, and empower here at the World Council for Health.

You’re invited to join us live every Monday in our Newsroom to hear from inspiring speakers from around the world. Join in the live chat if you can or watch later and share from our Video Library.

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Keep an eye on our events calendar and join us when you can. If you can’t make a live event, tune-in at your convenience in the WCH Newsroom.