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Get the latest information on cutting-edge Covid treatment and prevention guidance from our global coalition of independent doctors and forward-thinking health professionals.

Take back control of your health

Good health is everyone’s right. We work to ensure it by advocating on your behalf and bringing the best of global health and science research to you.

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Empowering individuals to optimize their own health contributes most to public health. We do that by giving families objective and common-sense resources curated by frontline doctors, nurses, clinical researchers, and science and medicine journalists.

Your health is our mission

There’s a better way to do healthcare and we’re part of it. Our evidence-based guidance helps you and your family become your own health expert and achieve lasting good health, independent of the interests of pharmaceutical companies, fad diets, food lobbies, educational boards, media conglomerates, health agencies, or intergovernmental organizations.

We help the world get well

We believe in a world where everyone is empowered to choose and access the best medical treatment right for them, and achieve their most optimal wellbeing.

Putting health in your hands

What is World Council for Health? A new international non-profit, delivering proven solutions that help the world move forward on health.

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