Law & Activism Committee

The Law and Activism committee is an engagement, support, and action-orientated forum that meets weekly with members from around the world. LAC successfully convened an Understanding Vaccine Causation Conference and a #StopTheWHO campaign in 2022, amongst other activities.

LAC is currently chaired by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed. If you would like to share information with LAC or become a member, please do contact us.

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It’s time to #ExitTheWHO

The World Health Organization is an unelected, majority private-funded body seeking powers that would override national constitutions and violate fundamental human rights. A mysterious body beholden to corporate interests must not be given additional power. In fact, it should have vastly less power than it does right now if any at all.

Countdown to the World Health Assembly weekly updates with James Roguski:

Want to know more about why we should #ExitTheWHO? Check out James Roguski’s list of 100 reasons to stop the WHO’s power grab.