A Recipe for Disaster: mRNA Vaccines for Animals

Joining us live from the United Kingdom on the 31st of July for General Assembly Meeting #98, Roger Meacock spoke about the Open Letter of Concern he has written concerning the use of mRNA vaccines in animals.

Who is Roger Meacock?

  • Roger Meacock is a veterinary surgeon with significant experience in the farming sector, mostly with dairy and beef cattle.
  • He has written an Open Letter of Concern concerning the use of mRNA vaccines and the potential impact on human and animal health.
  • Roger worked as an alternative vet for over 25 years using cutting edge, advanced technologies such as SCENAR, natural remedies, and more recently Wave Genetics, all of which improve the internal environment of the body.

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  1. a local vet here in Canada got an admission a few months ago from a pharma company about the mrna use in pork here for a few yrs now . She also keeps in touch with a CFIA vet who says that she has never seen soo many sick animals .

  2. brilliant video thank you for the awareness, prions in food are a big concern of mine since cjd
    please do keep us informed
    i will be happy to share and sign any petition as a general member of the public to stop this

  3. I restrain myself … I don’t know how long I’ve been trying to send up a flare – I’m sure it’s been a couple of years – for example, several times to Children’s Health Defense – and have received responses ranging from no response, actually, to “It’s nothing to be worried about.”
    Now look – domestic pet care is a huge industry. Routine vaccinations of dogs & cats are not only recommended, they’re positively required by unlimited numbers of authorities – whether those authorities know the necessity/non-necessity of the vaccinations or not.
    Cities & other municipal entities require peoples’ pet’s to be up to date. Take your dog for a walk in the park and you may be asked to prove that your dog is current on its shots.
    Take another example: I live in a mobile home community. Typically, such communities annually require residents with pets to furnish documents showing that their pets are up to date with their vaccinations.
    More than 2 years ago, was the last time I took my precious little dog in for her vaccinations. She had a bad reaction. Not only was it evident in her stool, more troubling was that she went from being a happy, exuberant little dog to being sluggish and even fearful, even of me.
    Fortunately, she recovered. But it took 3 months. But I’ve suspected they’d be putting the toxins in pet vaccinations, and that suspicion is turning out to be true, over and over again, and I’ll never subject my dog to that again. And that’s a risk, because I’m in violation of community regulations.
    But that’s not all. There’s a much broader concern:
    Just as I suspected, we’re only just now hearing medical professionals raising the alarm about shedding from those who’ve been injected.
    Doesn’t anyone else besides me see the danger? With every pet owner getting their pets injected?
    Doesn’t anyone else besides me see the scope and the magnitude of the danger?