General Assembly Meeting #98 — July 31, 2023

On Monday, July 31, 2023, we heard from Dr Mark Trozzi, Chrisof Plothe, DO, Roger Meacock, and Debra Leigh at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #98!

Introducing: Global Truth Network

  • Debra Leigh is the founder of Global Truth Network, a website dedicated to informing people who have not yet seen through agendas being pushed by global institutions.
  • Her goal is to provide important information on a range of issues which people can process at their own pace as they begin to understand they have been deceived by those in power.

A Recipe for Disaster: mRNA Vaccines for Animals

  • Roger Meacock is a veterinary surgeon with significant experience in the farming sector, mostly with dairy and beef cattle.
  • He has written an Open Letter of Concern concerning the use of mRNA injections and the potential impact on human and animal health.

Examining the Performance of C-19 “Vaccines”

  • WCH Steering Committee members Christof Plothe, DO and Dr Mark Trozzi discuss their latest video report unpacking the most recent evidence related to the performance of C-19 genetic injections.
  • Do they reduce or increase one’s risk to Covid-19?

Watch Christof Plothe and Dr Mark Trozzi’s new report below.

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  1. RFK is establishment royalty, who was vaccine injured, apparently & wants to save the establishment by draining the swamp. The elephant in the room is, anyone who avidly supports a misanthropic, apartheid regime, in the middle is, no friend of humanity & is wittingly (or not) protecting the very ‘swamp things’ who are complicit in the current, global cull.