Examining the Performance of C-19 “Vaccines”

Joining us live from Canada and Germany on the 31st of July for General Assembly Meeting #98, WCH Steering Committee members Dr Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe, DO discussed their latest video report unpacking the most recent evidence related to the performance of C-19 “vaccines”.

Slides from this presentation are available here. The ebook mentioned by Christof is titled ‘mRNA Vaccine Toxicity‘.

About Dr Mark Trozzi

  • A medical doctor, Dr Trozzi has been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past twenty-five years.
  • Graduating in 1990 from the University of Western Ontario, he is an Advanced Trauma Life Support professor with the College of Surgeons of America, and holds teaching positions at Sunnybrook Health Sciences in the Advanced Life Support Department, as well as with both Queen’s University and the University of Ottawa.
  • On call in multiple emergency units during the Covid-19 pandemic, including an ER designated specifically for Covid-19, he now refuses to participate in practices he considers unethical and unscientific, that have been imposed by Covid-19 policies.
  • He currently dedicates himself full-time to research, public education, and activism and is an active member of Take Action Canada and Canada Health Alliance.
  • Mark is also a Director of EbMCsquared CiC. His written and video material can be found at www.drtrozzi.org. 

About Christof Plothe, DO

  • Christof is an osteopath and author who works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine. 
  • He completed two years of pre-clinical training at the medical faculty in Mainz, Germany, and then studied Osteopathy at the University of Wales in Kent, England. As an independent osteopath, Christof has worked for many years in Ireland, the United States, and Spain. He is the author and co-author of several books, studies, articles, national and international congresses, and a regular online speaker, with his primary medical topics shown on television, radio, and film.
  • Christof is the founder of the vital-life-summit with international experts, which provides sustainable ideas to improve soil, nutrition, and the environment for humankind and all life forms on our planet. His main goal is to bring people back into cooperation with their environment to create a sustainable future for humans and our planet.

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Watch Plothe and Trozzi’s new report below.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on July 31 2023. Debra Fry and Roger Meacock also spoke at this meeting.

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