Introducing World of Wellness | Prof Ian Brighthope

Joining us on Monday, December 5, for General Assembly Meeting #68 was Prof Ian Brighthope (🇦🇺), who introduced us to new World Council for Health coalition partner World of Wellness.

Who is Prof Ian Brighthope?

Professor Ian Brighthope is founder and past president of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has over 40 years of experience in lobbying for reform of the pharmaceutical dominated medical industry.

Brighthope believes that both pharmaceutical and natural products should be widely available and affordable.

What is World of Wellness?

Prof Brighthope founded World of Wellness after Australians endured two years of the longest lockdowns in the world. They have a committee of dedicated people who have worked in the health sector, or who are passionate about health reform, safety standards and accountability.

Their values include the human right for individuals to make their own informed medical decisions. They believe autonomy over medical procedures free of coercion is a cornerstone of a free and peaceful society. Their aim is to advance health outcomes by focusing on prevention and treatment using evidence-based nutritional, herbal, and alternative therapeutics in a parallel medical system.

World of Wellness offers:

  • Advice for Doctors wanting to incorporate a holistic style of medicine into their practice.
  • A referral service for people seeking medical advice from a Doctor that is open to natural treatments.
  • Consultations with political and industry leaders, about the effectiveness of natural therapies to develop new health policies.

The current patent-based medical structure is overwhelmed by the increase of chronic illness and disease. Prof Brighthope believes a wellness-based model is an economic and ethical solution to our future health and society.

“Imagine a world where herbalists, nutritionalists and acupuncturists were available with Medicare rebate. If instead of just blood tests, medical appointments and pharmacy drugs, sick people could access a wide range of wellness services, with a focus on preventative care and education. This is the vision of World of Wellness. Bringing natural therapies into the mainstream.”

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 5, 2022. Arthur Firstenberg and Ramiro Romani also spoke at the meeting.

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