Ramiro Romani: Living Healthfully & Harmoniously with Tech

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #68 on Monday, December 5, educator and technologist Ramiro Romani (🇺🇸) gave a motivating presentation on what we can do to live healthfully and harmoniously with technology.

Who is Ramiro Romani?

  • He is the founder of Take Back Our Tech, an educational initiative that releases free content on how individuals can increase their privacy and security by using friendly technologies.
  • Recently, Ramiro Romani launched Above Phone, a complete privacy phone solution powered by open-source technologies. Above Phone gives people a way to communicate & exchange privately, while using the apps they love, and getting all the support they need.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 5, 2022. Arthur Firstenberg and Prof Ian Brighthope also spoke at the meeting.

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