Dr Thomas Seyfried: The Truth About Cancer

Joining us live from the United States on July 10, 2023, Dr Thomas Seyfried spoke with WCH team member Linda Mathews-Rae at General Assembly Meeting #95 about his groundbreaking views on cancer being a metabolic disease rather than a genetic one.

Who is Dr Thomas Seyfried?

  • Dr Thomas Seyfried is a professor of biology, genetics, and biochemistry at Boston College.
  • This view dramatically impacts the approach to cancer management and prevention as Dr Seyfried suggests the use of metabolic therapies which include calorific restriction, fasting and ketogenic diets.
  • He has been published in over 150 peer-reviewed publications.
  • The FLCCC’s Dr Paul Marik cites Dr Seyfried’s work extensively. Learn more about it at tomseyfried.com.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on July 10, 2023. Dr Paul Marik also spoke at this meeting.

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  1. Thanks for discussion, good to hear how treatments could progress moving forward, as I don’t like the unquestioning complicity of many nhs staff during covid. I know some spoke out & were silence, some indoctrinated and some just evil genocidal maniacs.

    1. Your comment is more like conspiracy theory than actual science based discussion.
      Dr. Seyfried’s thinking in not in line with your thinking.

      You’re conflating your opinions about COVID and subsequent vaccines, with your like and agreement with what Dr. Seyfried has said about what he thinks causes cancer.

      His research and conclusions are supported by data, facts. Likewise, the efficacy of COVID treatments and vaccines are also supported by data, facts.

      You and those who mis-think as you do, do not add to our fact based human knowledge.

  2. This is phenomenal news. I didn’t know that the majority of cancers run on fermentation. I’ll be sure to forward this to my parents and loved ones who have cancer. I’ve read about the gaming of randomized controlled trials by pharmaceutical companies and hadn’t thought about the supplanting of them by longitudinal cohort studies as a way to study the effectiveness of drugs and treatments. I thought cancer was purely by random mutation in the genetic code, hastened by the elevated carcinogens in the environment. It’s nice to hear somebody on the cutting edge of understanding the metabolic biochemical interactions as it relates to cancer. I think a note of caution is to begin this treatment on cancer patients that the current treatments are not very effective at treating. If you can prove your hypothesis by effectively treating those with high mortality and morbidity at current rates then you can move down the chain of cancers with better treatments.

  3. It’s good to hear a different bit of advice. My mother & father in law may have cancer. They are waiting for results.

    Is there any other advice can you give please?

  4. Greetings!
    Here’s hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is doing well. Thanks for posting this more current cancer research info. Eye opening…

    My Story:
    I’m interested in support of a pancreatic mass discovered approx 2 years ago. I’m at the end of the stent insertion, chemo, radiation, surgery (partial) and now second round of chemo rope. I’d like to do more than a multi-vitamin and calorie-counting to gain weight (down 20+ pounds since Apr 2022).
    Can I be assisted please? I’m in the southern Atlantic (USA) Region and in ok health considering.

    I’d like to consult with other than standard of care methodologies please. Can I be helped?

    –Thanks and Hoping

    1. Please contact Jane McLelland at jane@howtostarvecancer.com. She is an expert in the combination therapy approach. Thomas Seyfried highly recommends her as well.

      You may also find this video by a late stage pancreatic cancer survivor that used the combination therapy helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T2VFXCH08c

      Additionally, the WCH Cancer Detox and Immune Boosting Guide is being written and will be available free on this website as soon as possible.

  5. My 34 yr old son Owen who has a Pituitary brain tumour. We believe this was an injury due to working on cell phone towers 7 years ago. Now a new tumour has grown on the right hand side of his brain. This has grown from an arm of the Pituitary Tumour. Believing this to be from the Phizer C19 Emergency Injection taken 2 years ago.

    He has had one biopsy back in Nov 2023. Van, Victoria, Toronto and NIH are not able to diagnosis it? A 2nd biopsy will be done at Van General Feb 6th to take a large piece of tissue out for a Geography Biopsy.

    Hopefully we will get a diagnosis and recommended treatment.

    Not liking the idea of Radiation or Chemo as this will kill him faster than the illness.

    Was listening to the doctors speak about ‘Metabolic Therapy? Would like to give him Ivermectin for the Spike Protein. Upon first biopsy and blood test there foreign proteins in his white blood cells that should not be there. I have 12 mg tablets, but I do not know how much to give him and how often? His is 220lbs. 5’ 7” Secondly, would like to get him on Fenbendazole as well.

    Not sure what other Protocols he should be doing?

    Are you able to put me in touch with a practitioner to help us out please?
    Your reply would be appreciated.

    Sincerely, Kim Stordy