Steve Kirsch: What the Science Says About Vaccines and Kids

Joining the World Council for Health live from the U.S. on the 28th of August 2023 to present his research on childhood vaccinations was Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

What does the science say about vaccines and children?

About Steve Kirsch

  • Steve Kirsch is a former Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who has started eight high tech companies, including two with billion-dollar market caps. He invented the optical mouse, developed one of the first Internet search engines (Infoseek), and one of the world’s leading technical publishing platforms (Adobe FrameMaker).
  • In May 2021, Kirsch learned that several of his Covid-19 vaccinated friends were dead or injured shortly after their shot. Instead of trusting the authorities, Kirsch did his own research and discovered that the data consistently showed that the vaccines were deadly and all the mitigation policies of the U.S. government were counterproductive.
  • In July 2021, he quit his job in order to devote full time to educating others about what he had learned about the Covid-19 vaccines. He is the founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
  • Today, Kirsch is one of the most influential Covid writers in the world. He has written more than 1,200 articles in the past year on Covid-19 mitigation policies. These articles can be found on his Substack.

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  1. Wow, finally a discussion on what I have known for 35+ years.
    My oldest son will be 36 next month – never jabbed until the scamdemic when he had 2 of them in order to travel! I was devastated. My oldest daughter, no childhood vaccines, had 2 jabs in order to keep her job in childcare. I lost mine in disability due to being mandated.
    My 3rd baby developed whooping cough at 6 months, she also had no vaccines. Herbalist gave me about 6 tiny tablets that would melt in her mouth. Cough immproved almost immediately – older unvaxed siblings did not contract the cough even though we all shared the same environment!
    My 4th baby was born 6 weeks early and, & fortunately I was pressured into allowing him have the vit. K jab.
    About 5 years ago, my chiropractor recommended he have the MTHFR test as a leg injury was not responding to the treatment he was giving. This test came back positive for 1 mutant gene. So I understand when dr. Hooker spoke about the methylation process. He also had a bout of asthma when about 9yrs old & had a fishing hook go through his toe was given a tetanus jab. Did not have the follow up one so has not had any asthma since – he’s 29 now.
    We need more people to stand up against this evil regime who seem to think they can ruin peoples lives by keeping the truth hidden from the majority. Here in Australia, the puppets are totally under their puppet masters control. I am determined to spread the truth. ❤