ICYMI: Here’s What We’re Up to This Week & Beyond! — Sept 25, 2023

During the 105th episode of Better Way Live, WCH Steering Committee member Emma Sron gave a thorough update of all things related to World Council for Health this week and beyond.

Transcript with links:

Did you know that the WCH 7 Principles of a Better Way is now available in more than 30 languages? You can visit our website to download and share the Seven Principles of a Better Way PDF in all of these languages. Thank you to our brilliant team of volunteer translators for making this possible. You can find this document at worldcouncilforhealth.org/better-way-charter. And please, if you have people that you would like to share these with that would use these languages, that would be very useful, so you can download them and share them with people that speak these languages and are in the countries that speak these languages.

We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, or on Thursday morning if you’re a New Zealand like Jerry, for a Quantum Healing session with Gerry Pyves. Gerry will focus on how we can practically soothe our nervous systems in a live group setting. Please note that by joining this live Zoom event, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being. The information provided by Jerry should not be used as a substitute for consultation and advice from a licensed professional. When attending our Quantum Healing session, we ask that you please be in a private space and not be moving around like walking or driving. The doors close about five minutes after the hour, so make sure you get in there if you want to join us. And for the safety and comfort of our attendees, this event is not livestreamed or recorded. You can register for free to attend us by visiting the Mind Health Committee page at worldcouncilforhealth.org/mind-health-committee.

WCH South Africa is hosting the Health Justice Conference 2023 on Saturday at Goodhope Christian Church in Cape Town, South Africa. This full programme includes six different segments and information that will inspire and empower. Hear an intro to WCH South Africa, an update from South Africa VAERS, why South Africa must exit the WHO, and so much more! You can learn more by following WCH South Africa on Telegram. The handle is @WCHSouthAfrica. If you’re not on Telegram, you can still see that feed by going to t.me/s/WCH South Africa.

Time of the Signs, The Daz Band UK tour includes inspirational speakers, comedy, and music that will be happening at The Fork and Tune near Newport in South Wales on the 7 October. You can see some of the speakers that will be at this event. Our very own Dr Tess Lawrie from the World Council for Health, Darren Nesbit, editor of the Light paper, our friend and author Howdie Mickoski and more. For tickets, go to eventbrite.co.uk and you can just search Daz Band and you’ll see that event pop up.

The Children’s Health Defense’s second annual conference is happening the first weekend of November in Savannah, Georgia, in the US. Rise and Resist features cutting edge topics presented by world renowned speakers. The World Council for Health is a proud sponsor of Rise and Resist, and we’d love to see you there. In addition to taking advantage of the packed lineup of these powerful presenters and speakers, attendees can also take time to relax and explore Savannah’s attractions. There’s a really great riverfront there, really nice bridges, unique historical sites, restaurants, art galleries and all kinds of things. Visit childrenshealthdefense.org/CHD-2023-conference for more information and to get tickets. And be sure to stop by the World Council for Health stand to say hello. If you’re there, I would love to see you.

Mark your calendar for the 4th and 5th of November. Bob Moran will be live in London for ART-POCALYPSE. Learn more about how you can join Bob for this live illustrated tour of the past few years at bobmoran.co.uk/live-show. In case you missed it, Bob actually joined us last week live on Monday to discuss technology, AI and this upcoming show. You can find that video on our website in the video library or you can just type Bob Moran into the search bar.

The World Council for Health warmly invites you to experience the Journey of a Health Revolutionary featuring Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Tess Lawrie. This stimulating conversation was facilitated by Majid Nawaz and it will change our approach to children’s health forever. Oracle Films was there to film it last week in Bath. If you visit worldcouncilforhealth.org/revolutionary, you can sign up to be notified when this two hour film is officially released to the public. It’s a special event. You won’t want to miss this and we’re kindly asking for a minimum five pound contribution to view the film from this special fundraising event. When you contribute value for value to the World Council for Health, we trust that you’ll enjoy this frank, interactive discussion about what is really going on and what we can do about it.

Are you ready to take The Great FreeSet Challenge? Many of our natural and fundamental rights are not being respected by governments, nor are we being respected by unelected, unaccountable international organisations, corporations and private stakeholders to whom more undue power is being handed every single day. At the same time, our behaviour is being influenced in a sophisticated manner via the information we receive, posing questions as to who controls what we see. The Great FreeSet aims to reclaim our freedoms and powers that are being violated without us even noticing. Sign up to receive occasional email challenges and dive deeper into all of these topics at thegreatfreeset.org.

On behalf of the entire team of the World Council for Health, I just want to thank you for joining us today. Whether you’re watching us live right now in the newsroom or on streaming platforms later in the week or even months down the road, we would not be here if it was not for your continued support and encouragement. We kindly ask for your support as we continue to grow and address global health issues as they arise. One the best ways to contribute is by sending us a gift of support at worldcouncilforhealth.org. Donate if it’s within your means. A monthly contribution also goes a really long way to helping our team continue to work and grow. You can also support us by visiting our website directly, following us and interacting on social media, signing up for our email newsletter, and by sharing our articles and our guides and our leaflets and our graphics with your friends and family. Thank you again for all of your support. We’re so happy to be on this amazing journey towards health freedom along with you. There is a better way.

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