Anne Can’t Stand It!

Speaking with Dr Tess Lawrie on the 25th of September during Better Way Live, Anne Gibbons shared some of her history as a cartoonist and how she now uses her skills to create revolutionary art during these unprecedented times. She also showed examples of her recent work and the two discussed Anne’s art with the World Council for Health.

About Anne Gibbons

  • Anne Gibbons has been a professional cartoonist for almost four decades. Nothing pleases her more than expressing an idea in a simple, appealing way that touches people personally.
  • Anne has created cartoons, greeting cards, comic strips and illustrations for a wide range of clients including Recycled Paper Greetings, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime Television, Dow Jones, Deloitte, Bright Horizons, NJIT, Fordham University and the AAUW.
  • You can support Anne’s amazing work by following her on Substack.

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