Unregulated Technology: Why We Must Take Action Now

Join Better Way Live hosts Christof Plothe, DO and Dr Mark Trozzi for this important discussion about unregulated technology, followed by a conversation with political cartoonist Bob Moran. Mark and Christof review the new WCH policy brief: The Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy.

We also feature video of Melissa Ciummei, Alex Krainer and Prof Olle Johansson’s Better Way Conference 2023 presentations.

Dr Mark Trozzi & Christof Plothe Present the Effects of Unregulated Digitalization

Watch Trozzi & Plothe’s presentation on our website.

Bob Moran: Revolutionary Art and the Threat of A.I.

Watch Bob Moran’s presentation on our website.

  • Bob is an ethical British political cartoonist who lost his job at the Telegraph during the Covid-19 crisis for being too honest.
  • Shortly after losing his job, Bob and his cartoons became world famous. He is one of the few political cartoonists crossing the lines that need to be crossed.

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Download The Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy: A Call for Using Technology with Discernment here.

Here’s what World Council for Health is up to this week and beyond:

Click here for transcript with links.

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