The Healing Power of Food: We Know What’s Good for Us

Speaking with Better Way Live host Dr Tess Lawrie on Monday, the 11th of December 2023, Matthew Anderson joined us from St Lucia to discuss the healing power of nature’s pharmacy and why food is medicine.

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About Matthew Anderson

  • Matthew Anderson, a seasoned professional with 36 years of expertise in marine electronics, hails from the picturesque island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. Rooted in a family tradition of healing, inspired by his father’s legacy as a respected herbalist, Matthew ventured into the realm of herbal medicine. Fueled by a deep connection to ancient herbal practices and the doctrine of signatures, he delved into modalities blending physical and non-physical elements for optimal human well-being.
  • As the main alchemist and part owner of The Enchanted Kettle, a tea and beverage company established in 2016, Matthew has played a pivotal role in crafting herbal teas that have become the signature blend for a prominent island resort. His journey extends beyond traditional herbalism, exploring the fusion of food and medicine. Recognizing the potent qualities of plants like moringa and seamoss, Matthew envisions creating superfoods by combining herbal extracts from leaves, roots, and fruits to address humanity’s nutritional needs.
  • At 63 years old, Matthew stands as a pioneer in the evolving field of food as medicine. His vision goes beyond addressing external threats to the human body, encompassing the intricate balance of the immune system and combating free radicals. Through The Enchanted Kettle, he continues to innovate, producing herbal blends and tisanes (pronounced tea-zans) that not only tantalize the taste buds but also serve as powerful agents of wellness. Matthew’s journey embodies a harmonious blend of electronic expertise and herbal alchemy, shaping the landscape of holistic health and nutritional optimization.

This is an edited segment from our weekly Better Way Live show on 11 December 2023. Christof Plothe DO also joined us for this episode.

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