Clean Meat: What You’re Not Being Told

Speaking with Better Way Live host Dr Tess Lawrie on Monday, the 11th of December 2023, Christof Plothe DO joined us from Germany to explain why we should not be fooled by “clean” meat and how lab-grown “meat” is actually made of “immortalized” cancer cells.

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About Christof Plothe DO

  • Christof Plothe DO is an osteopath and author.
  • He works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine.
  • Christof is a member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health and also sits on the Board of Directors for EbMCsquared.

This is an edited segment from our weekly Better Way Live show on 11 December 2023. Matthew Anderson also joined us for this episode.

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  1. All very informative, THANK YOU Christof. Is there any chance of you producing a small booklet on your natural foods. I certainly would be interested. Kind Regards, Fiona