Dr Chris Shoemaker: What You’re Not Being Told About Covid-19 mRNA Injections

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #64 on Monday, November 7, Dr Chris Shoemaker shared shocking information with us about the Covid-19 mRNA injections.

Who is Dr Chris Shoemaker?

  • Chris Shoemaker is a comprehensive Physician in Ontario and a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He has worked in Emergency Medicine and as a Hospitalist in both Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. More recently he was part of the Eastern Ontario Response Team to Covid-19. Dr Shoemaker has declared the need to ‘Save the Children – End the Vax’.

Learn more about Dr Shoemaker: drshoemakercovidtruth.com

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on November 7, 2022. This video is also available on RumbleOdysee, and Bitchute.

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    1. Why is it that a new health organization is not put in place. Let us put as WORLD HEALTH ASSOCIATION. People are dying of heart Attack it is hi time. Are all humans cowards

  1. Thank you Dr Shoemaker. Because of your hard work people are learning the truth about Dr Fauci and his evil deeds. You are also saving countless lives by spreading the truth about the “Vaccine.”

  2. Thank you very much Dr Shoemaker for this informative, helpful, and comprehensive presentation.
    I have learned a lot and thank you for speaking out.
    God Bless.
    Sally Hopkins RGN (UK)

  3. What an excellent interview with another exceptional physician 🙏🏻I’m one of those who are aware of the shocking fraud perpetrated against Ivermectin & very concerned by the literally millions of people who have died as a result of not being given early safe treatments 🤔
    I’m deeply disgusted by the Australian doctors willingness to ignore their prime directive of ‘First do no harm’ in preference to bureaucrats insisting they subject otherwise well patients to injections we have known virtually from the start were very unsafe- quite how we carry on trusting these ‘health professionals’ I’m not sure …. This may have destroyed more than they realize 🙏🏻

  4. Huge gratitude Dr Shoemaker. I will share this video as widely as I can. I will be watching it again, so much information! Your integrity and courage is appreciated as well as your medical knowledge

  5. This Obscene “vaxxine” a.k.a Experimental Gene Therapy is nothing short of a Bio-Weapon , WMD.
    The manufacturers, abettors, pedlars,pushers, authorisers and citizen supporters MUST ALL be sentenced to Death for Crimes against Humanity, Globalist Manslaughter and Murder, and Universal Genocide.
    THAT should be the REAL Depopulation that’s warranted. NOT the deaths of the innocents.

  6. This is a depopulation program, they know exactly what they are doing. Women are having miscarriages and you won’t be able to have a baby if you get this vaccine or you will pass it down to your son or daughter if by some chance it doesn’t get you and they will not be able to have children. Why do you think they are so adamant on abortions and fighting for them. 73 Million aborted in 2021. Look at Rockefeller Lock Step wrote in 2010. WEF will tell you they want depopulation. This doctor is telling the truth!! Wake up please!

    1. Jim, you pray that you will be unharmed. There’s is nothing at present that can catch all those nanoparticles and the spike protein they create in your cells.
      Mark 26:18 promises that those who believe in Jesus and his mission will be able to hold snakes in their hands and be unharmed if they drink deadly poison! If this vaccine isn’t a snake going round your body giving out deadly poison, I don’t know what is.
      “Lord Jesus, I believe in you, and hold you to your promise to protect your believers! Keep me ever safe from the poison of this vaccine, and also the safety of all the people i care about! I ask your Father in your Holy Name, Amen!”

  7. Hi Dr,

    Why do we require a prescription for Ivermectin, when if you over dosed on it for an example it can not hurt your body? Is that correct?
    If the pills cost $0.07 cents, why is pharma charging over $200 for these pills? We need to have an advocate who can make this change happen quickly and start the lawsuits if it is not free and available to the public, just like the covid jab being free, but free to kills us, but not free to save us!!

  8. Just to say i had a bad reation from civid jabs my face blew up i could not see out my eyes the skin on my hands and feet was coming off i will never have them jabs again

    1. Bad reaction my face blew up i had spots all over my face the skin was coming off my hands and feet . Never again have them inject me with shit again

      1. Bad reaction my face blew up i had spots all over my face the skin was coming off my hands and feet . Never again have them inject me with shit again covid jabs are not good at all for your imune sytem

  9. While I agree with the concept of the vaccine having an ulterior motive, or it being used for purposes beyond the vaccine…. it’s really challenging for me to take a doctor seriously when they make claims that aren’t true. For example, Denmark “will not give it to people 50 and under because of the known toxicities” is just not true. Go look at the official health authority website, they’ve stopped “recommending the vaccine” for under 50, but they will still give it to you if you want.

    Seemingly frantic presentations that don’t have exact accurate information is really tough to agree with. Twisting information does not help anything. Both sides of the argument do this, and it’s unfortunate.

  10. Dr. Schumaker speak more on the shedding of the mRNA shots. I don’t understand it and I can’t seem to find anything that really explains well what it is.

  11. When are people going wake up to the fact about the Germ Theory of infectious Disease? The Proper Questions that you should be asking is: Does CON-VID19 even exist in actual reality except in the minds of totally addicted dependents whose mental constructs are largely based in make-believe.

    There is another theory of Disease. It is called the terrain theory of disease.

    Terrain theory is the truth. Germ theory is a big scam con. Plan and simple…

    1. Big Pharma and the organisations they bought up are all hoping you will buy their vaccine. Anything as cheap and effective as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine will cure everyone as so many cases have proven that it will kill the sales of Pfizer and Moderna, etc so they have to push aside all news of it all the way! Mainstream media which are bought by big Pharma will never tell you the truth.

  12. Dr C. Shoemaker,
    Most people care about health to more or a lesser degree depending on what issue affects them the most. As in the case of taking covid vaccine or not where is the conclusive evidence that covid-19 even existed and that PCR positive cases merely misled the populace to get vaccinated. Influenza cases mysteriously stopped during the pandemic may have been the real culprit ….who knows. Either is real or not and if of the latter what’s the purpose of a vaccine of an non existence virus?

  13. Would the shots be responsible for an amazing amount of deaths listed as enlarged heart. Extremely healthy and younger people? It might be that deaths like these have always happened but we question them more.

    1. Seriously? That’s the excuse they use to explain the ‘explosion’ of autism, yet it’s increased step by step for 30 years with the increase in shots from 16 to 72 in the childhood vaccine schedule.
      There is simply no question but that the vaccine is causing massive increased cases of much more than just myocarditis and pericarditis.
      If only we’d all use our God given common sense and think \/question before putting ‘anything’ into our bodies.