General Assembly Meeting #64 | November 7, 2022

At General Assembly meeting #64 on Monday, November 7, we heard from guest speakers:

  • Captain Alan Dana | View From the Cockpit: A Pilot’s View of the Implications of the Experimental Injections
    • Alan is a highly experienced pilot who has always taken good care of his health. He holds British, US, and Australian professional Airline Transport Licences, including an FAA Accident Prevention Councillor designation. His total experience is over 35 years, now exceeding 23000 flight hours. When his employer Qantas insisted he take a novel injection, he refused. Qantas fired him. Now, he and other flight crew are taking them to court. Watch Alan’s presentation here
  • Dr Chris Shoemaker | What You’re Not Being Told About Covid-19 mRNA Injections
    • Dr Shoemaker is a comprehensive Physician in Ontario and a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He has worked in Emergency Medicine and as a Hospitalist in both Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. More recently he was part of the Eastern Ontario Response Team to Covid-19. He has declared the need to ‘Save the Children – End the Vax’. Learn more on Dr Shoemaker’s website. Watch Dr Shoemaker’s presentation here
  • Lynda Wharton | Introducing WCH Partner: The Health Forum NZ
    • Lynda has owned and operated a busy Holistic Woman’s Health clinic for 37 years where she has combined Naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for the treatment of female health challenges. Lynda has enjoyed a parallel career as a health researcher, freelance health journalist, and columnist and is the author of three holistic women’s health books. In April 2021, she launched The Health Forum NZ. Watch Lynda’s presentation here.

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  1. Deepest gratitde from Germany ….for all your work!!!!!
    All of you were/are sooooooooooo special, full of courage and love.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Every person in the world should be free to choose equally from any health resource available. Our bodies are our vehicle in the earthly world so we should each be able to choose how we maintain it.

  3. What you are telling people is the most valuable information you can get. We need you to keep the word out. Myself I am an activist against this evil Government in Canada run by that Dictator Justin Trudeau and the corrupt Liberals and the new Traitors Jagmeet Singh of the NDP party. There are so many that should be rotting in a jail cell for a minimum of 20 years in my opinion. I would prefer they were put on death row for awhile and then a public televised coast to coast execution. The poetic justice could be lethal injection.
    I am unvaccinated and have had no rapid test, or pcr tests, I do not wear masks, and I stay far away from hospitals, and any type of pharmaceuticals. No injections of any kind in my life. You do not know what is in that flu shot either. It would not surprise me if they put that MRNA trash in that too.