Learning from the Past & Healing the Future: A World Peace Meditation

The true nature of war stems from traumatized individuals. If we do not learn from history and heal our individual and collective trauma, we are doomed to repeat it.

In this episode of Better Way Live, WCH Steering Committee member Christof Plothe, DO takes us through a brief history of war and the origins of peace and love before embarking on a healing meditation for peace with fellow Steering Committee member Rev Wai-Ching Lee.

“War is a sign of immaturity and peace a sign of maturity.” – Dr E Sahtouris

To download Christof’s presentation slides, click here.

About Christof Plothe, DO

  • Christof Plothe, DO is an osteopath and author. He works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine.
  • Christof is a member of the WCH Steering Committee and also sits on the Board of Directors for EbMCsquared.

About Rev Wai-Ching Lee

  • Rev Wai-Ching Lee is an intuitive healer from a family lineage, certified holistic health counselor and bodywork therapist with over 25 years of experience in the field of natural, holistic healing and evolutionary medicine.
  • She founded the meditation and movement format Infinity Quantum Qi Gong and TranscenDance. She is also Associate Producer of Quantum Qi documentary with Sharron Rose of Sacred Mysteries. Wai-Ching serves on the WCH Steering Committee.

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