Why We Must Stop the Release of GMO Mosquitos

Speaking with Better Way Live hosts Christof Plothe, DO and Rev Wai-Ching Lee on Monday, the 20th of November 2023, Frances Micklem explained why the release of GMO mosquitos must be stopped.

About Frances Micklem

  • Frances Micklem has a 1st Class Honours degree in joint Theology- and Math’s-based Philosophy. She is a former writer for the Institute For Responsible Technology and owner of a vegan, organic bio architecture retreat.
  • Frances was a social worker for several years. As an organic farmer, she has a background in Plant and Soil Science, and has taught Horticulture and how to conduct Ecology field studies. Her main focus has been to steer society away from objectives to control pests and diseases, exploit resources and eradicate invasive species and, instead, explore and research original ways to care for and restore habitats, health and food systems.
  • She pioneered public banking, in Ireland and was appointed as a government partner in negotiations with the Sparkassen Public Bank in Germany, in 2020.

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