Vax Control Group: The Data They Didn’t Want Us to Have

Speaking with Better Way Live host Christof Plothe, DO on Monday, the 13th of November 2023, Diny Fielder-van Kleeff presented the latest data from Vax Control Group, an observational health outcomes survey working outside of the corporate medical establishment to gain vital insights on the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

About Vax Control Group

  • Diny Fielder-van Kleeff is a co-founder and coordinator of the Vax Control Group, which now has over 310,000 participants in more than 175 countries.
  • Their mission is to collect the long-term health data of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free from every country, so we can provide the missing control group to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated; thus enabling independent and transparent, comparative analysis of the mass vaccination policy. And, to provide support to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free community against discrimination and harms.
  • Control Group members gain free and exclusive access to our unique, digital, participant ID and ICE cards. These cards demonstrate that you are a member of the Control Group and help you to assert your right to bodily autonomy.
  • They envision a future where we are healthy by choice. A future where we are free to make our own medical decisions based on informed consent through independent, transparent research with uncensored, scientific debate.

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  1. I have been a member of the Control Group for 2 years. Surely there are already insights which can be offered. We understand why more information is being sought, and how important it is for independent expert analysis. However, interventions such as continuing vaccine mandates and masking in some areas makes it urgent to know if there are insights that can already be used, and of course updated as even more data comes to hand.

    While we wait for insights, decisions are being made devoid of Control Group data. Please appreciate the urgency, it is already 2 years in which harm continues.

  2. I believe that last year, ResearchGate had a video regarding this group and their results thus far. It was on the ResearchGate website for a few weeks, and then taken down, as apparently it was decided that the data was not ‘scientific information’ but rather ‘opinion’. I am glad that the World Council for Health is giving the Vaccine Control Group an outlet to show their project and outcomes, as it appears that a good portion of the ‘scientific community’ is disregarding these results.

  3. These injections are bioweapons and I love this group!! The data is quite scary about those injected causing harm to others. When in the history of our world have pregnant women been injected? Poor babies!! It is wonderful to hear all the countries involved with all this corruption in our world. I have lost 3 family members to these injections with rapid cancer!! WOW 2 months and they pass away! So sad to see people suffer at the hands of MEDICAL persons. Doctors scare the heck out of me today!! Have witnessed way too much loss in the last 3 years

  4. Can I share this video to my private FB group? As a medical astrologer, I often get asked about covid. I am non-vaxed. ty C

  5. I’ve been following you now almost two years and thrilled that this study is finally gaining momentum
    As many people have woken up to the fact that natural immunity is by far superior and that choice is crucial in keeping one’s autonomy
    Freedom of choice

  6. Hi
    Have tried to log into the new system after last using the old one
    Having probs logging in but did get in eventually
    However I am confused is data from the old one transfered by you onto the new system ? Some but not all .?

    Re entering blood group it does not list AB + or – ..
    Bit frustrating !,

    I didn’t stay on the new one for long ..but didn’t find it as easy to use as the old one ..and for visual impaired people like me I am finding it hard to use ..even on a iPad I needd ..enlarging and reducing the screen to use the drop down menu etc makes updating takes longer ..

    Some of the sections on the new site I already filled in the old one
    Do I need to re enter info that isn’t there on the new system

    I still think

  7. I’ve been following group since the start. No vacation here no covid or sickness in our house 4 of us not so much as a cold. This was nothing more then a world wide scam.

  8. Thank you so much for airing the interview with Diny .. I joined the control group early on after it first started, not knowing if it would go anywhere, and whether or not the card would get results here in Ontario. My first question has been answered in spades, as I now know that this group is expanding it’s data collection and I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED for that. I am also delighted that WCH has become such a viable, and independent identity. It gives me great comfort, and relief, to know that “you have my back”, and that I have an accurate and unbiased information source/resource. Before I sign out here, a while ago, I did ask the Control Group if they would consider changing their “must not be vaccinated” cards to clarify/state “must not be vaccinated with mRNA technology”. I do not expect a response from them until such changes are available .. however .. the reason behind my request is that I live, and travel, alone through most of my days, and having a “do not vaccinate with mRNA technology” card in my wallet, would enhance my sense of security, should I ever end up in emerg unable to speak for myself. I understand that the mRNA technology is on the rise for conditions other than covid, and really dread having some well-meaning, and mis-informed person in emerg administering any such injection into me. If you are of like mind that such changes would be beneficial/worthwhile, please could you add your consent to them?