Covid-19 Vaccine Injury by the Numbers

Join Better Way Live hosts Christof Plothe, DO and Emma Sron as they discuss the latest data from the Vax Control Group with Diny Fielder-van Kleeff and hear from Shabnam Palesa Mohamed on vaccine injury reporting in South Africa through SA VAERS.

Vax Control Group: The Data They Didn’t Want Us to Have

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About Vax Control Group

  • Diny Fielder-van Kleeff is a co-founder and coordinator of the Vax Control Group, which now has over 310,000 participants in more than 175 countries.
  • Their mission is to collect the long-term health data of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free from every country, so we can provide the missing control group to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated; thus enabling independent and transparent, comparative analysis of the mass vaccination policy. And, to provide support to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free community against discrimination and harms.
  • They envision a future where we are healthy by choice. A future where we are free to make our own medical decisions based on informed consent through independent, transparent research with uncensored, scientific debate.

Vaccine Injury Reporting in South Africa Through SA VAERS

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About Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

  • Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an award-winning activist, journalist, lawyer, mediator, socio-political analyst and impact strategist from South Africa who serves on the WCH Steering Committee.
  • She has over 20 years of combined experience in these fields as they relate to protecting human rights, developing people power and working towards peaceful co-existence.
  • Shabnam is also a creative, applying her skills to project management in animated films and graphic design. She is committed to the WCH vision of creating a better way together. Subscribe on Substack and visit her website to follow Shabnam’s work.

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  1. I was part of this group. I not only didn’t get jabbed, I never wore a mask nor socially distanced. Didn’t follow the arrows on the floor, was on so named covid wards visiting people who tested positive. The government letter I have, states even if you test positive, you may just have the flu as it does not differentiate. Never been poorly, not once.

  2. Thank You ALL so much – you are so much appreciated. With you from New Zealand. Yes Truth is the Mother of Justice.