Brilliantly Difficult: Film Screening and Q&A with Bob Moran

On September 8, host Dr. Tess Lawrie was joined by world-famous Bob Moran and filmmaker Keith Craig for a screening of the new film Brilliantly Difficult.

This is the story of Bob Moran, the ethical British cartoonist who lost his job at the Telegraph during the Covid-19 crisis for being too honest.

Tune in to learn more about Bob and what led him to become one of the few political cartoonists crossing the lines that need to be crossed.

You can learn more about Brilliantly Difficult and additional information about Bob on his website.

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  1. So brilliant in every way !!!
    the ONLY thing I seriously disagree with was her comment that the pictures wouldnt be out of place in a children’s book !!! and somewhat ironic

  2. I would love to have this collection in a large “coffee table” book. I will watch this many times to get the details in each drawing. These events are not in our rear-view mirror at this time. Seniors in a community care home in Prince Edward Island, Canada as recently as late August 2022 were not allowed to attend an outdoor community event to celebrate Acadian Birthday. One lady in her late eighties was not permitted to sit outdoors at a picnic table, and listen to her fifteen year old great-granddaughter sing and play keyboard. I was very moved by many of these illustration. Canadians will continue to suffer under Trudeau. Bob Moran, you are a gift to the world. Thank you!

  3. I would love to have all these brilliant cartoons collated into a book. I have watched the film a couple of times already and simply love Bob’s sharp humour! I wish I could afford prints of his work but even so, it would be so hard to choose!
    Please consider making a book and offer signed copies of the finished product. I would most definitely buy one for myself at the very least and more to share with others too.

    1. Ditto. I feel exactly the same way. You said it all – for me and for many, many others too. There’s no doubt about Bob’s genius. No doubt at all.

    2. Ditto.

      He’s burst-out-loud hilarious in the darkest hours – a truly brilliant documentary of such evil, insane and discombobulated times.

      Pun intended

  4. the shimmer

    we shall not cease from exploration
    and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
    and know the place for the first time

    t. s. eliot

    it caught my eye, noticing this fiction not so. this thing of love and of fallow and a bee’s kiss
    a reflection of a shimmer in a night-dream stark and pale. a vision of a kind not conceivably

    but still it flirts and beckons in you. you the fledgling tortoise darting to watery moons eager
    running to a spirit. to courage besting waves and depth and danger and sands golden brown

    and relationships and laughter and a truth i never saw. but until then, not too much the wiser
    maybe its a war for beauty, in the spiritual realm. in the symbols you believe; indulgent naïve

    maybe its an Insight of untold might yet to be acknowledged. maybe its truth, better illumed
    maybe its the Holder of this space and a hard to imagine harder. a future; a path; a shimmer

  5. Thank you, fabulous in every way as usual, you are all my heroes, thanks for keeping me sane and making me laugh. Laughing is so important.
    Love and best wishes

  6. A ‘Brilliant’ documentary. I connected with all the images and especially appreciated references to other works of art: ‘Ce n’est pas une pipe…’ Magritte; Brunnhilde from Walküre; ‘To Be…. Or Not to Be…’
    I shall now investigate if there is indeed a published book of these drawings that one could purchase. They bring the ‘time we are living’ to the fore. From Canada… and living elsewhere… watching since 2020…
    As to ‘The Good Reset’… yes, and I wonder how such ‘monsters’ in the lower part of the picture, grew up… what was in their childhood that made them like this.
    Thank you very much.

  7. So well done, and so very much appreciated! Love and light to all freedom fighters and truth seekers, keep speaking out and stay free!

  8. Bravo! The comment about humour is SO important. G. K. Chesterton said, “The secret of life lies in laughter and humility.”

    Thank you for reminding us that we WILL NOT be dehumanized by these Tower of Babel tyrants.

  9. Brilliant work. This is just what people like me ( and my small network all over the world) need. It was tough to hold the line ( I had a friend say she would hold me down, sit on me, tie me up and inject me herself). Maybe imagine a good cartoon from that one. She is rather large and I am a not small retired firefighter ( thank goodness as I would have been suspended here in France where we reside now). I think she may have gotten an extra shot likely in the A$$. There are more of us now andI Know every Saturday in France people marched.

    Keep holding the line and as we South Africans say ” Gee Gas” , give it gas, steps it. Vuma mallela, And pay cash.
    On a serious note I have been a herbalist for animals for years and have used ” alternative medicine ” for 25 yrs. I grow a herb garden and live now on a small farm with my draft horse and pony, dogs and we barter , we help each other here in the deep rural Dordogne. They hate it. I never watch ” tv news ” stopped more that a decade ago. I also come for a place where we had censorship and faith in the govt is poor. We know they are lying stealing ba-/-/-s
    I just saw this pantomime unfold and it could not have been planned any better. Cartoons such as yours and Jerm Warfare who also lost his job as a cartoonist and went independent.. we have to speak, work, along with people like a Neil Oliver etc.

  10. Remarkable. Bob and Keith you are Brave Hearts. The language of the cartoons goes straight to the heart of the “story” and speaks from my heart. “Never give up” a teaching from my Buddhist Teacher a Mighty Viking. Thanks so much not only on my behalf but also on behalf of our children and our grandchildren.

  11. Absolutely brilliant but I do wish those who seek a better way could sometimes tip towards resilience. Our history has been filled with stories of wars, plagues. tyrants , pestilence and cataclysmic natural disasters, revolutions and migrations but today the survivors are focused on victimhood and fail to recognise that those of us alive today are the descendants of survivors who must have had significant resilience to have survived and to give birth to the next generations