The UN Fiasco Nobody is Talking About

In this episode of Better Way Live, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed joins us from South Africa to discuss the UN fiasco that no one is talking about, and highlights the #ExitTheWHO bill she recently drafted.

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About Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

  • Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an award-winning activist, journalist, lawyer, mediator, socio-political analyst, and impact strategist from South Africa. She has over 20 years of combined experience in these fields as they relate to protecting human rights, developing people power and working towards peaceful co-existence.

  • Shabnam is also a creative, applying her skills to project management in animated films and graphic design. She is committed to the World Council for Health’s vision of creating a better way together. You can follow her work on Substack.

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This is an edited segment from our weekly Better Way Live show on 2 October 2023. James Roguski and Prof Denis Rancourt, PhD also joined us.

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  1. Good evening, my name is Daniel, I live in Canada under the tyranny of Justin Trudeau, we have 1 member of our Parliament; Dr. Leslyn Lewis MP, who has endorsed a federal petition, e-4623. If you type in your search bar: Canadian petition e-4623, you will see it. The aim of this petition is to exit the WHO and the UN. I am attempting to get in touch with her, but I think that our parliamentarians MP’s email are being closely supervised by the Trudeau government which is why I am writing to you, to see if it would be possible for you to get in touch with her. Here is her professional contacts.