The Elephant in the Room: C-19 Vaccines & Unprecedented All-Cause Mortality

In this episode of Better Way Live, Professor Denis Rancourt, PhD discusses his new 180-page paper on the Covid-19 vaccine and unprecedented all-cause mortality in the global south.

About Prof Denis Rancourt, PhD

  • Denis Rancourt, PhD, is a physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, now with the non-profit
  • He is a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa.
  • Rancourt’s new 180-page paper looks at Covid vaccine-related deaths in 17 countries in the southern hemisphere. He found no evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine has reduced overall deaths in any of these countries. In fact, the opposite seems to be true.

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  1. The elderly are costing governments (most certainly in the west) and insurance companies monies they do not have in their pension pots after the many disasters on the stock markets…Is that maybe why they most happily insisted on the elderly getting as many shots as possible???

  2. Bravo and Blessings to All of you!

    Truth Action Project educates the American public about true conspiracies which as you know, go unreported in MSM. We host online podcasts followed by Campfire Chats on the same topic with group dynamics to give participants and viewers a sense of inclusiveness and more depth of knowledge.

    In 2019 we were 911TAP offering Truth Booths began. Ten-by-ten foot tents appeared in 11 locations to show the public that a group of attorneys essentially representing whistleblowers, were stonewalled and denied a grand jury to simply review the petition from The Lawyers for 911 Inquiry. They submitted petitions in NYC and WDC containing 60″dispositive” exhibits clearly and inarguably proving the tale told by the USG was not reasonably possible.

    Covid shut down our booths due to lack of foot traffic. Many Boothers — as we call those operating them — moved on or into health freedom and and others elsewhere. So we are re-starting Truth Booths. Your work is so rock-solid and convincing that we would feel honored if you would consider talking with us about offering Americans your select info that both parties agree is vital to rescue science and society from a new Dark Age.

  3. This presentation was absolutely valuable and informative to me as a retired RN and prior researcher. Thank you so much! I will pass it on to others.

  4. Excellent discussion. The “bad batch” phenomenon clarification was useful to me. Also the bioweapon perspective. Thanks for hosting Demis.

  5. Awesome research to look at this excess mortality in vaccinated countries around the world!!
    Proud you are a wonderful Canadian examining and spreading the truth ! Love it!!