Francesca Havens: A Better Way to Self-Empowered Health

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #72 on January 16, Francesca Havens presented on how we can empower ourselves on our journey to health.

Who is Francesca Havens?

  • Francesca is a nutritional therapist  and clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, with a background in modern languages and social anthropology. Psychoneuroimmunology is a cutting-edge discipline that adds evolutionary biology and psychology, as well as the scientific underpinnings of mind-body interactions, to current understandings of nutrition. 
  • Francesca has travelled and lived in many cultures and has has several important themes in her work, among which are: evidence-based nutrition; the globalisation of the ‘edible food-like substances’ industry; the subterfuge used to popularise such substances and compensate their shortcomings by the food/chemical/agriculture/pharma industries; and the resulting obliteration of food culture and understanding of healthy foods.  
  • She is now dedicated to helping disseminate health science with integrity with the World Council for Health, and excited about the huge opportunities that it represents for self-empowerment and taking responsibilitysomething that is reflected in her private nutrition practice.  

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 16, 2023. Dr Naomi Wolf & Shabnam Palesa Mohamed also presented at this meeting.

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