Dr Alexander van Walraven: Prescribing Ivermectin in the Netherlands

Joining us live from the Netherlands on July 3, 2023, at General Assembly Meeting #94, Dr Alexander van Walraven spoke with WCH Steering Committee members Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Mark Trozzi about prescribing ivermectin for Covid-19, Long Covid, and adverse events caused by C-19 vaccines.

Who is Dr Alexander van Walraven? What is NTG?

  • Alexander van Walraven is a doctor from the Netherlands who is chair of the Dutch organisation and World Council for Health Coalition Partner, Nederlandse Teleartsen Genootschap (NTG).
  • For the last two years, NTG has been prescribing ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for Covid-19, long Covid, and vaccine damage.
  • Most doctors in the Netherlands will not prescribe IVM or HCQ for Covid-19 and continue to advocate for mRNA vaccines.

Save the Date! The third annual World Ivermectin Day is happening on 29 of July!

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on July 3, 2023. Misty Winston also spoke at this meeting.

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  1. I have a Question – what is wrong with these doctors that they do not acknowledge the dangers of the injection?
    Doctors that are suppose to be Scientists and recognize the effects that these two drugs have and have had for years.
    It appears that they are still intimidated and fearful of their credentials being revoked because it sure isn’t that they are stupid or not wise. Unfortunately they are caused deaths and injury to people tosave their own necks. As a retired nurse I saw this happen many times as get perks from drug companies. they have just caused more effects for patients as a higher price.

  2. We have lost 6 people who were killed by the “covid vaccine” jab including my father in law!

    This genocide has to be stopped all over the world!

    And all responsible doctors and nurses who complied to this evil crime have to be convicted in a REAL court of law for the vax death and injuries they have caused!

    In the Netherlands there are 2 lawyers, Mr Van Kessel and his associate, who sewed the PM Rutten of the netherlands and several other vaccine crime jab ministers and doctors and also Bill Gates aswell.