Nick Tenconi of Turning Point UK: Making Activism Count

Joining WCH hosts Dr Tess Lawrie, Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee and Jemma Cooper for the first session of Better Way Live (otherwise known as General Assembly Meeting #102) on 4 September 2023 was Nick Tenconi, the Chief Operations Officer for Turning Point UK.

How do we make activism count? In this video, conservative activist Nick Tenconi explains what he and his organisation have been doing to take action and raise awareness about the problem of paedophilia throughout our institutions.

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About Nick Tenconi

  • Nick is the Chief Operations Officer for Turning Point UK, a grassroots conservative and free speech activist organisation.
  • He has a Politics and International Relations degree with Honours from Southampton University, specialising in Third World Thermonuclear War and structural/modern realism.
  • Nick Tenconi worked in sales for five years before setting up his own business as a Personal Trainer, England Boxing Coach and Mindset Therapist.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly Better Way Live on 4 September 2023. Max Lowen and Kurt Shore also joined us.

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