Child Sexual Exploitation: Taking Action and Healing Trauma — Better Way Live

Join Better Way Live hosts Jemma Cooper, Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee and Dr Tess Lawrie for this important discussion about human trafficking and child sexual exploitation with Max Lowen and Nick Tenconi.

Kurt Shore also joins in near the end to show us his new song Where Do They Go? Song for Children.

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Child Sexual Exploitation

Max Lowen: Surviving Child Abuse

Watch Max’s full presentation on our website.

  • Max Lowen is a survivor of human trafficking and child abuse at the hands of the ‘elites’. She has healed and transcended her own experiences to become an expert trauma counsellor for others.
  • She works with both victims and perpetrators to reach resolve and healing.
  • Max also hosts the show Unbroken, where she interviews survivors, truth warriors, healers and teachers.

Nick Tenconi of Turning Point UK: Making Activism Count

Watch Nick’s full presentation on our website.

  • He has a Politics and International Relations degree with Honours from Southampton University, specialising in Third World Thermonuclear War and structural/modern realism.
  • Nick worked in sales for five years before setting up his own business as a Personal Trainer, England Boxing Coach and Mindset Therapist.

About Kurt Shore

  • Kurt Shore is a prolific songwriter, composer, producer and creative entrepreneur.
  • He is the President and Chief Creative Officer of D4 Creative, a 29-year old start-up marketing agency.
  • Kurt is a music industry veteran, having started his career in 1977 as a founding partner of Kajem Studios in Pennsylvania, one one of the top recording studios in the United States. He has worked with many up-and-coming recording artists and helped them secure recording contracts.

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