CBDCs Are Coming… Are You Prepared? Time is Running Out!

In this episode of Better Way Live, Jason Bassler discusses his new e-book, 3 Ways to Prepare for CBDCs, with WCH Steering Committee member Emma Sron, which he describes as “a book for the beginner” who is keen to get “one step ahead of the curve” as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are introduced.

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Exposing the Shadow Side of CBDCs

The World Council for Health recognizes the need for people to safeguard their finances as the technocratic state rolls out during these unprecedented times. Developed by central banks, CBDCs are an essential part of a vast control grid, which ties in with Digital IDs that will enable the implementation of a Social Credit Score system, as well as the restriction of movement through lockdowns and what has been dubbed ’15-minute cities’.

Many people are still entirely unaware that this new financial transaction system is already being piloted or implemented in 131 countries.

Jason’s top recommendations to prepare for CBDCs were simple:

  • Continue using cash.
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies—especially private, decentralised cryptos like Monero.

About Jason Bassler

  • Jason Bassler is co-founder of The Free Thought Project, which has exposed numerous incidents of corruption from domestic and global government authorities and been featured in such publications as Rolling Stone, Reason, Infowars, RT, MIC and The Tom Woods Show. He is also the founder of Police the Police.
  • Bassler was called “One of the most extensive recorders of law-enforcement misbehavior in America” in 2018 by Rolling Stone magazine and is known across independent media for uncovering police brutality, misconduct and abuse of authority as well as government corruption.
  • On October 11, 2018, Jason’s connection to nearly 6 million followers ended in the blink of an eye when Facebook and Twitter coordinated to remove The Free Thought Project and Police the Police from their platforms.
  • Despite the significant and numerous hardships brought on by this unconscionable action by Facebook, Jason Bassler has pushed forward on a mission to promote liberty and hold governments accountable.

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