CBDCs and the Centralization of Establishment Power

Join Better Way Live hosts Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Emma Sron as they discuss CBDCs, establishment power, and more with Jason Bassler, author of 3 Ways to Prepare for CBDCs: CBDCs Are Coming… Are You Prepared?, and Gavin Nascimento, author of A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control.

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CBDCs Are Coming… Are You Prepared? Time is Running Out!

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About Jason Bassler

  • Jason Bassler is co-founder of The Free Thought Project, which has exposed numerous incidents of corruption from domestic and global government authorities and been featured in such publications as Rolling Stone, Reason, Infowars, RT, MIC and The Tom Woods Show. He is also the founder of Police the Police.
  • Bassler was called “One of the most extensive recorders of law-enforcement misbehavior in America” in 2018 by Rolling Stone magazine and is known across independent media for uncovering police brutality, misconduct and abuse of authority as well as government corruption.

A History of Elitism, World Government & Population Control

Watch on: Rumble | Odysee | Bitchute | Facebook | Spotify

About Gavin Nascimento

  • Over the years, Gavin has dedicated countless hours to studying the System that we call “society” and who we are beyond the innumerable social constructs that inculcate our sense of identity and reality.
  • He believes that the problems of our world, both individually and collectively, are rooted in our ignorance and unawareness, and that this ignorance is deliberately perpetuated by the ruling class, who profits from our exploitation. In the absence of ignorance, Gavin believes Humanity prefers peace over war, abundance to scarcity, and freedom to exploitation.

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