Jane Gunn: Mapping Your Journey in Challenging Times

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Conflict resolution expert Jane Gunn, also known as the ‘Barefoot Mediator’, joined Better Way Today from the United Kingdom to offer us practical solutions and strategies to navigate our unique journeys through life.

Jane believes that the fields of conflict resolution and mediation offer the skills, tools, and mindset needed to help us prioritize solutions over fear so that we can overcome and resolve challenges in positive ways.

The author of two popular books, Jane recently released a third, The Mole and the Mountain (available from the WCH shop), described as a book that “takes you on a journey to discover how to negotiate the challenges of life and living in a time of chaos.”

Conflicts are the behaviors through which we express our unhappiness with a person or situation. While a lack of self-esteem has been identified as a root cause of conflict, this is not something we can easily address. But what we can boost is our self-respect. And this comes from behaving in ways that show that we fundamentally respect, like, and love ourselves in the way we behave towards others.

We have three choices in how we behave:

  • We can do what feels good to us,
  • We can do something that looks good to others, and which satisfies our ego,
  • But we should really be doing what is good – and this is what develops our self-respect.

Conflict resolution, therefore, depends on our ability to choose to do the right thing. This requires that we maintain our independence, exercise free will, and are able to resist coercion.

Conflict affects us all physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and often financially. So to thrive in challenging times, we need skills to help us resolve conflicts – or as Jane puts it: “We need to resolve to survive.”

Learn more about Jane Gunn from her website at janegunn.co.uk and on LinkedIn.

This is an edited segment from our Better Way Today show on 8 January 2024. Nick Haynes also joined us for this episode.

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