The Importance of Solutions Over Fear

With the new year comes a new show! We are delighted to invite you to attend the debut episode of Better Way Today.

Join hosts Dr Tess Lawrie & Christof Plothe DO live in the WCH Newsroom on Monday, the 8th of January at 6 pm UTC as they explore the importance of finding solutions instead of spreading fear with our guest speakers Jane Gunn, Nick Haynes, and Derrick Broze.

Better Way Today is our new monthly live show featuring interviews with change-makers forging a better way for their communities and the world. From our live General Assembly Meetings to Better Way Live and now to Better Way Today, we are listening to you and developing content centered around the information most needed during this incredible time. This new show will be packed full of good news and tips on how you can strive to find a better way every day!

About Jane Gunn

  • Listed as a Global Leader in Who’s Who Mediation and featured in Legal 500 Hall of Fame, Jane Gunn is an expert in the field of conflict resolution known to her clients as “The Barefoot Mediator”.
  • Jane helps people in all walks of life to become ReSolutionaries by enabling them to deal with difference and diversity in ways that shift the focus away from fear and fighting to finding collaborative solutions.

About Nick Haynes

  • Nick currently works exclusively as a couples and relationship counsellor in private practice using Emotionally Focused Therapy. In the past he also trained and worked in family mediation and has studied verbal communication relating to both dispute resolution and conversational style and meaning.
  • He believes that the human race is missing seeing a huge Elephant in the Room which can transform our species and create the much more heart-based and loving society of which he would venture the vast majority of us deepdown dream. This Elephant refers to the vital biological need we all have as human beings for emotional and relational connection with each other and how this primes so much of our behaviour both positive and negative.

About Derrick Broze

  • His latest book, How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State, offers practical solutions being sought as a result of the C19 crisis. His recent documentaries include Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein, The 5G Trojan Horse, and the 17-part series, The Pyramid of Power.
  • Derrick is co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network, an international decentralized movement encouraging people to build local mutual aid groups and parallel systems. In 2021, they launched The Greater Reset, a solutions-focused event offering an alternative to the WEF’s vision of a “Great Reset”.

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