General Assembly Meeting #89 | May 15, 2023

On Monday, May 15, 2023, we heard from Mark Devlin, Hugh McCarthy, and Kurt Shore at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #89.

02:52:39 – Truth Be Told rally update
08:50:30 – Hugh McCarthy
37:48:85 – S Bhakdi plea from Tess
40:08:42 – Emma Updates
46:04:57 – Mark Devlin
01:11:45 – Kurt Shaw

Protecting Young Minds

GA meeting 89

Mark Devlin: The Sinister Side of the Music Industry

Watch Mark Devlin’s presentation.

  • Mark Devlin is a UK-based DJ, author, activist, researcher and in-demand public speaker.
  • In 2010, he underwent a conscious awakening which led him to see things in a different way, giving him a new awareness of what’s really happening in the world.
  • Mark’s special area of interest is the music industry and how artists, performers, A-listers, and ‘celebrity’ culture are used to manipulate and mind control the masses, especially the youth.

Hugh McCarthy: What Have We Done to Our Children?

Watch Hugh McCarthy’s presentation.

  • A former headteacher, Hugh McCarthy had a career in mainstream education in Northern Ireland spanning more than 50 years.
  • He was post primary principal and lecturer in leadership at Ulster University and until recently was a Director of two Northern Ireland education councils.
  • Hugh is deeply concerned about the effect the last three years has had on young people and has written a series of globally acclaimed articles and essays called “What are we doing to our children?”.

WCH News & Updates with Emma

Kurt Shore also joined us from the United States to speak about the uplifting power of music and why he wrote the Better Way Conference ‘We Are Warriors’ song.

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  1. Thanks for standing up for TRUTH. Our world needs Warriors. Although I believe the only way is through a relationship with God’s Son, the Lord Jesus. I’m glad people are speaking out x Anne