Coalition Partner Spotlight on Better Way Today

Join hosts Emma SronChristof Plothe, DO, and Zoe Strickland live in the WCH Newsroom on Monday, the 5th of February at 6 pm UTC as they learn more about three World Council for Health Coalition Partners with our guest speakers Dr Clinton OhlersDr Kelly Sutton, and Chris Patton.

About Dr Clinton Ohlers & Safe Blood

  • Dr Clinton Ohlers serves as Executive Director of the Safe Blood Foundation and as Vice President and Director of Media Relations for Safe Blood Donation, Inc. He began his work with Safe Blood after investigating and reporting for the World Tribune on the suppression of therapeutics during the early Covid-19 pandemic, and on the rising incidence of adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines.
  • Dr Ohlers earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on the history of science. He recently returned to the US from the University of Hong Kong, where he taught as an Assistant Research Professor.
  • Dr Ohlers is co-host of the webcast with former CNN producer and Hollywood creative director, John Davidson.
  • Learn more about Safe Blood at

About Dr Kelly Sutton & Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine

  • Dr Kelly Sutton is a founding member and board member of Patients and Physicians Reclaiming Medicine (PPRM).
  • Dr Sutton’s medical license was revoked after 50 years of medical practice for writing medical exemptions for childhood vaccines. Unfortunately, a growing number of physicians who read scientific literature for themselves, and individualize patient treatment based on that reading, are being investigated and disciplined for treating their patients as individuals.
  • PPRM supports physicians and patients suffering harm from the unjust practices of organized medicine. PPRM is working to reestablish patient-physician autonomy as a fundamental right by creating an empowered community that will take the lead in ending the global medical crisis that has led to the critical events damaging medical care today.
  • PPRM defends the constitutional right to free speech, including the right of all physicians to speak freely to their patients and to speak publicly on any topic that honors the doctor-patient relationship and informed consent.
  • Learn more about Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine on their website

About Chris Patton & the Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

  • Being a perennial “Third Crop”, growing native North American elderberry acts as a catalyst to better agriculture across many different farm profiles. It can help revive rural economies and communities while providing nutrient dense flowers and berries that have healed humanity and nature since earliest ages.

  • Some of the most important health benefits of elderberries include their ability to boost immune system function, protect against bacteria and infection, slow down the spread of cancer, moderate the digestive process, prevent the development of diabetes, reduce the pain and speed associated with autoimmune diseases, help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, and alleviate allergies.

  • Learn more about elderberries and the cooperative at

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  1. In the UK the gov is thinking to poison UK water. If one could have the research available being used in the case against fluoride in the US in downloadable form, we could send such docs to our parliamentary representatives…drown them in info, because the majority of members of parliament have very little knowledge of writings on health issues with genuine value.
    Thank you.