SafeBlood: Securing an mRNA-Vaccine-Free Blood Supply

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On 5 February 2024 the Better Way Today audience was introduced to three World Council for Health (WCH) Coalition Partners. Christof Plothe DO spoke with Clinton Ohlers PhD, Executive Director of the SafeBlood Foundation. Based in Switzerland and with branches in over 53 countries, this is the largest provider of unvaccinated blood donors in the world.

Shortly after the rollout of the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’, naturopaths in Europe started noticing drastic changes in the appearance of blood from vaccinated patients (see image). Georg Della Pietra, a retired Swiss naturopath, was concerned about the safety of the blood supply as the Red Cross was not separating blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated donors. In response, he founded the SafeBlood Donation project in September 2021. There is a limited supply of unvaccinated blood, and donated blood has a shelf life of only about 42 days, so instead of attempting to establish blood banks, their approach is to enable directed donations between matched blood donors and recipients.

How does the SafeBlood programme work?

You can sign up to become a member of the SafeBlood programme. Becoming a donor is free, and there are two options available to become a recipient of matched blood: a once-off lifetime membership of $1,000, or an ordinary membership costing $10 per month.

Two other services offered include Safe Reproduction, helping recipients to find safe donors of sperm and eggs, and facilitating safe donations of breastmilk. They are also doing research to find out if it will be possible to test off-the-shelf blood for vaccine-related contamination to determine if it is safe to use.

To find out more and become a member of this life-saving programme, visit the SafeBlood website.

About Dr Clinton Ohlers & SafeBlood

  • Dr Clinton Ohlers serves as Executive Director of the SafeBlood Foundation and as Vice President and Director of Media Relations for SafeBlood Donation, Inc. He began his work with SafeBlood after investigating and reporting for the World Tribune on the suppression of therapeutics during the early Covid-19 pandemic, and on the rising incidence of adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines.
  • Dr Ohlers earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on the history of science. He recently returned to the US from the University of Hong Kong, where he taught as an Assistant Research Professor.
  • Dr Ohlers is co-host of the webcast with former CNN producer and Hollywood creative director, John Davidson.

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