Losing a medical license for ‘misinformation’ is now a chief indicator of integrity

On 25 January 2024, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) revoked Dr Mark Trozzi’s medical license, dealing a fatal blow to its credibility as a regulatory body. 

This penalty decision followed the CPSO’s October ruling that Dr Trozzi was guilty of professional misconduct, having spread ‘misinformation’ about Covid-19 and been critical of Covid-19 public health policy and recommendations. An objective analysis of the facts reveals that the CPSO has punished a doctor for honouring his oath to do no harm, and for ensuring patients’ right to informed consent. 

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Prior to the CPSO’s ruling, Dr Trozzi had an impeccable clinical record as an emergency room doctor and university professor. In early 2020, he was on call in multiple emergency rooms, including one explicitly designated for treatment of Covid-19 patients. Despite reports in the press of overwhelmed ERs across the country, Dr Trozzi’s own Covid-19 ER room remained virtually empty. On further investigation, Dr Trozzi found severe discrepancies in medical science, ethical norms, human rights and suppressed treatments. His research led him to conclude that much of the Covid-19 science was deeply flawed and the experimental gene therapies being marketed as safe and effective ‘vaccines’ were in fact, dangerous. 

For Dr Trozzi, upholding his oath was more important than keeping his job. At the end of 2020, he walked away from his career and income, sold his home, and committed himself entirely to alerting the public to the truth about Covid-19. Since that time, Dr Trozzi has helped countless people understand the evidence, advanced genuine medical science against all odds, and supported the drive for justice, the return of human rights and the rule of law. 

Dr Trozzi is a steering committee member of the World Council for Health, and his voice has been heard by governments and at onsite and online conferences worldwide. His dedication to revealing the truth is unmatched, and the personal sacrifices he has undergone to do so make him a shining exemplar of what it means to have integrity. 

According to Dr Trozzi’s legal counsel, the CPSO has yet to provide any evidence to support their belief that Dr Trozzi has done anything wrong, and has failed to cite any specific offence. We also note that the CPSO’s main expert witness, Dr Andrew Gardam, admitted during the disciplinary hearing that he had not attempted to refute Dr Trozzi’s 41-page, evidence-based, fully cited report defending his actions. 

Given the facts about the safety and efficiency of the Covid-19 injections and the CPSO’s somewhat threadbare case, we can only consider the withdrawal of his license as politically motivated and an attempt to serve as an example for critical voices in the medical profession. Medical science compares different perspectives to determine the patient’s interests. Nowadays, we face a one-sided perspective that protects private interests.

The World Council for Health stands with our beloved, competent, and authentic colleague and invites the CPSO to do the honourable thing and reverse its decision immediately. Freedom of speech and constructive scientific discourse are essential to a healthy society – one that puts people and the planet before profit. 

The dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for their great or brave acts, fine qualities, or achievements. Mark is a true hero for all of us.

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  1. Not only should Dr. Trozzi be reinstated and a public apology be rendered but those beurocrats that took the decision to revoke his licence should be named shamed and suffer consequences in their personal capacity not disciplinary action by their discredited agency .They should Pay compensation for his losses from their own pockets not taxpayers monies.