Dr. Paola Amaldi: About the World Life Organisation

Dr. Paola Amaldi joined us from Italy to introduce World Council for Health Coalition Partner, World Life Organisation.

Dr. Amaldi is a senior lecturer in multidisciplinary areas like human-computer interaction, models of organisational learning, and accidents.

The World Life Organisation is comprised of professionals who lend their work to help the people of the world redeem their freedom.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 21, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our multimedia library.

Feb 21 General Assembly Paola Amaldi

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Dr. Amaldi’s presentation:

“Thank you Paola! And thank you also for the voluntary assistance you have provided us with as a translator – it is much appreciated!” -Tess Lawrie

“Thanks Paola. Your organizations web site is a next stop for us to investigate. Great things you are doing.”  -Mark Trozzi

“Thank you ver much Paola..!!” -Christof Plothe

“Thank you, Paola.” -Fahrie Hassan

“Thank you Paola, such important work!” -Ehden Biber


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