What’s Making Our Children Sick with Michelle Perro, MD

Dr Michelle Perro is a veteran pediatrician with four decades of experience in acute and integrative medicine. More than fifteen years ago, Dr Perro transformed her clinical practice to include GMO and pesticide advocacy. She manages her own business, Down to Earth Pediatrics, creating a new field of integrative urgent care medicine.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on April 18, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in the Newsroom. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Dr. Perro’s presentation: 

“Thank you for this Bill of Rights for Children. It’s so obvious and so simple. A reminder that we have become so removed from what is good for us that we have allowed harm to come to our children.” – Dr Tess Lawrie 

“Absolutely need new model starting with new medical and nursing schools.” – Keren

“Thank you so much Dr. Perro for such a highly informative and insightful presentation. This is all the ammo we need to heal and repair our habitats and make them safe healthy and nourishing for our children.” – Chandra Vikash I Gaia

“Thank you Dr. Perro, excellent presentation!” – Police on Guard

“The present systems have been irretrievably hacked and damaged beyond repair. Our realistic case is to disband the UN/WHO downwards and create ‘parallel structures’. We need to make a new beginning. Crises is also an opportunity to transcend to a world we truly care about.” – Chandra Vikash I Gaia


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Karen McKenna: We’ve got a presentation from one of our new coalition partners Michelle Perro, she’s going to be speaking about, what’s making our children sick and she’s talking about my children’s environmental health plan. [00:00:43] So Dr. Michelle Perro joins us from the United States. She is a veteran pediatrician with four decades of experience in acute and integrative medicine. So Michelle, do you want to share a screen and we’ve got you scheduled for 15 minutes and five minutes for questions and answers. [00:01:01] Dr. Michelle Perro: Sounds good. First of all, thank you, Chandra. Thank you World Council for Health for inviting me and I’ve been so happy that my organization which I’ll share a little bit about, um, is joining and partnering with you to move this forward and I want to speak today about why I’ve created this Children’s Environmental Health Bill of Rights. [00:01:20] I can do this talk in an hour and a half actually, but today you’re going to get 15 minutes and I’d be happy to share my slides as well. [00:01:28] So the why the, what, the, how. So I will just be clear as a pediatrician and an observer of children that is not my career, it’s my calling, caring for our young ones and that the health of our children is under assault. [00:01:43] Their health is challenged. Chronic disease is rampant now affecting maybe 63% of children in America. This is a global issue as well, with environmental, toxicants driving the issue. I’m going to do a brief overview today of what is creating the situation and how is certainly our for a global action and I think it’s time we have something official to protect our children. [00:02:09] So the first thing I talk about, number one is children require organically grown food free from chemical inputs. You would think this would be a no brainer and our bill of rights number one. So how I got into this business of looking at chronically ill children, was when I realized that kids were a lot sicker about 25 years ago than I had seen previously, it was within my own lifetime. [00:02:32] And there are many people that I give homage to have influenced me. But Dr. Arpad Pusztai who passed away in December was the first scientist to demonstrate harm from GMOs. And he did the first study on GMOs in potatoes and showed harm in rats, immunologic harm, organ harm, kidney, et cetera. Fast forward 20 years to Dr. Michael Antoniou, I’m proud to call my friend and colleague at Kings college in the UK, and he showed metabolomicly the changes from GMOs. Very few studies, just looking at GMOs cause you don’t eat them without their associated pesticides. And again, supported the work of Dr. Pusztai as well as other findings. [00:03:10] And I always like giving a shout out to Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini from France who published the toxicity study of GMOs and Roundup glyphosate based herbicides. Last time I checked there were over 800. I think it’s closer to a thousand now. So we’re all eating this. [00:03:26] So I wrote this article in 2015. This is my organization. It’s a nonprofit. We started in 2014, looking at the effects of GMOs and pesticides with a lens on health. We started eating them, then demise and our kids’ health has skyrocketed ever since, directly contributed from it. Pesticides, even without GMOs, we’ve known for decades since Rachel Carson, at least how they have harmed our children and here is something from my friend and colleague, Dr. Charles Benbrook, that he looked at how pesticides are regulated. And he said back in 1993, folks, this is not new news, that regulatory approaches, regulatory agencies were not protecting our children. He sounded the alarm. What happened? Nothing. So we have allowed our children to eat these pesticides. [00:04:15] It’s escalating every day with no call to action. To me, this is immoral. [00:04:23] Glyphosate. I want to briefly talk about why it’s so toxic. Every kid I see now has two main factors, leaky gut, which is called intestinal permeability and dysbiosis, which is an abnormal microbiome. Everything is based on the health of those microbes, which outnumber us, ten to one creating our health. Glyphosate in a paper in 2019 was shown how it causes autism – not correlate – caused. And I always will give my citations for you. And when I say something is based in science, I say it, when I say it’s from my clinical experience, I’ll say it’s an anecdote. Although at this point in my career, I have thousands of anecdotes. And then from beautiful work down in south America, in Argentina, it showed how these chemicals create asthma, which is an autoimmune condition, common, not benign. And I left out all the other things it does, particularly how it causes cancer. [00:05:19] So number two in our bill of rights. Children require clean water free from environmental pollutants. This should be a no-brainer, right? Well clearly not. From environmental working group, they’re an organization here in the US out of Washington, DC, they did a survey of 50,000 water companies from over a five-year period, and they found higher amounts of over 90 contaminants than scientists consider safe in America’s drinking water. And I can tell you, this has been shown globally, and indeed there are more harmful, critical periods when kids should not be exposed, particularly fetal development, but briefly looking at this EWG study, which was published a few years ago, and they are working on an updated version, by the way, you can see the more chemicals they checked, the more they found; links to cancer, brain and nervous system problems. Rates of autism now in the US are one in 33 children – that should be shocking, 40 years ago it was one in 10,000. Contaminants that cause harm to the fetus, reproductive and endocrine disruptors and there are many, with very few studies showing what happens when we eat this toxic soup of chemicals. Very little data, mainly because, um, agricultural businesses and other businesses don’t want you to know what happens when they’re combined; when they’re combined, they’re more toxic. [00:06:42] So water contamination, of course, this is a no brainer, right? Super common sense, especially concerning for bottle fed babies. Why is that? Because tap water is 85% of a formula fed babies diet until solids are starting. In the US up to 50% of babies are fed at six months of age and then it changes over. In China, it’s much lower women stop breastfeeding by four months. It’s really very individual country by country. And of course we promote breastfeeding. I could talk hours about formula. [00:07:14] This was a study by Dr. Landrigan, it was called the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, found that you can see that pollution overall, I made separate categories, there is overlap; it’s not just the air, the water, the soil, there’s so many links. It was responsible for over a million deaths in children worldwide. And two thirds of those kids are under the age of five. And another point is there is an equitable distribution with low and middle income countries suffering more at the hands of pollution related death, particularly breathing respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, diarrheal illness. Pollution is linked to rising non-communicable diseases. As you can see the list right there, and the pollution impacts on pediatric disease is under counted. And I already mentioned the toxic soup. Let’s move on. [00:08:07] I wanted to highlight this particular nasty chemical PFAS they’re per and polyfluorinated substances. They are not biodegradable. They’re called the forever chemicals. They’re a health effects list is profound. They’re found in water, food, air. Teflon. Right? Many people still cook with Teflon. This is a global concern. We from the US have imported this issue across the planet. [00:08:34] So number three; children require clean air. [00:08:38] This was a global impact of air pollution on children’s health from the World Health Organization. And they said over half a million deaths in kids under the age of five can be attributed to air pollution. And you can see where these sources are. They’re right up there for you, where they’re coming from. [00:08:55] 93% of kids under the age of 15, um, globally are exposed to ambient air pollution which find particular matters called PM levels higher than the World Health Organization guidelines. And again, showing the inequitable distribution in children from low and middle income countries, 40 times higher effects from air pollution. Unacceptable. [00:09:18] Can we fix it? You know, I always feel like I sound like Dr. Doom and gloom. Well, yeah, when we clean up the air and maybe it was one of the few things from the lockdown that I can record, cause that was a global disaster, was the air did clear up and based on Chandra’s beautiful analysis, let’s get out of our cars, one of the leading causes of air pollution, but you can see there was a decrease across the board in issues stemming from air pollution. [00:09:45] Number four, my bill of rights is that children require reduced exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and no exposure to 5g. And you guys know me, and I know you’ve spoken about this, I don’t need to go into much detail and there’s a children’s park in California with a 5g tower smack in the middle. [00:10:04] I just want to share with you this one study, a news report that came in California, they placed a 5g at a school and within a three-year period, four students and three teachers came down with cancer. Again, what are we doing? [00:10:18] Scientists argue that the research on brain tumors and radio-frequency radiation called RFR should be a class one, known carcinogen. And we have seen, and I gave you a study regarding reports of cognitive dysfunction in our teens, where they have delayed finding gross motor skills, memory issues, and ADHD attention issues. [00:10:38] And right now in the US we’re probably hitting about 12% of our kids have focus issues and many can be attributed, EMFs and RFR. I put this in here to show that from the former Soviet Union, 1970, they were describing the microwave syndrome in their military personnel. And those who were working with radio equipment and radar frequency equipment, and they had many of the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity; fatigue, dizziness, headaches problems with concentration, and fast forward to the 1980s, the Swedes reported it as well. Fast forward to now, that laptops and iPads in schools, they say this was from Swedish schools, um, where we are abandoning textbooks, exacerbate the exposure to EMF. Now here in the US we have diagnostic codes that because we now have many patients with electromagnetic sensitivity, many of these symptoms are vague and hard to diagnose. And also physicians aren’t necessarily looking. [00:11:39] What does it do? You heard the lecture super brief, it stresses cells causing heat shock proteins, and they damage cell membranes, they damage mitochondria kids are tired. Go to a park in the US and you see kids are very tired. They create oxidative stress. The baseline of most diseases is oxidative stress. I would care to say all disease, whether you’ve got asthma, cancer, kidney failure, kidney disease, liver disease, oxidative stress will be at the base. It’s genotoxic where the free radicals damage DNA and they deplete glutathione. And we’ve spoken so much about glutathione during COVID because glutathione, but the precursor being NAC and [inaudible] is the body’s major antioxidant so necessary for COVID both for COVID and for vaccine reactions. [00:12:30] During the pending what happened? Our kids were exposed nonstop. Is this an unsolvable problem? Absolutely not. Here, I put down a few solutions that homes and schools can adopt hardwired connections and they’re safer, faster and less affected by privacy issues, which we all know is a problem. And you can turn off wifi access points in devices when not in use. [00:12:55] If you can’t get a device as hardwired, you can download teaching on prior to education lessons. And I think this was done in France, prohibit cell phones and other wearables and classrooms. The kids coming to school, they drop their cell phones in a basket. And indeed, what if we put pressure on industry, the telecom industry, very similar to ag industry pharma industry to provide devices and software with hard wired features. [00:13:24] Here’s a counselor in a kid’s school in Italy taking down their router. And this was from an environmental health trust.org. My dear friend, Devra Davis runs this organization and is absolutely brilliant with information regarding EMFs. For pregnant moms, this is also an excellent site because pregnant women should not be exposed to electric magnetic frequency. [00:13:46] If I see one more mom, who’s pregnant in the waiting room with a laptop on a pregnant lap, I just shudder at the thought. Babies absorb up that frequency. [00:13:54] Number five children’s environmental bill of rights. Children should not be subjugated to experimental medical therapies and drugs. [00:14:02] What about these mRNA and DNA vector immunomodulators? I don’t need to go into this at length. You’ve done it. It’s out there. When there was another vaccine introduced in 1998, after eight to 10 cases of an issue called intussusception where the intestine telescopes in on itself, the vaccine was recalled. [00:14:22] Now fast forward to EUA warp speed emergency use authorization, one day after an injection using the spike protein technology, it’s distributed in the body. So many kids with issues, thousands now per VAERS, and we are still administering fast-forward with this vaccine. And I can think of nothing more horrific than what we’re doing. [00:14:45] Why is that? Because COVID 19 kids has nearly a zero risk of morbidity and mortality. You’ve seen VAERS, the vaccine adverse events reporting system. Um, I know there’s a specific system in the UK and other countries have their reporting systems, that’s ours, inadequate under-reported and now being scrubbed. [00:15:04] Myocarditis is what I’ve been screaming about, but that is not the only issue happening to our children. I cared for many recently with other issues, mostly neurologic. Ivermectin, we’re still getting grief about Ivermectin, you’ve gotta be kidding me. It’s docks to the ACE2 receptor and interferes with the attachment of spike protein and here’s an article you can go on my website that I wrote with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, one of my favorite role models and I believe she was on with the World Council for Health about primo known necessary, and first do no harm. And I might just for more drama; cocooning. I don’t support cocooning where you inject a child to protect an adult. [00:15:46] Children can not give informed consent period. There’s a bill now in California where children, over 12 years old can give consent themselves. Beyond lunacy. I am flummoxed when I consider that legislation that is presently the bad bills happening in the state of California. [00:16:02] I guess that would give them access to eating whatever they want and having sex whenever they want and do whatever else they want, including not going to school. Just think about the lunacy, but again, it’s unethical to give children a therapy for the benefit of adults when the child’s risk outweighs their benefit. [00:16:17] And I say, it’s unethical. It’s immoral and unconscionable. [00:16:20] And the last one on my list is; children should not be exposed to environmental toxicants such as e-waste something we don’t talk about commonly and many people wish this issue would go away. Well, it’s not going away. It’s actually getting worse. Look at this in 2019, 53 million, tons of e-waste were created, it’s increasing. Who harvest the metals out of the seas waste? Children and women. [00:16:45] And they’re involved in the recycling process, exposed to high levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, PCBs, dioxins. These are all genotoxic and neurotoxic. And so you can see here how they are exposed. And there I wrote down the processes, how it impacts. The health impacts are global throughout the child, every single function is affected. And there are a thousand likely more harmful substances identified. And one of the worst offenders are the heavy metals, persistent, organic pollutants they’re called pops and that fine particle. Um, I mentioned to you in the air pollution slide. [00:17:24] How are children receiving these toxic exposures? [00:17:27] They injest it, they breathe it in, transplacentally and through dermal exposure. You absorb a lot through your skin, you excrete a lot through your skin and look at, and this is these recycling centers. [00:17:40] Is a doom and gloom? Not necessarily. And Brazil, figured out in Sao Paulo, how to create settlements, where they have cleaner facilities, where they were able to create standards, to avoid health risks to the participants involved in this one operation, where they have collected since I think over 25,000 tons of discarded electronic e-waste. [00:18:04] So this is something Dr. Adams, my coauthor and I wrote about in our book, we need eco medicine. We need a parallel shift. We need an integrated paradigm for healing, away from a narrative driven by pharmaceutical companies. [00:18:18] So here is the list. I put it together for you. I might even add number seven. I’ve thought about this. I didn’t want to put it in there because I thought I would get immediately slapped with a lawsuit, that children should not be exposed to Hollywood. And I won’t go into tremendous detail there, but turn off their TV, turn off their media because there are messages our children are being exposed to constantly that we are not monitoring and we are often, uh, unconscious to what the messaging is, but that is time for another talk. [00:18:51] So thank you. That’s my book that I’m working on. It’s a positive solution. This is going to be a solutions-based way that I’m going forward. And I just wanted to share with you a project that will be being launched very shortly Regeneration Health International. We are pairing with Regeneration International and hopefully what I’m hoping is that through these connections, we will establish relationship and strengthening our web, creating a new paradigm. This switch from inventing ideas that Hippocrates spoke about 5,000 years ago and how we teach and empower parents, people who love children, how to do it. [00:19:32] Karen McKenna: Thank you very much, Dr. Perro, that was a phenomenal presentation and, really, isn’t that our big job here on the planet is to protect the children. So there’s a lot to do, but thank you for mapping it out for us because it just get all these things have to come to light before we can fix them. [00:19:50] Jennifer or Dr. Hibberd, is there any questions for Michelle in the chat? [00:19:54] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you very much. Yes. I have a few questions. That was an amazing talk. Thank you so much, Dr. Mark Trozzi, he’s asking, are there any thoughts regarding atrazine, which is a pesticide found in very high levels of many water supplies and its effects on gender and reproductive health? [00:20:11] Dr. Michelle Perro: Yeah. You know, we’re also concerned about atrazine and some of the best research I’ve seen came out of UC Berkeley right here in California, university of California, Berkeley by Dr. Tyrone Hayes, where he looks specifically at atrazine and its effect on frogs, on amphibians and it showed, um, in frogs clearly. Syngenta went after him like gangbusters, the, um, the changes in reproductive organs and reproductive and hormones, organs, and hormones, so yeah, we are concerned of atrazine. Many countries have banned it. Of course, here in the US, we’re asleep at the wheel once again. We have not yet. It’s an awful endocrine disruptor, and it should just be banned globally. There’s no role for atrazine in chemical farming, and there should be no chemical farming. [00:20:56] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you. Thank you for your, for your response. Christof Plothe has asked a question. Uh, everything that you’ve been talking about is so important and we got used to the exhausted and sick children, which we shouldn’t. Since health agencies and education of physicians and healthcare workers across the board, don’t pay any attention to these existential health issues. If we wait for them to change their minds, the time clock for our children would have run out. What are thoughts and experiences on educating these people on the public? How are we going to be able to get this out to the public? I mean, this is obviously a work in progress too. [00:21:36] Dr. Michelle Perro: I will answer that briefly because for the sake of time, so, um, I have come to the opinion after being at this, for a while is that we cannot fix the old system it’s entrenched and based on the pharmaceutical model that Chandra touched upon as well, hijacked by Rockefeller in 1910 as we moved away from more holistic healing and natural medicine. And that pharmaceutical model is entrenched in medical education. So we need a parallel switch, a paradigm shift on education with new medical schools and supporting a new type of healer, whether they are physicians, naturopath chiropractors, a holistic nutrition, as there’s room for all of us in an integrative health system, everyone needs to be included. Personally, what my goal is and until we can do that, is to do a parental workaround. My personal goal is to teach parents or anybody who cares for children, how to do what I do when there is no doctor. That they can learn to take care of their own children. And I use homeopathy. I’m a big fan, but there are many other methods that we can share with parents. And that’s why I’m writing that next book . And I, and I take this idea, I didn’t invent it, I read it in Spanish 30 years ago, and I was doing some work in central America. These folks in central America with no education compared to Americans, very, very uneducated people understood how to take care of their own children better than we did here in the US. [00:23:03] And I’m thinking we need to reconstitute that education of what we’ve lost and how did we lose it through technocracy, paternalistic and maternalistic healthcare systems, or depending on the top of the heap, you know, healthcare providers. And by ensuring that everyone knows how to do this at home. So that’s my own personal mission. [00:23:23] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That’s fantastic. Thank you very much. And that is so important is how everybody can take care of themselves will be responsible for their own health. Now Shabnam has another question or has a question and it’s regarding Fluoride that’s pervasively through the water systems throughout most of the developed world and Shabnam is asked how can Fluoride be eliminated completely from the water? [00:23:46] Dr. Michelle Perro: Yes, you know? So there’s several ways we have to do it. So now you’re right. It’s distributed globally many countries, here in my own community they fluoridate the water. We work on the legislative level to remove fluoride. That’s one way to do it, where we can, we use filters to filter our water, to get the fluoride out. Not always doable because filtration is an expensive system. So filtration is another way, so you can do it at home. I have a water filter at my house to get the fluoride out. We have to work legislatively and there are green dentist organizations. I think the, I IOMAT that has a position paper on fluoride. What’s so bad about fluoride? It literally takes out your pineal gland, your higher spiritual center, because there’s been a mass attack on spirituality and our ability to set our intentions, to reach a global spiritual platform. And that has been, and as Dr. Chandra said, has been taken away from us. It causes calcifications. And there are ways to heal your pineal via using various tumeric paste and other things to try and heal your third eye, your pineal, your ability to connect with the greater good. [00:24:56] I agree with Chandra so much, so much of what I feel dovetails on that, is to move away from the technocracy that wants to eliminate this ability. So get the fluoride out locally, legislatively, and personally the best we can. [00:25:12] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you very much. And I say as a dental surgeon too, I’ve seen many effects of fluoride. And when there was a big immigration of people from India, I saw massive effect of Florida and you can see it on the teeth and you think of the type of fluoride levels that people have been living with. So this is very important, especially to know how to heal, how to heal your bodies, following the fluoride, build up in your body. [00:25:37] Dr. Tess Lawrie has a question too. Have you shared this bill of rights with pediatric medical associations and health regulatory agencies? [00:25:47] Dr. Michelle Perro: Yes. Good, good question Dr. Lawrie. Absolutely not. Like you say, Michelle, why haven’t you done that? Probably because I have on a personal note, a personal discuss with some of my colleagues, so not practicing environmental medicine. [00:26:00] Now having said that I am involved with other groups where I am sharing it, like the National Association of Environmental Medicine, who are mostly naturopaths, some MDs. And I’m an advisor on that group. And we just did a conference recently in Arizona here in the US on, um, environmental health and we had great speakers, Dr. Mikovits and Dr. McCullough and others. And I spoke about vaccine reactions, I didn’t speak about the environmental health bill of rights, but I am, so I am leaking it out. It’s on my website, a master’s of health has published it. I’m trying to get it out there. The last target would be traditional medical professionals, because I will get shut down. [00:26:39] And however, I am working on something called the EHQP that’s called the Environmental Health Questionnaire Pediatric with NAEM the national association, environmental medicine that every medical practitioner will have access to a questionnaire. So we include that in any medical intake to start to incorporate the language of environmental toxicity in the care for anyone, children, and otherwise. There should be in every single health intake. [00:27:05] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Well, this was wonderful. Thank you very much. And we’d most definitely like to highlight this on our World Council for Health website too. Thank you so much back to you Karen. [00:27:14] Karen McKenna: Thanks Jennifer. And thank you, Michelle, for joining and all the work that you’ve done, trailblazing the way for us so we can start working on solutions. So thank you very much. [00:27:24]  

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