The Transmutation of Fear with Gerry Pyves | Mind Health Webinar

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In chapter 33 of his book Touching Trauma, Building Resilience, Gerry Pyves writes about “Living in The Traumasphere”. In this webinar, Gerry develops this idea and shares FIVE STEPS we can all use to transmute fear into love and change the current global “fear-o-sphere” into an atmosphere of love, compassion, and trust.

This is PRACTICAL material which will empower you to be part of the solution, rather than complaining about the problems we are all facing.

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Thank you.
So we’ll welcome everyone to
the World Council for
Health Connection Room,
the Mind Health Connection Room.
For those of you who are familiar with us,
Gerry Pyves really needs no introduction,
but I would just say very
briefly that Gerry is a
registered psychotherapist
and a body worker who basically,
whose life work has been
is about actually bridging
the psychology and the body
work together and having them connect.
So Jerry is going to be
talking to us about fear
and specifically about the
transmutation of fear.
So with no further
introduction or no further delay, Jerry,
it’s all yours.
Well, thank you, Dylan.
And yeah, big welcome to everyone.
It’s a little bit weird
because I can’t see anyone.
In fact, the only person I can see is me,
and that’s the one I don’t
really need to see,
but I kind of know what I look like.
unless I’ve changed as I
looked in the mirror this morning,
of course.
But a big welcome.
And today I’m going to be
looking at the fact that we are,
in effect,
in both a psychological and
emotional kind of warfare zone.
We’re in a war zone, really,
psychologically and emotionally.
And fear is the method.
Fear is the weapon that is
most being used against us,
psychologically manipulation of fear.
And so I thought the whole panel,
we talked about this.
We had a meeting last week,
me and the rest of the connection panel.
And we thought, you know,
wouldn’t it be cool to put
something together that can
really help help everyone
to think about how we can
defeat fear, if you think of it as a war.
I mean, listen,
it’s more than a
psychological and emotional war.
It’s a spiritual war too.
And I think when we transmute an emotion
When we notice where we are,
which is what I’m going to
talk you through today,
and I’m going to give you
an opportunity to just,
I’ve got five simple steps,
and I’m going to give you
an opportunity to do that.
So there’ll be a little mini
exercise in this.
But it really only takes one
breath to move from fear
into something much
different and more positive.
But we’re in this
psychological and emotional war,
but it’s also a profoundly spiritual war.
And in this presentation,
I’m gonna be talking about
the spirituality of us humans,
that one of the features of being human
is our capacity for spirit,
our spiritual nature.
And all of us will have
probably different words for that.
I’m a Christian,
so I’ll talk about the Holy
Spirit and I’ll talk about Jesus.
Other people will talk in
their own languages.
You’ll have to accept that I
will probably talk a little bit in mine,
but I know enough about the
different languages to try
and keep it so that it’s
accessible for everyone.
But the point is when we
take an emotion like fear
and we take action to control that fear,
we move into a different realm.
We move into a different vibration.
So how do we take the fear
and transmute it into, well, into what?
Where are we going with that fear?
That’s the question I want
to really be putting to you
is where do we take fear?
Because actually it turns out,
and this presentation will show this,
it turns out that when
someone tries to stimulate fear in you,
It’s actually a beautiful gift.
It’s a doorway into uplift.
It’s a doorway into raising vibration.
It’s a doorway into what we really are,
which I believe is pure spirit.
OK, so without further ado,
I’m just going to whip
through a few slides and
let’s take a look at this.
So if you could share the first slide,
that’d be fab.
Okay, and move on to the second one.
This is what we’re doing.
Transmutation of Fear, that’s the title.
Let’s move on to the second.
Oh, I do it, don’t I?
Hold on, I get to control this.
Yeah, there we go.
That’s about me.
one of the great ways to raise
vibration is through touch.
And so touch is actually an
amazing way to raise vibration,
but that’s another thing.
I’ve talked about that.
Go to other…
There’s other presentations
I’ve given here on the Mind
Health group about the role of touch.
And my book does carry a lot
of information about that
and a free training on how
to use touch at home with
friends and loved ones.
So that’s just that’s just there.
But let’s move on to Pia.
All right.
I thought, well, let’s nail it.
What does it mean?
And so, you know,
an unpleasant emotion
caused by being aware of danger,
a feeling of being afraid.
Well, that’s all well and good.
I kind of get that.
All right.
But then there’s an interesting one here,
which we just bring.
I’ll just bring the next bit up here.
I love to go back to old
roots and the old English, Ferran.
actually means to terrify.
Fear becomes a word, a verb,
that you do to other people.
So when you look at the old language,
it tells you that fear is a
word that originated in
something you did to another person,
which I thought was really
interesting because that’s
what’s happening right now.
So Old Saxon, farron, to lie in wait,
and Old High German, fahren,
to plot against.
so I thought that was really interesting.
And then just to cap the whole lot.
The modern German noun for fear is guffaw.
And among its older meanings,
we find deceit, pursuit, and persecution.
Well, now I was getting very excited.
When I did that little bit of research,
I thought, you know,
this is much more accurate
to what fear is.
Fear is something that
people are doing to others
and trying to do to us.
And they’re trying to make us afraid.
But this idea of lying in
wait to plot against,
another word that comes up
with old language is to ambush fear.
And I think that’s really
interesting because if we
want to understand how to
transform this world,
how do we manage in this
weird new reality we’ve all
found ourselves in in the
last few years where the
psychological manipulation
of our emotions is going on all the time?
then it’s good to understand
what we’re dealing with and
what we’re dealing with is
very distinct determined
focused action to ambush
lie in wait to plot against
pursuit persecute and
deceive us in order to make
us what the modern meaning
is afraid so I got very
excited by that so and I
hope that excites you a
little bit so well how many
of us have just seen that
you know how many of us
have actually have actually
This is what’s going on right now.
That’s how I see it anyway.
So the first thing we do
when we’re in a situation like this is,
and I believe it’s a war.
I know that’s not a very healing image,
but I actually think that’s the reality.
We’re in a psychological, emotional,
and spiritual war,
except that the people instigating fear,
they don’t have any concept of spirit,
So at least that’s my view on it.
It’s like a language they don’t have.
So what do you notice when
you’re feeling fear?
Now I put down the left hand side here.
I put down spiritual, mental, emotional,
energetic, physical.
And what I want you to do,
those who are on the chat, I invite you,
excuse me, I invite you.
How do you,
what is it you notice when you
become aware that fear is
has been operated on you and
you’re getting experiences of fear.
How do you know physically?
How do you know energetically?
How do you know emotionally?
How do you know mentally?
And how do you know spiritually?
And I’m just going to,
I wonder if those of you on the chat,
I know not everyone is,
I wonder if you would write
down in the chat
I don’t know whether
everyone can see this chat,
but we could write down,
does everyone else have
access to the chat or is it just us,
Okay, so we’re getting a few things here.
So we’re getting gut feeling, confusion,
bad thoughts, heart races, sweaty palms,
contraction, tightness, lovely.
Anyone else got anything they want to add?
Here we go.
It’s coming in now.
Well done.
For a moment,
I thought we only had one
person watching.
No appetite.
Body freezes and shakes, tired, depressed,
anxiety, frustration.
these are the results of induced fear.
Thirsty, going to the bathroom,
increased blood pressure,
raised heart rate, sweaty,
feeling overwhelmed, loss of energy,
mind affected.
Wonder how mind affected.
Stomach churning.
These are brilliant.
These are absolutely brilliant.
Thank you.
Thank you for sharing this.
Shallow breathing.
You get the picture, yeah?
You get the picture.
And this is a result of an attack on you.
This is your response to an attack.
And thank you.
We’ve got impatient and angry.
Not being able to see things
in their context.
That’s a brilliant one.
I mean, these are all brilliant.
These are all what happens
when someone attacks you
and tries to trigger your fear.
You see,
we’re victims and we’re not going
to be victims today, but it’s easy to see
This is the result of now
how I could spend a whole
hour on the ways in which, you know,
electromagnetically, EMF-wise, media-wise,
so many ways that you can
say the triggering is happening.
The triggering is happening
in so many ways.
I’m not going to go into that.
I’m going to talk about how we worry up.
How do we, how do we kind of, you know,
worry up to dealing with this?
Thank you so much, everyone.
That is probably the best,
one of the best
descriptions of the
consequences of it and how we notice.
So, um,
So we’re very easy targets.
And of course,
all of what has just been
said could be summarized in fight, flight,
or freeze,
which is what we now know about
the nervous system.
So we’re triggered.
Fear is triggering us into
fight or flight.
So anger, anxiety, freeze,
which is some of the
depression thing where you
shut down and you don’t
know what’s going on, and also despair.
In fact,
If you want to trigger a whole population,
fear is the best thing to use.
So what does it, here’s some of the things,
almost all of these were
written up by you guys.
This is just so cool.
Clicking through these here,
you can see what we’ve got.
These are the consequences
and the reactions to fear.
I no longer think of fear as so
much a feeling,
but as a response to
someone initiating fear.
So, you know, government-induced fear,
or the git, as I call it,
government-induced trauma.
what this all means is we just need
to understand the context
that this means that basically…
It’s a tiny handful of
people trying to control a
whole population.
So here’s a picture from the
famous Empress who got no clothes.
And you’ve got the two
tailors on the right.
They come in and by
manipulating social media
and mainstream media, which is the king,
they can control the whole
world to think that there’s
a virus or that there’s
climate problems or anything like this.
So basically,
in order to understand the
context of this,
we need to know that the…
This is how you control,
how very few people control
whole populations.
And they seem to thrive off
more distress and fear,
like bottom feeders in the ocean,
the skulk along the ocean floor,
eating up all the detritus, the shit of,
you know, all the fish poo, you know.
That’s what they live off the worst,
lowest vibrations.
That’s how they do it.
They’ve been trying to
manipulate us with fear.
So it’s not just about dealing with fear.
It’s understanding the
context of our fear.
It’s happening to us because
there’s a bunch of
psychotic individuals who
think this is how they can
make happiness for themselves.
We are incredibly susceptible.
And that’s why we’ve got this.
I just come back to this slide here.
You see,
this is where the original ancient
roots of the word sphere come from.
It’s people trying to make
people afraid that it’s something done.
Okay, moving on.
Why are we susceptible to
this manipulation?
Well, the answer is very simple.
Very simple now.
We know from all the trauma
work and trauma knowledge
that we all have mirror neurons,
all right?
that we’re communal beasts.
If you’ve got five people in
a lift and four are in fear
and one person is just
having a birthday and
they’re very happy or something,
that person will start to feel fear.
It’s a contagion.
Emotion through our mirror neurons,
we’re actually designed to
pick up off each other.
We’re hardwired to know how
each other is because we
actually need each other
for our survival.
So the actual pandemic that
we’re dealing with is fear.
Fear is the pandemic.
Fear is the contagion.
Fear is the issue.
So what’s the real antidote to this?
I’m one of these guys who grew up
with Miyagi and the Karate Kid.
I think it was the second or
the third one.
Miyagi shows the Karate Kid
a drum technique,
which basically means that
as his opponent strikes him,
he takes the force of the
strike as it comes across his face.
He blocks and he uses that force.
So his second arm comes
round and he uses the force of the attack
to punch the attacker.
And if we’re talking about a war,
then this is the kind of
thing we need to look at.
There’s a wonderful scene.
I’m not going to play it now
because it’s actually quite
a violent scene.
But basically, you take what comes.
This is very Tai Chi, by the way,
very Tai Chi.
You take the force of the
opponent and you take the
energy of that and you use
that against them.
So this drum technique that
Miyagi shows the karate
kids basically says,
use it to your advantage.
Use what is an attack
To your advantage.
So this is a very military talk.
You probably weren’t expecting this.
So what we do is we use the attack on us,
the attack of fear,
to stimulate ourselves
actually into exceptional
acts of compassion.
The harder they hit us with fear,
the more we have an
opportunity to realize our
incredible capacity for love.
Our sucker punch,
our reverse punch is actually love.
So if they come at us with a virus,
we reverse it.
Our antidote,
our own vaccine becomes love.
So what we do is we use our
own mirror neurons,
the very weapon that has
been used against us, the mirror neurons.
If you can create a lot of
people feeling fear,
then even the ones that
aren’t feeling fear are
going to start to feel it.
But it works in reverse too.
This is what the bottom
feeders don’t understand.
Basically, if it can work one way,
it works the other way.
In other words,
if we turn from fear into a
higher vibration,
we can contaminate and
create a new contagion,
a contagion of love,
a higher contagion of compassion.
And what happens if we turn that around?
instead of buying into the fear,
the absurdity of their fear, the lunacy,
the psychosis of all their fear-mongering,
it’s all mad stories, mad, mad stories.
There’s no virus and there’s
no climate change.
It’s all insane.
They’re psychotic individuals.
We’re dealing with,
we’re in a mental hospital right now.
Some people have said, you know,
the closest reality you can
see is a mental,
actually a mental hospital
would be a lot kinder and a lot nicer.
So what we’ve got is if we
raise our vibration and
that becomes the new contagion,
then what happens is the vibration,
we reverse the flow.
It’s like putting a
different virus into a computer.
It shifts the whole computer
and then it passes to all
the other computers.
So it’s like we shift ours
and we enable others to lift as well.
And what happens with us is
as we raise the vibration,
the bottom feeders,
the psychotic individuals,
they have no food.
Their food is fear.
is the basest of all.
I wanted to put a picture of
chakras up here,
but this is probably the
best and most beautiful
picture of them all.
We create a new contagion,
a contagion of compassion.
And you see, when we do that,
these bottom feeders,
these psychotic individuals, they die.
They have nothing to eat off.
They starve.
When love and compassion is around,
that’s how we defeat them.
We don’t have to march on the streets,
although that’s going to be
useful and it’s great fun to do.
But actually what we do is
we starve them of that base
vibration right down in the chakras.
You know, from above the head,
you go down through all the
seven chakras.
Fear happens in the lower chakras.
It’s a base vibration.
It’s basic survival, fight, flight, freeze,
you know,
But if we raise to love and compassion,
then we deny them their
food and they literally,
they have nothing to live off.
So I actually had the great opportunity,
a great privilege actually,
to work with a client last
week who just had a newborn
baby and we were doing the
session on Zoom and I was
doing this psychotherapy session
while the mum was holding the baby.
And it was kind of interesting because,
you know,
you don’t want to distress the
baby with any deep stuff.
But what was really amazing
was the interplay,
the mirror neurons between
the baby and the mum.
So even if the mum went into
some kind of grief or she
was sobbing gently,
touching on some painful stuff for her,
Because the mum was okay,
the baby was there,
and the baby was smiling.
The baby had no distress at
all because the baby was
picking up that the mum was safe.
So this idea of the mirror
neurons is like right from, you know,
this was like a one-month-old baby.
This baby absolutely was
vibrating and resonating
with the mirror neurons with the mum.
Yeah, so let’s just move on.
Yeah, this is how mirror neurons can work.
And if you’re in a lift,
I’m not saying you start
cuddling everyone, but you can vibrate.
If there’s four people in
fear and you start
vibrating a higher vibration of love,
then this is kind of what happens.
And this baby here in this
picture is utterly at peace,
held by dad’s strong arms.
So how do we do this?
Well, there’s five steps.
The first thing,
which is what we all did is
we all noticed how we know
about fear and just thinking about it,
just remembering what makes
us find can be part of that.
You literally, you can almost recreate it.
I’m not asking you to do that,
but that’s how it goes.
And the great thing is we
can use our body for this thinking.
Our thinking might be busy, busy, busy,
but we might not notice
that our thinking has become fear-filled,
filled with fearful thoughts.
But if we notice the body,
so notice the body,
and the first thing we do to fight back,
to transmute fear,
we have to know that we’re in fear.
And each of us will have
slightly different ways of doing that.
But once you do that,
you’re in a place where you, okay,
I’m in fear.
The second step is my
favorite psychotherapeutic
technique and the most
useful psychotherapeutic
technique I have ever used
in 40 years of working as a therapist.
Four, check out reality.
In other words,
when you’re experiencing fear,
the first thing to check out with is,
am I in reality?
any clear and present danger.
And if you’ve experienced any fear,
just as we’re talking about it,
look around you.
Is there a roof over your head?
Is there food in the kitchen?
Is there someone in machine
guns trying to get through the door?
Because if they are,
you need to act on the fear.
If someone’s attacking you
or there’s a clear and
present threat right now,
you better be fearful and
you need the fear to survive.
But I would suggest that
that’s 1% of when we’re feeling fear.
That 99% of fear is induced and
The clearest way out is to
check out reality.
Look around you.
Am I under threat right now?
Can I breathe?
Have I got protection from the elements?
Am I under attack?
Because if none of those
things are happening, then you’re safe.
That is the reality to check out with.
And then,
and I’m assuming that people are
kind of doing this.
I’m kind of talking you
through it as we do it.
Then we do a reset of our
nervous system because
we’ve just been attacked by a fantasy,
a delusion, a psychosis.
We’ve checked out reality and we go,
actually, I’m safe right now.
but your nervous system got
stimulated into fear.
So now we’re going to reset
the nervous system.
And this can be done in just one breath.
All you have to do is to
start to breathe
diaphragmatically from the diaphragm.
Put one hand on your chest
and one hand on your belly
and breathe out.
And as you breathe out, feel the diaphragm
you feel the belly going
backwards towards your
spine as you’re breathing
out and up towards your
your head breathe just
breathe out so empty empty
the diaphragm so the
diaphragm the diaphragm
when you breathe out goes
up towards the head like
that it’s it’s a lateral
muscle goes up like that
when you breathe out so you
breathe out in order that
when you breathe in you
balloon the belly the big
ballooning, Buddha, belly.
You know,
contrary to all expectations of
our breathing and trying to
look slim and healthy and, I don’t know,
become models or something.
So you only breathe out
fully in order to feel the belly fill.
Once you’ve got that with the lower hand,
then what your breathing is doing,
you’re feeling the lower hand moving.
The upper hand on the chest
shouldn’t be moving at all.
Unlike what they say in
anatomy and physiology,
and Delinda is going to
give me a very hard time
for what I’m about to say now.
But unlike anatomy and physiology,
your lungs are actually in your belly.
At least if you’re
ballooning your belly when
you breathe it.
Always with the breath.
Once you’ve got that movement in the belly,
that diaphragmatic movement,
you breathe in,
it balloons out a little bit.
You breathe out,
it collapses backwards
towards the spine a little bit.
Just close your eyes and do
that right now.
But do not over-breathe.
We don’t need to do big, gigantic breaths.
Just monitor everything.
This movement,
you can take the hand off
the chest if you’re getting
a nice diaphragmatic
movement there and just let it be gentle.
Don’t push it hard.
Just pay attention and see
how your body wants to breathe.
And then in order to
completely reset the nervous system,
what you’re gonna aim to do
is you’re gonna aim to
lengthen the out-breath
So it’s longer than the in-breath.
So if the in-breath takes one, two, three,
four, as you breathe out,
just let it lengthen to one, two, three,
four, five, not masses.
The minute you allow the
out-breath to just be spacious and timely,
no rushing at all.
So you breathe in as much as
your body wants, however it wants,
don’t force it.
Then you breathe out.
And one way to extend the
out-breath is to imagine your out-breath,
you’re playing a flute with your lips.
So the out-breath is coming
through your lips and you
use the lips to slow down the out-breath.
So you make a resistance and
that just slows down the out-breath.
And if the out-breath is being extended,
And then you just let the
in-breath be whatever it wants.
It can be a quick one.
It can be anything.
It doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter.
Just however your body wants
to breathe in.
Nice and relaxed about this process.
But then imagine that you’re
playing the flute as you breathe out.
And you’re feeling that as you breathe out,
you’ve got this long,
you’re just lengthening the out-breath.
So you might be breathing in
through the nose and the
diaphragm balloons out.
But then you’re breathing
out through the mouth,
and you’re extending the out-breath.
As soon as your nervous
system clocks that you are taking time,
you’re breathing out,
and you’re breathing in a very nice,
relaxed, spacious way,
your nervous system will
reset because it knows you
can’t be under threat.
It just knows that if there
was actually a threat,
you’d be panting like mad
and hyperventilating like crazy.
So you take control here.
And while you’re doing that,
we’re going to move.
You keep doing that while I
talk you through the fourth step,
which is to self-reparent.
And this is the bit that is
really beautiful.
This is where you turn love to yourself.
Physician, heal thyself.
And then you’ll be able to help others.
So you turn.
loving thoughts towards
yourself that just got frightened.
Previously you were frightened,
now you’re resetting.
And you just say kind words.
Find a kind word for yourself.
We’re doing okay, kiddo.
You’re a treasure.
You’re a beautiful divine being.
And you got a bit scared and
we’re over it.
I understand.
Find a voice inside your
head that can say something
truly compassionate towards yourself.
As you breathe,
you send that compassion
through your whole being,
right through your whole nervous system,
through your heart, through your guts,
through your little toe,
through the focus on your head.
My sense is that a lot of
you are doing this really well right now.
What does the part of you
that got scared need most to hear?
All is well.
I’ve got this.
I’m here to look after you.
This is the grown up you.
This is the years of your life experience.
This is not you as a
dependent little child.
This is you speaking to that inner child.
This is all your years of
experience and knowledge,
all that you have learned.
And you literally pour like
rain that compassion upon yourself.
And then we move to the
fifth stage where we start
to move this outwards.
We take this compassion.
And we move it out.
And you just think of
someone you care about.
And you picture that person
and you fill them with the
same compassion.
You fill your heart with
compassion for somebody else.
First, you do it to yourself.
And then you just imagine that person,
someone you care about,
and you fill them with love.
Send them goodness.
And then if you really want
to work this in a powerful way,
then you picture one person
who has given you grief,
one person who you might
even regard or your child
part might regard as an enemy,
and you feel them,
you’ve sent them love too.
Fill them with love and understanding.
Most of the people we’ve
been in conflict with have
just been badly duped.
They’ve just been more
vulnerable to the trickery than you are.
And you surround them with love.
As you doing that extended out breath,
your nervous system is settling.
You’re bringing compassion
to yourself because you’re
a grown up and you can do
whatever you want.
And you’re sending that love out.
So if you’re in the lift,
these people are standing
in the lift with you.
And you’re emanating this
compassion and suddenly
everyone just relaxes.
And somewhere deep, deep in the ocean,
the bottom feeders go, well,
what’s happened?
We got no food.
Everyone’s gone high in their vibration.
So that’s just a little
example of what you do.
You can come around now,
open your eyes gently in your own time.
And the key to this, if you just look at,
when you come around and
you look on the screen,
the key to this is that you
are in control of you.
Whether you like that or not
doesn’t matter.
Whether you believe that or
not doesn’t matter.
The truth is you are.
There’s only you that can control you.
No one else is really in control of you.
They might control what you have to do,
but they can’t control the inner you.
I wonder if you would like
to write into the chat how
you found that.
Any questions?
I think that’s the end of my
little display.
Oh, yeah.
And if you want to find out more about me,
go to
There’s a free touch
training there to soothe
the nervous system, by the way,
if you do that.
There’s a picture of the website there.
There’s a free… You can
just access videos where I
teach you how to care for
each other in your home and
how to soothe each other’s
nervous systems.
And if you want to support me, then…
my book as well.
It’s on audio, it’s on whatever.
But that’s me done.
Emma, you can take off screen.
And let’s,
I don’t know who else we can see,
maybe have the panel back.
And let’s see if there’s any
comments and questions.
I’m done.
That’s all I wanted to show you.
Five simple steps.
So people have found the
the experience to be relaxing and calming,
wholehearted, peaceful, relaxed,
full of love.
Thank you.
So there have been those
comments that have come across.
I think this is now time to
open up Delinda to the
panel and to any questions
that people have or any
comments people want to share about this.
So, well, Jerry,
I have a comment and question,
but I was really, shall I say,
impressed by your going
back to the etiology of the word fear,
at least in the English and
German language,
and it being as sort of an ambush,
somebody causing you fear
or ambushing you.
I’ve also had, you know,
I’ve heard the term fear God all my life.
And I will say that the
Hebrew word for fear is more,
has more to do with awe
rather than being ambushed by God.
So anyway, just a comment that I noted.
What is the Hebrew word for fear?
Do you know it?
Ira, that sounds like Aya and Roth to me.
That would be a Latin root, wouldn’t it?
Aya and Ira.
But that means awe.
In Hebrew, it means awe.
I think that’s what the transmutation
is about, isn’t it?
It’s taking the base
vibration of the fear and
turning it into awe.
I mean, compassion and love for humanity,
love for ourselves and love for humanity,
that’s pretty awe-inspiring to me.
And that’s what I loved your story of the,
the, you know,
the martial art little demonstration,
because, you know,
it’s something people can do, you know,
to really notice what’s going on,
but use the force of it, you know, like,
and like you say, transmute it,
but you change it,
you turn it around and send
it out as love and shower
them with love and
compassion and gentleness, you know?
So I, I think that, um,
You know, you know,
we get distressed by our
own how we’re feeling and
we get kind of annoyed with ourselves.
But actually, it’s an energy.
It’s just an energy.
And we can use it.
You know, I think it’s incredible, really,
to have that tool and skill, you know,
and practice it.
I know it takes a lifetime, but, you know,
again, it’s if you even imagine.
you know,
you’re actually doing it and it’s
draining away that sort of
draining feeling of fear
that’s taking away your power.
And you’re actually, you know,
like mushrooming into some
sort of amazing, you know,
like it’s everybody can feel empowered.
And if we all did that, you know,
and basically this invisible force, bam,
you know, at them, you know,
they’d all be backing off.
They, the big they.
I think if I just come in on that, Anne,
because the point,
I didn’t actually say it,
but the point of the whole
presentation is actually to
say that whenever someone
tries to inflict fear upon you,
ambush you with fear,
it’s actually a gift.
It’s a gift to realize that
we are in control of us and
we choose what we vibrate,
if we think of it as a frequency.
But Viktor Frankl,
in his Man’s Search for Meaning,
he talked about
you know,
his life in the concentration
camp in Auschwitz.
He talked about,
they can control what I have to do,
but they cannot control what I think.
He describes in that book beautifully,
I’m sure you know this and
others will know this,
but he describes being in a
prison camp and being
filled with love and joy for his wife.
He literally used that trigger for love
So one of the additional
techniques for people on
this one might be to say, well,
if you just find it hard to
find compassion,
think of someone who you
absolutely love and just think of them.
Just think of them.
And that will fill you with compassion.
So what we think of can
generate the vibration.
Yeah, Jerry, to piggyback on that,
I just wanted to say that I
appreciated the slide of
the mirror neurons.
And that’s one part of what’s going on.
But as you were talking or
and as you were talking about, you know,
what we think and love and
joy and what have you, you know,
HeartMath Institute has
done all sorts of research.
And when you actually can
get into a space of heart rate coherence,
which is a high vibration,
and our heart rate coherence,
our heart rate vibrations
will actually probably
radiate out about three to
five feet in front of us
ordinarily and interact
with other people’s
We can also pull those
vibrations in and we can
actually send them out.
But it’s quite interesting
that part of the way to get
to a coherent heart rate is
appreciation and love or compassion.
And certainly joy.
If you can actually think of
something that brings you joy,
something that brings you love,
something you’re grateful for,
that can sort of help bring
your heart rate into a more
coherent state, in a more positive state,
and affect the people that you’re around.
And the electromagnetic
forces of the heart are
probably about a thousand
times greater than the
electromagnetic forces of
your brain.
And so, and so you can actually,
by getting to this coherent heart space,
you can have a profound
effect on those around you.
And that’s why when we’re
around people that are
totally freaked out,
we can easily get freaked out too,
because they’ve got this
incoherent heart rate going on.
And it’s sort of contagious in that way.
Yes, and by reversing the contagion,
we can be powerful once again.
And I think it’s one of the
characteristics of the
attack of fear is that we
feel disempowered.
And so if people take
anything away from our session today,
I just want them to feel
that that vibration in the
heart that you described so beautifully,
Delinda, that the power,
the electromagnetic power
of the heart is far greater
than any negative because
it’s the power of light
versus the power of darkness.
And the thing about darkness,
is it just takes one tiny,
you’re gonna be in a
warehouse that’s dark and
one tiny candle will light up.
The light travels in a way that darkness,
the darkness cannot compete with light.
And so the resonance of the heart
is not only greater than our brain,
it’s greater,
the positivity of that
resonance of the heart is
greater than anyone else in the lift,
if we were to put it that way.
And I would say it’s greater
than any little techno EMF
gadget that people are turning,
using to control us.
You know, I think of the various, you know,
transmitter poles and all
that stuff going up around everywhere.
But our heart is so powerful,
it fragments those energies.
At least that’s my fantasy.
And we’ve got someone here writing,
and we’ve got Sarah writing in the thing,
a beautiful comment, Sarah.
She says, when I dance,
I use elements of Tai Chi
and I create power balls and I throw them,
you know.
It’s like…
that’s a beautiful picture
of generating this and
sending it out excuse me a
bit of a chest this morning
can I just say one more
thing on this which is
every month I do a quantum
healing session here uh on
the on our on our council
and we do a lot of soothing
and we do we’re doing it all together
But at some point in that,
we release that energy out to the planet.
We release it to the globe.
And this hard energy can
travel exponentially out.
Like the further away it goes,
the more powerful it
becomes is how I like to think of it.
Instead of thinking dear old
reductionist physics and science,
I like to think of as we send it out,
it actually gets more powerful.
So that’s just my thinking on that.
I’ll shut up now.
I love what Timothy says because he
threw music in there too.
And again, music is a, you know, I mean,
there’s some music that I
don’t find very relaxing or
very calming or very powerful,
but there’s also music that,
that expresses things that
can’t be put into words and
that really has a dramatic,
can have a dramatic impact
on how I feel and how the
people around me feel and can be a very,
It can sort of entrain those around me.
So, so yes, absolutely.
Yeah, gratitude,
sending out light and meditating.
Felicity is absolutely right about that.
In terms of how that also
taps into that power of
love and compassion in the heart.
yeah I’m wondering ann how
do you deal with fear you
always look so serene to me
and you always look like
you you have such and how
do you deal with fear um
well probably the same way
everybody else uh until I
catch myself on a bit um
yeah I think this all of that uh
you know, getting outside,
even in the morning,
I find as soon as I open
the window and hear the sounds outside,
it’s like it really resets
my whole system.
You know,
I love getting out of the house
because it’s a different reality.
And I don’t do that, you know,
like I have to remind
myself like everybody else.
But I love the idea that
actually we’re really powerful, that love,
that sort of gentle, expansive,
beautiful energy.
the lovely picture of holding the baby,
you know, that that’s incredibly,
you know,
that’s really what we feed off
and what makes us strong.
And we don’t realize it.
We just don’t give it enough
credit that actually we
don’t have to kind of, you know,
get a bit army and everything like that.
We can actually just, you know, kind of,
connect into our power and
connect into this universal
power that really we tap into that.
Yeah, I think it’s.
And I think as you get older, you know,
I love getting older
because I feel you’d kind of mellow down.
Things don’t bother you as much.
I think, you know,
the agonies you go through and you think,
oh, you know, I just think, thank heavens,
you know, hopefully I get older.
older that you get a bit of
you know more perspective
maybe and and just things
don’t you know I think that
um your life gives us
wisdom the longer we can
live you know it’s just a
uh being open and available
to it you know and that’s
why I just love I love all
this learning we get here
it’s like we’re always
learning something new you
know so I’m being reminded
you know I think
I have to be reminded, definitely.
I love what you’ve said
about nature and everything as well,
That’s really important to bring in,
isn’t it?
Because that brings us back
to the Hebrew word of Aira, you know,
That instead of fearing,
this is where it’s a spiritual battle,
Instead of going base to fear,
we lift up to awe and nature
can be awesome.
And just a little sparrow,
A boring old sparrow.
We don’t get fancy birds where I live.
We’ve got small trees.
We haven’t got big trees here.
So we don’t get the
beautiful fantails or the tuis.
They are around here,
but we get boring old sparrows.
So when I first moved here, I thought,
how boring.
I’ve only got sparrows.
Well, now I absolutely love sparrows.
They have got such
interesting and beautiful
designs on them.
I never knew how fascinating
a sparrow was.
And they’re funny,
they hop around like little characters.
And when you feed them and they just,
I’m in awe that there’s
something that apparently is boring to me,
was boring to me.
That is awesome.
It’s full of awe.
And I think to transmute
fear and use Delinda’s
Hebrew word into awe is truly amazing.
Yeah, Mary just said she loves the core.
And that’s actually the
thing that I was going to
bring up next about checking out reality,
because that is so important.
I know for myself, when I experience fear,
the first thing I will have
is a gut feeling.
And so at that point, it’s, you know,
I need to check out my reality.
Is this something that I
need to react and get out of the way?
You know, I mean, it’s very,
very important to be aware
of what’s around us so that
we can be safe.
And if we are safe,
then we can ask the deeper question, okay,
what’s going on here?
And we can, you know,
calm ourselves and all that good stuff.
It’s interesting that I have…
I have had, you know,
I have these gut feelings with fear.
And then I also do something
that’s hard that I know is right to do.
And I sort of feel like I’m
afraid to do it,
but I would say it’s more
like an excitement.
You know,
my nervous system gets revved up.
But if I have the confidence
that it is the right thing to do,
I don’t have the, you know,
I’ll get the butterflies in the stomach,
but I don’t have the gut
feeling that something is wrong.
I’m not afraid in that sense.
I am just,
I recognize that what I may be
doing may be difficult.
and challenging,
but I will stand up and do
it because it’s the right
thing to do for me to do.
So just, you know,
I know that I sometimes have said, oh,
well, I’m afraid to do that,
but I really mean that it’s, you know,
I know it’s gonna take
energy and strength to do it.
Not that I have fear that
I’m doing something wrong or in danger.
Yeah, that inner confidence, you know,
it’s like when you’ve got fear,
like looking around and touching into it,
you know, because it’s probably there.
I noticed that when I’m kind
of fearful or stressed or whatever,
that my perception is
contracted down and I don’t
notice things and I’m horrified,
but I don’t notice or I, you know,
like I actually take things
up the wrong way.
It’s, yeah,
that checking out reality and
checking out are you kind
of fully present or not, you know,
fully got your whole
perception open rather than, you know,
kind of missing things.
So it is, we’re incredible beings,
you know, incredible.
And, you know, the little birds,
we were up north.
And it’s a whole different sound.
You know,
the birds up there are different.
It’s absolutely, you know,
you get bell birds that I’m
not as aware in the South Island.
But they had these tiny, tiny little birds,
like miniature little birds as well.
It’s like they’re like
perfect little miniatures.
I don’t know enough about birds, you know,
that can pop on the tree.
But yeah, and then, you know,
like driving down,
you get the huge kind of eagle-y falcons,
whatever they are, that, you know,
are in the kind of the mountains.
And, you know,
it’s like we are surrounded by, you know,
we’re sharing this planet.
You know, we think we’re so important,
but actually, you know,
there’s a whole world going
on and you know that it’d
be interesting to know
what’s going on in the bird
world or in the tree world
or you know we’re getting
so caught up in our issues you know
And I think this is really
important what you’re
talking about because I
think it relates very much
to what Delinda just said as well,
which is that sometimes I
find something that I’m
afraid to do and I do it
because I know it’s the
right thing to do.
And there’s something about
stepping outside of ourselves.
and not getting entrenched
in our own kind of small ego world,
that we can get very locked in.
Fear kind of cocoons us.
We can become cocooned by fear, I think.
And so what happens is if we
break out of that by giving
to someone else, this is why…
touch is so important, for example.
So I’ve spent my whole life
as a therapist in therapy rooms,
but also as a body worker.
And I remember back in the day,
in the early days when I
was a fiery young man and
was often getting uptight
about a lot of things.
And my wife then used to say, oh,
for heaven’s sake,
go and give someone a treatment.
Because she knew that as
soon as I got out of myself
and out of my stuff,
and started looking after someone else,
I was elevated.
And so I lifted myself and I
would come out of that
session a human being again,
at least a pleasant human being.
So Jerry,
it’s fascinating to me that this
stuff isn’t really new
because I’m thinking back
to the King and I, the musical.
And do you remember how she sings,
whenever I feel afraid,
I hold my head erect and
whistle a happy tune and no
one will suspect I’m afraid.
What a lovely note.
I wish to finish our presentation today.
That’s beautiful.
I wish I could sing it, but I’m not…
There is an element in that
that I disagree with,
which is that it kind of
says I’ll fake it until I can make it.
So I action out the behavior
of the opposite of fear,
which is compassion and
happiness and joy.
And I probably will start to feel it.
And I absolutely.
That’s great.
But there are times when
that doesn’t work.
And those are the times, I think,
when we need to go inside
and not reset ourselves.
And self-reparent,
it’s a psychological technique,
We say those kind things to ourselves.
We wouldn’t hesitate to say
them to another person,
but we rarely turn them on ourselves.
So, you know,
that kind of feature of kind of going out
breaking the cocoon and
getting into a wider a
wider world that’s really
important but there is this
other element that I think
is really important
sometimes none of that
works nature doesn’t work
sometimes um doing doing a
happy tune doesn’t work
sometimes sometimes we’ve
got to go to the core
there’s two cores there’s
checking out reality core
and there’s going to our core and
and reparenting ourselves,
even in one breath,
saying one kind thing to
ourselves can transform our energy.
Say a kind thing to yourself.
And I see that we’re at, uh,
at the top of the hour now.
So I think this is a
wonderful note to end on.
And so we’ll, um, we’ll invite Emma in to,
update us with what’s coming
up and any announcements
and then we will we will
close until next time
Thank you, Delinda.
Thank you for this one, Jerry.
That was really good.
And I was very glad to hear
the direction you went with the sparrows.
I was a little feeling bad
for the sparrows at first.
I’m glad that you learned to
appreciate them.
I was definitely sparrow
oppressive for a while.
I mean,
I was ready to go tell the sparrows
what I heard you say, and so…
Glad I didn’t have to.
we’ve got our schedule pretty well booked,
even into the next few months,
but I’ll just let you know
what’s coming up in February.
Next week,
we have a meditation on telegram.
that’s going to be with Cameron Takapua,
who has
um led a meditation for us
um at least once a month
for quite a few months now
if you have not attended
one of those meditations
with cameron um I really
hope you do sometime she
has the the most wonderful
um voice and accent too so
I just really like I
appreciate um spending time
with her even if I can’t um
fully attend to the
meditation because I’m
working I just love listening to her
So hopefully you can catch one of these.
We have that next week on
the 14th of February or the 15th,
depending on where you are.
And that happens on Telegram,
on our main Telegram channel.
Our handle is at WCH underscore ORG.
That meditation is free and
accessible to anybody,
no matter how much
meditation experience you have.
So please check that out if
you have time next week.
And then the following Wednesday,
we have a webinar right
here at the same place.
We’ll get the registration
up for that soon at
slash mindhealth.
That’s going to be led by Delinda,
and the title of that one
is Spiritual Direction for Skeptics.
I don’t know if you want to take a
little bit to share
anything about that webinar
for people who are here right now.
I will just let people wonder about it,
and we’ll…
in a couple of weeks.
Sounds good.
I’m wondering about it already.
And then the following
Wednesday on the 28th,
we have a quantum healing
session with Jerry.
And I know he talked a
little bit today about what those entail.
If you haven’t tried one of those out,
I highly recommend that too.
Those happen on Zoom.
um and once they start we
close the door so you’ve
got to get there on time
it’s not recorded it’s not
streamed or anything it’s
just a private safe space
for anybody that wants to
give it a try I will get
the registration link up
for that on the mind health
committee page probably
later today so that if
you’re watching this right
now you can go register and
make that one all of these
events happen at 8 p.m utc
on wednesdays and then I
guess later on in the month
we’ll share what we’ve got
coming up in march
If you didn’t catch the
entire webinar today or you
want to revisit this or
share it with someone else,
the recording is going to
stay on the Mind Health Committee page.
And I’m also going to move
it over to the WCH video library.
We also streamed this to
Rumble and to Facebook and to Twitter.
So if you’re on those platforms,
it’s available there to share as well.
But the best place to find
it is on our website,
slash mindhealth.
And let’s see, Jerry disappeared,
but he is back,
so I’m going to get him
back on the screen with this.
And that’s about it.
Let me just check really quick.
There’s no questions in the chat.
I don’t know if anybody else
has anything to add, or if not,
we can wave to each other,
and hopefully all of you
watching right now can wave back at us,
and we’ll close this out
and see you next week.
Bye, everyone.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you.

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