Exploring the Shadow of Activism

Tantrums, bystanding, or social action…

On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, Sue Parker Hall joined us live from the United Kingdom to lead an important Mind Health webinar exploring the shadow of activism.

Impactful resistance and protest, self-protection and community protection are all so important at this mightily challenging time. Sue uses her model of the self and some concepts from Transactional Analysis to explore where the most effective social activism comes from within us, and how our shadow may get in the way.

Sue differentiates between activism that originates in our here-and-now Adult rage and activism that originates in our archaic unprocessed rage; and share a few examples of creative social activists who are potent, playful and creative in their protest.

The original version of the video played during Sue’s presentation can be found here. Sue’s slide presentation is available for download.

About Sue Parker Hall

  • Sue Parker Hall is a Certified Transactional Analyst, a UKCP registered psychotherapist and a BACP senior accredited practitioner.
  • Sue offers psychotherapy and supervision to individuals and groups and teaches her theories and methodology to psychological practitioners nationally and internationally.

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