Trauma-Based Mind Control and Organized Ritual Abuse: A Healing Exploration

This incredible panel, hosted by Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Mark Trozzi, will offer valuable perspectives and promote a deeper understanding of Organized Ritual Abuse (ORA). Panelists include Max Lowen, Cathy O’Brien, David Charalambous, and Jason Christoff with contributions from Dr Marcel Polte and survivors of ORA.

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Please be aware that the content included in this event may contain triggers for people who have experienced abuse.

Dr Marcel Polte is a German attorney and has worked in international law firms as an expert for stock corporation law for about fifteen years. He has researched the CIA’s project MKULTRA and the phenomenon of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). In 2019, he published his fist book on the topic: Dark New World Order, Part 1: MKULTRA Mind Control, Ritual Abuse and a Global Agenda (Part 2, 2021). In 2023, his book on the experiences of Project Monarch survivor Katy Groves was published (Uncle Sam’s: An Insider’s Report from the Hell of Monarch Mind Control).

The following books are recommended by Dr Marcel Polte:

Max Lowen is a global citizen having grown up in various countries and is tri-lingual in Italian, Spanish and English. She is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture and trafficking who went on to do her healing work and train in trauma and recovery to help other survivors and those trapped in the cycle of violence. Max created a show called Unbroken where she interviews survivors, truth warriors, healers and teachers. You can find out more on her website called Max is an advocate for children, whom she considers our most precious asset and the future of the human race.

Cathy O’Brien is is a nationally and internationally recognized US Government Whistleblower on the subject of MK Ultra mind control and healing from it. In 1995 when the US National Security Act was invoked on her testimony for US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight, that testimony was released through her book TRANCE Formation of America. Cathy became a ‘candidate’ for MK Ultra mind control due to a dissociative disorder developed from incest. In 1988, intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued Cathy and her then 8-year-old daughter, Kelly. Together, for 30 years, Mark and Cathy would speak out globally to raise awareness on human trafficking and the corruption permeating the highest levels of government.

David Charalambous is a behaviour and communication expert and the founder of, a project dedicated to helping people communicate and showing how institutions and corporations influence us. His background involves over 30 years of consulting with multinational clients and one-on-one with 25 years extensively studying psychology and the mind. He has extensively studied NLP, Behavioural Science, Behaviour and Communication. David has spent the last four years assisting many groups in understanding how governments and institutions have used behavioural science knowledge to influence people.

Jason Christof runs an international overcoming self-sabotage & psychological reprogramming institute where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification & psychological manipulation. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years, Jason believes that we all must understand these processes to protect ourselves from future psychological operations.

Additional resources shared mentioned during this event:


Where do they go? Where are they taken? Who has the means? Who pulls the strings? No one is talking They’ve sworn an oath They wait in shadows for little souls I can hear them crying in their cages as they’re lying in the darkness. Doesn’t anyone care enough to come? Time to save these stolen children’s lives. Slay the demons, wear them down. For the children won’t survive to risk it all for them. It’s time to take these demons down Expose their crimes There are children after all Where do they go? They keep them hidden Under the ground They won’t be found Those tiny hearts Will never know The gentle love. Entitled all around the world Like cattle, they are bought and sold They’re disappearing every day If we do nothing, we’re to blame Time through saving stolen children’s lives Slave of demons where they live For the children once survived It’s time to take these demons down. Expose their crimes. They’re our children after all. Time to save the stolen children. Children won’t survive to risk it all for truth and light. It’s time to take these demons down. Expose their crimes. We can never let them think that we’ll forget them. Hello. Good day and good evening. That was a song called Where Do They Go by Kurt Shaw. And I’m Dr. Tess Laurie. And this is the World Council for Health’s special feature on trauma-based mind control and organized ritual abuse. The human family has a terrible and unspeakable secret, the systematic and ritualized abuse of little boys and girls from birth. It is time for the secret to be exposed to fresh air so that this deep festering wound in the soul of humanity can be healed. This is the intent of today’s gathering to begin the healing process, the healing of our collective soul. I’m honored to be co-moderating this important panel with my colleague, Dr. Mark Trozzi, also known as the knight in shining armor of World Council for Health. It is with much appreciation that we welcome our speakers on this matter, Kathy O’Brien, Max Lowen, David Charalambas, Jason Kristoff, and Dr. Marcel Palti. Marcel has submitted a short video in lieu of live attendance. We’ve also received video contributions from survivors of organized ritual abuse, including Rachel Vaughan, Doug McIntyre, Asa Raine, and Jeanette Archer. Please be aware that this conversation may stimulate uncomfortable emotions and or memories. It is not recommended for children under the age of 16. So I will now hand over to Dr. Mark Trozzi to introduce our speakers. Well, thanks very much, Tessa, and welcome everyone today. Such an important subject, and we’re very blessed that we have people with deep experience and insight in this to help us wade through it. So I’d like to introduce our panelists. We have Max Lowen with us. Max is a global citizen having grown up in various countries. She’s trilingual in Italian, Spanish, and English. She is herself a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture, and trafficking. It was gone on to do her healing work and to train in trauma and recovery to help others, survivors, and those who are trapped in the cycle of violence. Max created a show called Unbroken, where she interviews survivors, truth warriors, healers, and teachers. And you can find out more on her website called That’s Max is an advocate for children who she considers to be our most precious asset and the future of the human race. Also, we have David Charlemois joining us, who is no stranger to the WCH family. David is a behavior and communication expert, and he’s the founder of That’s, which is a project dedicated to helping people communicate and showing how institutions and corporations influence us. His background involves over 30 years of consulting with multinational clients and holding one-on-one with 25 years of extensive study in psychology and the mind. He has extensively studied neuro-linguistic programming, behavior science, behavior and communication. And David has spent the last four years assisting many groups in understanding how governments and institutions have used behavioral science knowledge to influence all of us. As well, we have my friend and fellow Canadian, Jason Kristof, who runs an international Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Psychological Reprogramming Institute, where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification, and psychological manipulation. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years, Jason believes that we all must understand these processes to protect ourselves from future psychological operations. We also hope that if some technical problems are overcome for her today, that Kathy O’Brien will also be joining us. Kathy O’Brien is the author of Transformation of America, the first documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Kathy O’Brien is a healed and vocal survival of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK Ultra Project Monarch operation. She was rescued by intelligence operative Mark Phillips in 1988. And next we’re going to see a video presentation from Dr. Marcel Polte, who is a German attorney and has worked in international law firms as an expert for stock corporation law for about 15 years. He has researched the CIA’s project MKUltra and the phenomena of satanic ritual abuse. And in 2019, he published his first book on the topic titled Dark New World Order Part One, MKUltra Mind Control, Ritual Abuse and a Global Agenda. And that was followed up with a part two in 2021. In 2023, his book on the experiences of Project Monarch survivor Katie Groves was published and it’s titled Uncle Sam’s, An Insider’s Report from the Hell of Monarch Mind Control. So with no further ado, I’d be grateful if we could play the video from Dr. Marcel Polte. Hello, my name is Marcel Polty. I’m a lawyer from Germany. I have worked for about 15 years in international law firms as an expert for stop cooperation law. And today I want to give you a brief overview on my findings regarding the CIA’s project MKUltra and the topic of ritual abuse. First of all, it’s important to mention that the existence of Project MKUltra is out of question, because there are a number of official documents that you can easily find on the CIA’s internet FOIA online library. And there has also been a subcommittee hearing of the US Senate in 1977, where certain members of the CIA had to give their testimony. However, from those official sources alone, you cannot get a complete picture. It seems to be that the CIA only used LSD on witting and unwitting subjects and used hypnosis to find a method to control the behavior of a human being. And it also seemed that this was not successful and therefore the project terminated in the 1970s. However, from the testimonies of the survivors of this project arises a completely different picture. A very important source for this are the minutes of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, which was set up in 1995 by President Clinton in Washington, D.C. And by pure chance, three survivors of Project MKUltra and therapists gave their testimony there. And from these testimonies alone, it becomes apparent that there was a totally different, very successful method developed by the CIA or used by the CIA and which was known before. I will talk about this later. And this is called in psychiatry dissociative identity disorder and was formerly called multiple personality disorder. What is happening there? You can put a child, and this works until the age of approximately eight years old, in a situation with extreme pain, extreme fear, extreme trauma, abuse, so that at the end, the psyche of this child has two options. It can die or it can survive by activating a very astonishing coping mechanism. What is happening then is that a new personality part is created so that the core personality does not have to be in this situation anymore. It even does not remember afterwards what happened. But there is this new personality part which takes over all the pain and all the horror. and which could then be conditioned by the perpetrators for certain tasks, for example, child pornography, child prostitution, for blackmailing purposes, for certain intelligence tasks and so on. And what is also very astonishing is that this is a very highly sophisticated, complex method. There’s a whole inner world installed in the mind of the victims where those new personality parts are put in. where they either only have to wait to call forward by a certain trigger to fulfill their specific task, or where they fulfill certain functions in this inner world. There are, for example, punishers that punish other inner parts if they don’t behave like the perpetrators wanted. There are programmers that repair certain programs installed in the mind of those victims and so on. And this is very well corroborated in particularly by the accounts of the survivors, but also by the accounts of their therapists. And I will talk about this in more detail now. First of all, I want to show you some books written by therapists and experts in this field. This is the book by Dr. Alison Miller, Healing the Unimaginable. This is the German version. Then you have the book written by Dr. Randy Knoplett and his wife, Cult and Ritual Abuse. I will now also come to the ritual abuse aspect or to the connection. Then you have Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century, edited also by Dr. Randy Knopplet. Then you have books written by survivors. One example is Speaking Out by Chantal Frey, a Swiss survivor. Another book is written by David Schurter. rabbit hole then I have written about an mk ultra or project monarch which is the new name survivor by the name of katie groves this book is called uncle sam’s it’s also available in english um what is important to mention here is that this survivor katie groves has revealed a lot of inside knowledge on her youtube channel because she had a special position in this project um she should take over the position of a programmer so she was trained as a programmer and therefore inside knowledge of how it is possible to program a child to fulfill certain tasks to install these very specific programs and could reveal this knowledge. And many of the things she is talking about in her videos, I could confirm by other sources. Some of the things are unique because no one before has talked about this. One aspect, for example, is the so-called exponential splitting or exponential dissociative identity disorder. which is achieved according to her report by the perpetrators by installing a so-called splitting factory in this inner world, in the mind of the victim, which I mentioned before. And then the inner parts are put in the splitting factor, a splitting factory where they had to endure constant torture. And so it is possible to split an inner part in new or further parts. Therapists call this a sub system, which is created then. And this can be continued. So at the end you have hundreds, thousands or even many more of those inner parts. This is just one example of how sophisticated and how astonishing are the tools applied by the perpetrators here. And what is also important to mention about Uncle Sam’s is that Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory is the name given by the perpetrators for an alleged underground facility in Texas where Katie Groves had been brought to on a near daily basis. Although I could confirm many of the facts that she reported, it was important for me also to find a corroboration for this underground facility that she mentions, where so-called snuff films, where childs are tortured to death, are produced in an unimaginable scale. And also, mind control programming takes place in this facility. Therefore, I used a technique developed by the CIA in the 1970s under Project Stargate, which is called remote viewing. And by this technique and by the protocol developed by the CIA, it is possible to acquire certain data on a target. And this is what I have done for this book, or to go about Katie Groff’s story. The outcome of this remote fueling project was that three remote fuels under blind conditions could confirm the existence of this underground facility and that mine control was conducted there. However, it did not end there because during my research, I realized that in the expert literature written by German and US therapists, the same mind control techniques, the same programming and the same programs are described as in the case of MKUltra survivors. So you can ask yourself, how does all of this make sense? How is it linked? And this question was already asked to Dr. Corridan Hammond, a psychologist who held a famous Greenbaum speech at a conference in 1995 or 1992 on a conference on abuse and multiple personalities. And his answer was that the Satanism comes in the overall philosophy overriding all of this. Thus, it seems that members of so-called satanic families have infiltrated the CIA and the US military and other branches of our society and used the environment that they found there with all the financing, with all the scientific institutions to bring on their research on mind control. um and to put it on a new level so it is important to understand that the phenomenon of mind control is a very ancient one that it has been passed on from generation to generation in these satanic families that are organized as local cults that are globally connected. You can see this because the same programs are used, for example, on German victims as well as US victims or victims coming from other countries. They also describe the same experiences that they make as a victim of those cults, for example, child pornography, child prostitution. taking part in so-called snuff films and taking part in the rituals where they even have themselves have to abuse to torture and kill other children. Many female survivors described that they had to kill their own babies. So there are certain patterns. Cannibalism is another aspect that you find in those testimonies. And this not only comes from a handful of survivors, but there is now a huge amount of data available for example there’s the so-called extreme abuse survey that you can find on the internet then there’s a new project called 50 voices of ritual abuse you can found it under or for the in which for the first time 50 survivors of ritual abuse some of them also experienced mk ultra gave their testimony in a structured interview. And therefore, it’s quite easy to see the pattern in their experiences, although these are survivors that do not know each other, that come from different countries and even from different continents. So as a short introduction in the topic of MKUltra trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse, this should be enough. I can just ask you to do your own research. And I thank you very much for the time to hear this lecture. Thank you to Dr. Marcel Polty for a very valuable contribution based on all his experience. So we’d like to move on now and just to remind everybody, the World Council of Health really welcomes different perspectives and the views and opinions expressed by our speakers are really their own independent views. We are here to aggregate and hear and listen and present voices so that they may be heard. And so we’re now going to move on to share six survivor testimonials. These survivors will all ask the same three questions. And after this video with their testimonials, we will have a panel discussion. So Emma, please do go ahead and start the video with the testimonials. Where, when and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control and trafficking? So my abuse happened in Adelaide, South Australia. It began when I was a toddler and continued that toddler age. It was the abuse was the trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, the sexual abuse. And it continued until I was about 16 and I managed to get away. And the traffic involved tunnels, which are proven. The satanic ritual abuse was horrific and horrendous and also happened in many different locations. And the sexual abuse was pretty much constant with my father and his mates. What were the most common forms of abuse you were subjected to? So the most common abuse would have been the sexual abuse. That was pretty constant. I also had quite a bit of mind control. So I mean, there was the psychic training that was in different places, not necessarily at my home, but the MK Ultra was constant because I lived with my father and he would use techniques daily. most of which was to keep me quiet. There were several things that he would do, like he would abuse me and then he’d tell me to lock my lips with a key and then swallow the key until that didn’t work anymore because I realized that how can you swallow the key when your lips are locked? So he wasn’t very good at it. I don’t think he made mistakes, but it’s interesting. I even had a lip ring at a later date in my adulthood because I was replicating what had been done in that lip locking factor. Yeah, the most common abuse was definitely the sexual abuse. What is your personal message for humanity? To never lose hope. So people like myself were mind controlled, we were abused, we were tortured, tormented, and yet we’ve come out of it. And so humanity can come out of it. We are an example of that. And there’s never, ever a time to lose hope because we create the future with our thoughts, with our intent. And if we are constantly being distressed and harassed and have this top-down approach from these individuals who want to squash humanity, if we lose hope, then they have won. So we cannot lose hope. We have to keep fighting, pushing, and there is definitely reason to have hope for the future. Where, when, and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control, and trafficking? I was involved in organized human trafficking and ritual abuse from birth to 37 years old. It happened through the Mormon Church. It’s also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It originated with membership in that church through family, and I was later bought or transferred up into the leadership of the church. This occurred within church properties, including temples and ward and stake centers on church property and private property in different states such as Utah and Wyoming, Texas, and even Mexico. I was also accessed through different church activities, family activities. And then because the mind control and the programming is started so young, then I could be accessed into my adult life and be available for different designs of theirs. My marriage was arranged. So my marriage family was also involved, and that allows for access to families, to other children that would not be noticed or would be just part of the programming. It just depends on how it gets designed. Because of the programming is the how. And then different locations all over the place. It could be above ground, it could be in tunnels, and it could be in buildings. What were the most common forms of abuse you were subjected to? The most common forms of abuse that I was subjected to first and foremost had to do with drugging. There was always altered states and they were planned altered states. So not only would a victim be subjected to drugging, but then there was also capitalizing on the way the human body actually functions with disassociation, with creation of different parts and personalities, and then also the training and programming of those different parts and personalities. I was programmed and trained through electric shock, different kinds of torture. I witnessed human sacrifice. I was also forced to participate in human sacrifice, forced abortion, rape, torture, satanic rituals, and then also watching and participating with animals. There was bestiality. There was also, for some, some programming that has to do with dead bodies. And all of that was created through different kinds of blood lust kind of traumas. What is your personal message for humanity? My personal message for humanity is to actually focus on your own self-empowerment and your own healing. All of us have trauma from one degree to another and from personal experience, I can tell you that even the most horrendous part of trauma is able to be looked at and healed. These kinds of activities are actually actively happening and able to happen because there are things that we don’t want to see that we don’t believe that we personally, because we have, we are good humans and we have good human hearts just can’t even comprehend or even real. Starting with believing is one thing, being able to support survivors and victims is another, and being able to hold that space for them and actually empower yourself and them starts with you my message is to focus on what you can do to help yourself really heal if you think you don’t have anything to heal from then you want to look into that further because that could actually be a block all of us have something that we can actually look at and the stronger we are the more empowered we are the less that power is actually turned over. The less we react, the less we can be distracted and poked and have our attention and our time and our lack of wanting to see things really be taken from us and the illusion put in front of us. When I look at that and I think about the distractions that are actually crafted to put The attention of humanity in a particular direction, I would say the more of us that are empowered, the more of us that can see through that, because we can actually know ourselves more. We actually take our own power back by bringing back our own attention, by bringing and putting our attention within us so that we can in a healthy manner, participate in society. and contribute to our communities. And with that kind of strength and that kind of courage, this is where we come together and this is where we can actually help each other and hold each other up and have sustainable, very powerful programs and unity that can actually be real and rooted in the good human heart. Where, when and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control and trafficking? Where is Sydney, Australia? I was born in Coggera, a southern suburb of Sydney, which was a centre for mind control, hypnosis, Masonic things in the early 1960s, at the same time as Martin Orne came out to Australia and was associated with Sydney University, who were associated with St George Hospital in Coggera. And my family were very involved. Both my parents are typical what you would call Manchurian candidates but there is also, I have a lot of memories of my parents being involved in cult activities as well. What were the most common forms of abuse you were subjected to? The common forms were neglect and torture. So typically as a child I was not allowed to be touched and I grew up in this I wouldn’t call it a family environment, but an environment with these people who called themselves my parents, who refused to hug me, touch me, communicate with me. I had to do what I was told when I was told or else face severe punishment. Punishment was always off the charts. And the flip side of that was when I was abused, my father would basically groom me. He would do things to me sexually and try and convince me that I wanted those things. And I thought because I had the neglect during the day that then I would crave the abuse at night, but it was something that always repulsed me. What is your personal message for humanity? My personal message is that love wins. I used to study my parents and my abusers’ faces as I was growing up and I would see that each time they did something that harmed other human beings or other life forms that their soul diminished and I would also know with my guides you know throughout my life even you know from an early age that they would keep me on a very strict path and they would say to me that I always had to do good and I always had to do what was right. And I was not to slip into the pattern of behaviour that my parents had, you know, even if I thought maybe lying a little bit or, you know, I said no, I had to keep my integrity and I had to stick with love. And in living a life like that, I’ve had a full life, it’s been a difficult life uh dealing with the memories and the trauma but I find joy in even the smallest things you know as we’ve talked about you know joy in the smile of a baby or a child or seeing a flower or the sun or the wind yet my abusers don’t have that and for me love wins to see you know the deceivers of the deceived you know they think things or controlling others is, you know, how they’re, you know, going to succeed, but it just destroys them. Whereas I find people who, even people who have nothing, they can still have everything by how they treat other people with love and care. Where, when, and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control, and trafficking? I was subjected to satanic ritual abuse, child sex trafficking, and torture from my birth in 1964 to age 18 in 1982 when I left, moved to the United States, and changed my name. I was involved through my Italian family line. I was tortured in an underground facility in Rome that had tunnels connecting it to the subterranean levels of the Vatican. I witnessed child sacrifice there and was trafficked from there and within the European elite. The satanic rituals occurred in the Vatican as well as in elite mansions in underground tunnels and in private outdoor areas. What were the most common forms of abuse you were subjected to? The kinds of abuse I was subjected to include rape, gang rape, being forced to watch the torture and murder of animals and humans ranging from babies to adults, electric shock, waterboarding, being buried alive with dead bodies, being put in coffins, being defecated and urinated on, watching people be disemboweled and having their entrails placed on me, various forms of mind control, horrific experiments on myself and witnessing them on others, being locked in a freezer, being kept in cages and isolation boxes for long periods of time, and watching satanic rituals below the Vatican, including the brutalization and sacrifice of babies and children, the ritualized drinking of their blood and organs, and the summoning of demonic entities via this ritual. What is your personal message for humanity? My message to humanity is that our world is controlled and run by satanic pedophile psychopaths who are in the highest positions of authority and power globally. All our systems, be it media, medicine, religious institutions, education, intelligence agencies, military, global agencies and governments have been infiltrated at the top layers by this global cult. Pedophilia undergirds their system and is used as a mechanism of blackmail and control, as well as being part of the satanic religion. Children are still being ritually abused, trafficked and murdered in the millions today. I am sharing my testimony because it is up to us to stop the abuse of children and indeed the abuse of all of humanity. These people have used trauma-based mind control and succeeded with secrecy and deception, so exposing them is of paramount importance. They have poisoned our food, water, air, our bodies with pharmaceuticals and vaccines, our minds with media and miseducation, and they have convinced us they have authority over humanity. They have traumatized us with wars, terrorism, violence, weather warfare, poverty, scarcity, and engineered diseases. Their end game is genocide of most and complete enslavement of remaining. They want us to openly worship Lucifer and normalize pedophilia. And we can see this happening today. They can only succeed with our compliance, consent, and cooperation. We need to know the truth so we can say no more. And we need to do our inner work, heal and restore ourselves. Because when we do this, we step into our power. We can come together despite their many attempts to divide us. and together co-create a better way forward. Thank you. Where, when and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control and trafficking? I was born into a satanic cult family in 1967. i was then being prepared for the more elite level satanic cults from birth to three years old my parents were preparing me in those ages from birth to three to endure rituals and the torture involved and then at age three I was sold into various paedophile rings, satanic cults that my parents then made money from and also I was handed over to the elite satanic cults. I have the bloodline that made me desirable for want of a better word, I also have very strong psychic abilities which is why I was put into the super soldier programming and used for the mk ultra mind control programming I was a victim in the satanic ritual abuse world for 22 years and then I escaped I was born into the satanic cults in london my My parents lived in Southwest London and West London 10 years later. So I was being used in satanic ritual abuse within the London area and the surrounding areas through my whole childhood. I then went on to be trafficked through wider parts of the UK, mainly country estates, royal estates, the Tavistock Institution in London. I spent a lot of time in our royal estates, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle. I was part of the satanic world of our royal family, the Rothschilds, just to name a couple of the elites. So I was regularly trafficked and taken to these locations. I was also trafficked around London, within the family cult situation. And I was also trafficked throughout Europe. I was part of the mind control programming. A lot of this went on at the Tavistock Institute in London. My handler was Klaus. I was taken there often, experimented on often, tortured all the time there. They soon came to realize that had very powerful psychic abilities and they exploited this to as much of their ability and I became a very powerful super soldier. One of my nicknames was, I was their atomic bomb. They used me to spy amongst many other things. I was used as a weapon, I was used for my psychic ability and so on and so forth. What were the most common forms of abuse you were subjected to? The worst forms of abuse that I can recall, if I can put it in some kind of order, the way that I can measure that is what still affects me most today because all the forms of abuse were horrific and it’s very hard to choose one above the other. If I was to think about what still traumatises me now, it was witnessing the torture and murder of other babies and children. Being tortured for adrenochrome, the adrenalised blood, seeing my grandfather who ran One of the royal farms put children and babies up on meat hooks and cut them from throat down to stomach and take out all their innards, put them in a bucket, make me eat them till I vomited. The death of my sister, my sister Catherine, who was murdered on the farm by my grandfather when she was around nine, ten years old. She was ripped out of my arms and murdered by him. And the continual rape by multiple Satanists at a time. The continuous gang raping of myself and other children. The torture was also a horrific form of abuse that involved electric shocks. That involved being drowned, waterboarding. It involved being buried alive. being suffocated, being drugged, being starved, being laid next to other children when they were being murdered and I would be being gang raped at the same time. I think I could continue with this list for a very long time, but when I think about my nightmares and my flashbacks and the trauma that I have to deal with every day as a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, then these are the memories really that still haunt me the most. What is your personal message for humanity? My message for humanity regarding satanic ritual abuse is to understand without doubt that this still continues and is still going on right here, right now in our world. My story is historical, but it doesn’t mean it’s over. It didn’t stop with me, which is why I speak out. I speak out now to try and help save other babies and children from going through the exact same atrocities that I went through. So my message is, please don’t doubt that this is real because it is real. Please understand that it is the most powerful on our planet that are involved in this. And please know that the only way we overcome it is by exposing it and speaking out. So if you’re a survivor or just a friend or a supporter of us survivors, please share our information as far and wide as you possibly can. Because until every single baby and child on this planet is safe from this horrific level of evil and they are safe from these atrocities that are done in the name of Satan, then none of us should ever rest or should ever stop. That’s my message for humanity. We are all responsible for every single child on this planet. I thank you for listening. Where, when and how were you involved in organized ritual abuse, mind control and trafficking? I am a survivor of CIA MK Ultra mind control. I was targeted because I was born into a multi-generational incest-based family in Muskegon, Michigan back in 1957. So this mind control deliberate project has been going on a long, long time. The reason I was targeted is that the formula for mind control is the same, whether it’s of an individual, a nation, or the world. And trauma is the basis of it. The formula for MK Ultra Mind Control came into the United States when we imported the Nazi and fascist scientists in the wake of World War II. Through Project Paperclip with them came the formula for mind control, and it was found that trauma is the basis of it because it’s the way our brains freeze in fright and leave our subconscious mind wide open to be an easily led and manipulated. And while in my case, they had also found that there’s no trauma more horrific on the human mind than sexual abuse of a child prior to age five while the brain is still forming. So my father’s multi-generational sexual abuse, he had been sexually abused as a child and ritually abused. My mother had been sexually abused as a child and had been trafficked to my grandfather’s blue Masonic petitions hung out. Well, it was there that my father was also prostituting me. So I was being trafficked at a very, very early young toddler. I was prostituted to a local politician by the name of Gerald Ford. this is the same gerald ford that went on to become the unelected president of the united states that’s how I came to be house pentagon level because as his political career escalated so too did my strategic victimization in mk ultra mind control if there had been caught sending child pornography to U.S. males. This was back in the early 1960s. So we see our courts have been corrupted for a long time to allow for the proliferation of pedophilia because pedophile agenda as a mind control agenda. My father was granted immunity from prosecution and then I take this Marguerite McLaughlin, Miller asa and DARPA installations for sophisticated mk ultra mind control programming so ultimately that’s how my victimization began how I became targeted, it was because of the multi generational sexual abuse that I had been enduring. Marguerite McLaughlin, What were the most common forms of abuse, you were subjected to. The kind of abuse I was subjected to was sexual abuse from infancy. So I couldn’t even judge what my father was doing was wrong, but my brain knew it was wrong. And it compartmentalized the memory, actually shut down the neuron pathways, repressed the trauma so the rest of my mind could function and develop normally. However, he was also exposing me to child pornography. So that created more compartmentalization, more trauma in my life where those memories were repressed. As these memories were being repressed, more and more of the neuron pathways in my brain were shutting down. and I was losing my critical thinking my ability for conscious awareness free thought the other abuse that he was subjecting me to was trafficking me to members of my grandfather’s blue masonic lodge so there’s more compartmentalization then after he sold me into mk ultra mind control the trauma extended into ritual abuse my local catholic church was actively involved with the cia for mk ultra mind control purposes particularly as pertains to pedophilia which is why the catholic child abuse scandal was so pervasive and the sexual abuse of children had gone on for so long by moving the various priests you know from from church to church and sanctioning this kind of abuse because again, it’s a mind control agenda. So those are some of the abuses that I endured that were extremely traumatic. Blood ritual abuse is horrible on the human mind and sexual abuse is such a gross violation of our being that our brain actually shuts down those neuron pathways and we start losing our free thought. What is your personal message for humanity? My personal message based on my life’s experience is how important the sanctity of free thought is. Our free thought is sacred. I know from my life’s experience that without free thought, there’s no free will. With no free will, there’s no soul expression, no ability to gather our moral compass and our ability to tap into the strength of the human spirit and the infinite power of love and ultimately in that regard it does become a spiritual battle and we all need to be aware that mind control is disrupting our ability to express who we are why we’re here and what our life’s purpose is so free thought is sacred knowledge is our defense against mind control and it is truth that makes us free Gosh, well, we would just like to reiterate a thank you to these courageous survivors for telling their very, very harrowing stories in abbreviated form for us today. And what’s really striking is also the transcendence of the human spirit to survive these atrocities. And all of those survivors have ended with a positive message, which is just, it’s almost incomprehensible that one can endure so much and still be able to triumph over such evil. So I would like to thank everyone again and also apologize on behalf of humanity for taking so long for us to see what has been happening. And if you could just hear that we hear you now and we see you and we thank you for coming forward. So we’re going to now move on with a panel discussion. And I would like to, in the first instance, ask Max and Jason and David to share with us their reflections on those testimonies and also Dr. Marcel Paltis. Max, would you like to go first? Sure. Thank you for having me, Tess, and for bringing up this topic. I think it’s not just important for the children of this planet, such as myself and so many others that have been through this, but really for all of humanity, because what they did to us in some form they do to all of humanity. So it’s really important to understand what’s happening so we can get out of it. And what I would say is, I think our stories show not just the resilience of the human spirit, but how powerful we truly are. Because if we weren’t who we really are, there would not have been so much effort to poison us, to mind control us, to dumb us down, to reduce our consciousness. All of these things have been done repeatedly. And that shows me just who we actually are. And we’ve been devolved and disabused of the truth of who we are, but we are actually beings of light. We have the life force from the bigger consciousness. You can call it the all or God or whatever. And these people have severed that. So they, we can say they’re like the moon who reflects the light of the sun. And we are the sun who has a true light. So they use us as batteries. They use us to fuel their hell on earth reality that they’ve created. So it’s through manipulating humans to create this reality that it exists. So the good news is, Since we’ve been used to create what we see now, we have the option to create something completely better and different. So that’s what I would start out by saying. Thanks, Jason. Would you like to share your reflection? Yes, I would like to echo your apology, Tess. I mean, this is a great injustice. And you have my vow. personally to keep doing the work I do and hunt these perpetrators down these people need to be brought to justice it’s absolutely horrific I was exposed to this very early doing my research I think max you follow some of my my research and um to hear six testimonies like that back to back to back it just tables what sort of work we are charged to do in this world. So to the survivors anywhere, you have my vow to keep pursuing justice for everybody involved. I would like to also comment, I took notes during all of the testimonies, and you can see the consistency a little bit in regards to the drugging and then the witnessing of blood sacrifice. And we can see this sort of evolution where they started on individuals mastering how this is done. And then they move into blanking it over a greater society where you can see the drugging of the population has been going on a very long time, the poisoning of the population. And even with the psychoactive drugs, which are used in these changes of consciousness to help increase mind control we see them especially in my country of canada with marijuana which has a very specific effect when you smoke it to increase the effectiveness of mind control they’ve legalized that coast to coast And even in British Columbia, Canada, we see that now you can have anything above 2.5 grams of any drug. And they’re selling these drugs on the street, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl. The police are castrated and impotent to do anything about it because this group is in full control of everything. So you can see the application is now society-wide. the drugging, and we can see the trauma where they can’t grab individuals and subject them to this blood ritual, but that’s what Netflix is for. Watching it, watching it on a screen, everything on this Netflix platform, everything in modern entertainment, the genre, this is all about exposing us through our TVs, which are proven hypnotic military devices to inflict similar, not the same level, but enough trauma-based mind control so that this group can inlay their suggestions, and I think everybody needs to start participating here in understanding that even the coffee shops are involved in this as well, because if you look at caffeine, and everybody knows I’ve been talking about this for 15 years, but if you look at caffeine and its effect on hippocampus neurogenesis, it has the same effect that you will find in Dr. Michael Nell’s new book called The Indoctrinated Brain, And you will see that they’ve been targeting the mind operations for a very long time with the psychoactive drugs to get the same effect that we’re hearing in the testimonials. And they’ve been doing this for a long time and they’ve normalized the use of these psychoactive drugs that take us away from our power centers and make us easier to absorb their suggestions So my opening volley here is that please be aware that what was done and what has been done and what is being done to these victims are individual sort of research that is now going society-wide and has been for some time. This is why during COVID, very few people responded because a lot of people are under these deep forms of mind control because of the psychoactive drug infusion and because of the trauma-based images out of modern media, leaving them sort of confused and bewildered about how to mount a response. So, David, over to you. Yeah, thank you, Jason. I mean, I think it’s impossible to watch those six testimonials and not be touched deeply and realize that humanity has a major shadow that it needs to address. I very much do similar work to yourself, Jason. And one of the things that I’ve noticed really across the board in the public is this manufactured apathy and this manufactured apathy about what’s going on. And I think one of the main things of it is that people think that it’s their inherent nature they think they’re feeling apathy they don’t realize it’s conditioned into them I mean if you’re to control a public and what better way to condition them to think that they can’t challenge the authorities that be I mean we’re getting wired from moment to moment and the thing the first six years of the foundation of our understanding of the world and look what people are subjected to for the six the first six years I mean we talk about tv we look at entertainment You know, what do most people do for Saturday night? They watch violence, murder and terror. And that’s the norm. Most popular movies contain. You know, such terrible acts, and yet they’re just normalized. It’s a poisoning of the mind. And I mean, look at Bambi. Bambi traumatizes children, but it’s literally just promoted. watched an episode of fallout the other day to try and look at the the sort of mind control in there and I struggled to get to the end of the episode it was so violent it was so when you’re in touch with your feelings it’s very hard to watch these things but that is the thing people are detaching from their feelings and they’re becoming numb and it’s becoming normal now normalization is really one of the important things to understand because people will say it can’t happen here And I think every nation that’s ever been subjected to any disaster in terms of its governance has always felt that way. And when you look at Sparta, Hollywood really glorifies Sparta as being an incredible nation. But you look at some of the normalization in Sparta, it was pretty incredible. It was pretty much a totalitarian nation. And what would happen would be that children, once they were born, were taken to the elders and the elders would assess and if there was any disability or it looked weak, then it would literally be left at the bottom of the mountain. And if by some strange luck that it survived, then it would have another chance. Because everyone in Sparta was so conditioned, and there’s so many other things about Sparta, but it became the norm and people accepted it. And this is the dangerous part that we’re moving towards. But it’s also a massive opportunity, a massive window of opportunity that things are becoming so obvious now. I… I guess it’s fortunate, but I had the at the time, I thought it was a bit unfortunate of me in Ed Griffin in 2005. And in a short space of about six months, my eyes were completely open to what was going on in the world. And for 15 years, you you couldn’t really talk to anyone about it. No one was ready to listen. Now things have got to such a stage where you cannot ignore the what is going on does not make any sense in any rational society. from you know from drugs to the food to the pesticides to the medicine it’s either a massive hundreds and hundreds of coincidences or this is now being done on purpose and I think anyone that now asks that question is a question that we need to ask and today I think it’s a reluctant subject to address because it’s not pleasant but we have to address these subjects we have to look into this darkness Because I think it’s the darkness of humanity that needs to be really looked at. And I think that’s what’s really controlling so much about what’s going on today. So, I mean, I thank everyone here today. I mean, it’s such an important subject. Trauma, because I think everyone has experienced it on some level. And those that spoke tonight have experienced it on a level that, you know, we cannot even imagine. So thank you. Thanks, David. I would like to invite my colleague Mark Trozzi to share his sentiments after watching. And perhaps you have a question or two, Mark. Well, sure. Thanks so much, Tess. And thanks, Jason, Max, and David, as well as the testimonies that we heard. It’s certainly… mean it’s a level of depravity or evil that I think is hard for us to imagine I find that makes me think of you know just trying to teach our children and and you know um and we operate I think as as normal people we operate in a certain confines and and I think you know we’ve god influences you know maybe strongly christian or buddhist but I think there’s very common threads you know the golden rule treating others the way you wish to be treated as fundamental to society and I think we’re used to interacting within that at least that’s an accepted central theme you know that we all accept I’m we want to be kind to each other so when we’re not kind we’ve we’ve sinned or we’ve fallen short and therefore we stand to correct ourselves and but there seems to be these other global parasites. I prefer the term to, to elite. Um, and I don’t think that implies everyone who can just drive a Mercedes is Satan worshiping child raper, but clearly some are, um, that they’ve exited the human contract they’ve exited as one of the as one of the uh person giving their testimony said that they’ve exited the relationship with god and and sort of trying to energetically vampire off good people and using children like this uh it’s just uh it’s hard for us to imagine and I find myself just being like a problem solver I’m you know I spent a lot of my life’s emergency doctor so I’m always looking to fix things and it seems like there’s there’s got to be a special one-way delivery to hell of of of the global parasites doing this because it just seems intolerable that we can have self-respect and live in a world so I like you know like you said jason that you commit as I think we all do in in in lawful and spiritually enlightened ways to hunting this sort of parasitism on our children you know to think right now these these things are happening as we’re speaking somewhere in some some basement But I’d like to explore with you more something that I know, Jason, you’ve spoken of this, Dave as well, and Max, you alluded to it as well, which is We’ve been seeing a progressive normalization and trying to create a normalization in a very bizarre time where, I mean, the opening of the Gothard Tunnel is a classic example. Actual Olympic opening ceremonies that were blatantly satanic. I mean, the Gothard Tunnel opening. portrays a woman being brought to satan being brought through a portal to breed I mean this is the stuff of of nightmares and scary movies and usually at the end of those stories in our mythology I think we all surrounded castles with pitchforks and torches and we never tolerated this stuff and yet we find yourself in this strange position we just went through years of it seemed to me there was no medical purpose but the satanic ritual of covering everyone’s face So we were submitted and unable to communicate and connect through love while this strange satanic parasite class seems to be using what they learned in these MKUltra to corral everybody. So I wonder if I could just ask Rex just to speak a little bit about what we just observed as a species through this whole COVID operation. And how does that connect to this extreme laboratory work where they seem to have prepared a lot of these methods? And maybe I know, Jason, this is close to you. I wonder if I could start with you to comment on that. Well, I mean, what we saw in COVID, Mark, I mean, it is, you know, it’s the summation accumulation of a lot of mind control tactics, even with, you know, you’ve heard me speak before with the isolation. This is why they sent us home. There wasn’t, I mean, Mark, you filmed the hospital yourself. It was empty, correct? Right? Everyone we could find. Right. Right. And I mean, I saw the film on your on your own website that these hospitals were empty. There’s no reason to send us home. But there is a reason if they’re going to execute psychological warfare on the public, because when you want to train an animal. through trauma, the best thing to do is isolate them. Make sure you isolate the animal. A dog trainer will tell you it’s easier to train the dog in isolation. A horse trainer will tell you this is the only reason they sent us home. And if you listen to Denny Rancourt, actually hospital admittance and hospital bed use was down during when we were locked down and said to go home. So they were sending us home to execute psychological operations on us, not the full MKUltra mind control that Max and Kathy and the other four victims have talked about, but still isolating people makes them weak. Mind control is always based on a power differential between the controller and the victim. So when the people are going home, they’re feeling powerless. They’re feeling like their economic vitality is under attack. They feel like their health might be under attack. And then you get the trauma again. not a comparison to what the organized ritual abuse victims experience. But you still get the trauma coming in through the hypnotic device called the TV, throwing in death counts, death imagery, lots of propaganda. I mean, the word propaganda, the first phonetic word in propaganda is prop, because symbols really have a huge impact on what’s going to be felt in the nervous system. So when you… have like no real crisis but then you go to italy and you film an emergency tent outside the hospital you wrap the medical doctors in medical grade plastic and everything’s wrapped in the plastic looking like there’s a big viral contagion when really there’s not at that point you’re putting in the trauma which as kathy actually said brilliantly freezes the conscious mind completely freezes it then you as the controller you can go right into the the subconscious and start tinkering around with what you want the person to believe and therefore you can control the perception and then you can control their behavior And again, you can see the dark satanic influence because everything that’s going on is death centric. It’s all about death. It’s one big death ritual. And it doesn’t matter if it’s sort of a delayed death where if I have a child and they convince her to destroy her reproductive capacity, that’s just a delayed death, extinction delayed. Everything is even the maid system, Mark, you know, that came to, you know, came on center stage during COVID where they’re making it so miserable for people. They’re actually going to. Some people are so miserable, they’re choosing death over life. Again, death-centric focus, satanic undertones through the entire governmental system. And yes, this group puts on that opening of the Gothard Tunnel, the 2012 opening ceremony at the London Olympics, because when you put it out on full display, people are sort of conditioned that if it’s out on public display, it must be normal. It must be okay because the tribe is accepting it. What we really need to do is tell people if they’re at the Gothard Tunnel ceremony, they’re at the next Olympic ceremony, which I believe is this summer. Heaven knows what’s going to be going on there. But we need the entire viewing audience to shut their TV off at the same time and then get out from their seats in the Olympic Stadium and exit immediately. to shame anybody involved with these satanic, dark, abusive, trauma-based mind control rituals. That’s where we really need to go. I don’t know if that answered your question, Mark, but I’m sure it started out and then just went in a tangent. Mark, I’d like to jump in and just say that COVID was a global satanic ritual itself, just like 9-11. And there’s the use of fear, fear, fear, fear, and repetition, repetition of lies. There are studies that show that if eight different sources repeat the same lie, human beings will believe that lie. So let’s not forget the use of trauma and fear. And this has been socially engineered from the moment we’re born. Attachment was broken deliberately for us survivors brutally, but it’s broken societally too. Children are born in hospitals. You know, you see those, as soon as they’re born, they’re taken to that room where all the babies are in the little bassinets away from their parents. If you look at other mammals, as soon as the babies are born, they’re on the mother’s body. That is the beginning of attachment. That that love and that bonding is the most protective mechanism we have. So societally, they break that right from the get go. Then they introduce poverty and scarcity and via the feminist movement, introduce this idea that women, you know, that women should go out into the workforce. And I’m not saying that women shouldn’t have the same rights to career as men, but they did it to break up the family. So now both parents go to work. So children are put in the state care at earlier and earlier and earlier ages. And if we look at our society, the way it’s structured, we have in America, we have this thing called Child Protective Services, which is part of the satanic system, which is a child trafficking operation in reality. But these people can come and take your child from you. What is going on here that some entity has the authority to come and take a child from a family. So then the children go to school. And in school, you know, it’s no accident that schools resemble prisons. They have the exact same look. They have the exact same system. You have to ask permission to talk. You have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. You know, you’re told what to think and you get an A for regurgitating. Forget critical thinking. So they’re creating, even through the educational system, the kind of human that I think somebody here said this apathy, right? This is a result of the trauma. Then there’s all the wars. There’s all the violence. There’s all these things in our culture, which contains the word cult in it, that are set up to traumatize us from birth on And it’s a spectrum. Maybe I’m over here in terms of my trauma, but you can’t come into this reality as it’s constructed and not be traumatized. And that is to fragment the psyche so that it can be, we can be dissociated. And, you know, when you’re in fear, your prefrontal cortex shuts down. So here we are dissociated, stressed, traumatized. And like Jason said, boom. And Kathy said, the trauma goes right in, the programming goes right in. And so this is, I just want to point out every element of our society is structured to do this, to render us compliant and ignorant and scared so that we can be manipulated. And Jason, you talked about the medical system, you know, Rockefeller, one of these bloodline families started the modern medical system. And if you look at a document called the secret covenant, They detail in there that essentially the goal of the medical system is to sicken, poison and weaken human beings, eventually kill them and profit from that enterprise. So the medical system now has come to the forefront. It’s just part of this entire system of control and manipulation in order to create the kind of human And then let’s, you know, I’ll stop here, but we could go into transgenderism, which leads into transhumanism, which is an end goal at this point. Thanks for the clarity, Max. I’d like to invite our colleague Shabnam Palesa-Mohamed to speak. We lost her earlier, so she’s back. Shabnam, while you’re back, would you like to share with us what the World Council for Health has on child trafficking and what we are doing about it? Yep, absolutely. Let me just switch my camera on here. Hello, everyone. And thank you so much for being with us today. A couple of thoughts before we talk about World Council for Health’s policy brief on trafficking, which is an incredibly important document. First to say thank you and respect to all survivors who choose to speak out because courage is compassion and it is contagious. And of course, to the many allies we have around the world who fearlessly spotlight subjects like these going against what so-called mainstream society may say or think. Our role is to shine a bright light and to facilitate healing and empowerment. I want to come into the role of music and the importance of helping our children understand, and this is something I do with young people that I’m around, pointing out to them in music videos, for example, the symbolism, the rituals involved, the frequencies that are being used. Some of them are becoming smarter than me at times in noticing things like album covers, music that we used to listen to perhaps in the 90s and 2000s, which seems to have been so much better than what we’re listening to now, which is absolutely satanic in many ways. But it’s going on for decades, if not longer. So I would say very important for me is to highlight the role of educating children and empowering them to be able to spot when their minds are being manipulated and controlled and captured. And Jason, you spoke to, you know, the prop part of agenda and The second part is agenda, right? And so asking ourselves what is the agenda is incredibly important. And yes, it is to benefit from the trauma that is imposed. It is also a political tool. where politicians, a political weapon, where politicians who engage in these types of evil, because it is evil and criminality, are then blackmailed. And then the decisions they take, the policies that they take, are defined by that blackmail process, which is sometimes the only way the decisions they make actually make sense. When it doesn’t make sense, it is highly likely that they’re being subjected to blackmail and that they could be involved in some form of abuse or ritual abuse for that matter. And there’s evidence of this when you look at the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood, the Epstein diaries or files, et cetera, et cetera. So a massive impact on politics and how our world is run. And perhaps finally, before I start talking about some legal aspects to say that, people who are traumatized according to the parasite class are much easier to manipulate. So whether we are traumatized through sexual abuse and organized ritual abuse or pharmaceutical military grade weapons, such as so-called vaccines, people who are sick or traumatized in theory, easier to manipulate. And so there’s also that agenda. And those of us that don’t want to be manipulated have to be aware of that, that we’re stronger when we extricate ourselves from this matrix and this poly crisis that they’ve created. I myself am a survivor of childhood abuse, not in any way as extreme as what people like Max and the other survivors have testified to today. And I’ve come out about it about 13 years ago, primarily to empower children. And that thread has seen its way through into the health freedom work that we’re doing now. We’re wanting to protect and empower children from the pharmaceutical industry and others is critical and central to who I am as a human being. I’ve done some research on the laws and if I can just share two slides with you. There’s some interesting developments in the law in Utah and in Montana in the US. I’m sure it’s going to allow me to share shortly. OK. Here we go. Is the screen visible? Yes, it is. OK, thank you so much, because I can’t see. OK. Yeah. That’s the one. So in Utah this year, they’ve been advancing a bill to criminalize the ritual abuse of a child in echo of 1980s satanic panic. Now, the title is designed to mock this attempt at a bill. But Utah could become the first state in decades to enact a law codifying ritual abuse. Similar laws at the height of the since debunked satanic abuse hysteria. So clearly, there is an agenda within the corporate complicit media to debunk satanic abuse. But as you’ll see on the right, after an evening of emotional testimony from activists, self-described victims, and even that word self-described, you know, it’s meant to insult doubt, and law enforcement officials, lawmakers in Utah are moving forward with a bill that would criminalize so-called ritualistic child sexual abuse, a codification critics say is unnecessary and potentially harmful. Sponsored by Republican State Representative Ken Ivory House Bill 196, defines ritual abuse as abuse that occurs as part of an event or an act designed to commemorate, celebrate, or solemnize a particular occasion or significance in a religious, cultural, social, institutional, or other context. The specific actions that fall under the closed definition, abuse against children that includes animal torture, bestiality, or cannibalism, or forcing a child to ingest urine or feces into a coffin or grave containing a corpse, And so on and so forth. There’s, of course, numerous examples. And then in Montana, 2023, the code was annotated. This particular section of the code is interesting because it’s about ritual abuse of a minor exceptions to the penalty. So the first part deals with exceptions to the penalty and describes all of these different acts. But particularly interesting is subsection three. A person convicted of ritual abuse of a minor shall A, for the first offense, right, of ritual abuse of a minor, be imprisoned in the state prison for a term of no less than two years or more than 20 years and may be fined not more than $50,000 or both. be for a second or subsequent offense be imprisoned in the state prison for any term of not less than two years or more than 40 years and maybe fined not more than $50,000 or both. In addition to any sentence imposed under subsection 3, the financial resources and future ability of the offender to pay restitution, the court shall require If able to pay the victims reasonable counseling that result from the offense, the amount, method and time of payment must be determined in the same manner as provided for in this code. So my comment is, I don’t think that the legal system is taking this crime as seriously as it should be. There should be more accountability. There should be more stricter penalties. But of course, this goes hand in hand with the law enforcement system, the education system, and poverty. It’s a known fact that children who come from certain socioeconomic backgrounds tend to be, in some instances, more susceptible to trafficking, for example. So all of it is very much connected. So I’d encourage people to look at that bill in Utah And of course, there are many recommendations that we can talk about, but I do want to highlight the World Council for Health’s policy on human trafficking, which you can find on our website, You go to resources and then you go to policies. We have policies and we also have a legal brief, but on the policy section, you will find this document. Let me share screen. And it’s written in a way that people can understand, which is important. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible. It’s titled Ending Modern Slavery. It’s a 17-page document, so not too long. Human trafficking, including child trafficking for sexual exploitation, organ harvesting, and forced labor or servitude, is a crime against humanity causing severe physical and psychological harm and trauma in the millions of people subjected to it at any given point. Ending human trafficking once and for all must be prioritized on every level. And if you go down to page 11, you will see recommendations. Well, Council for Health is very much focused on solutions thinking. How can we solve and understand and analyze the situation, but take it forward from there to solutions? So you will see, for example, public awareness, law enforcement, and as you scroll down, culture, children, and a whole list of references. So I’d certainly encourage people to read this document and also to support the work of World Council for Health. And I think finally to say, to take justice personally, that an injury to one is an injury to all, that our lives and our stories matter, and that we are the 99%. Thank you. Thanks very much, Shabnam. And actually, on the matter of the judiciary, there’s been a new documentary released, I think it’s just in the last week, by KLA TV. And I’ll put the link in the chat. In actual fact, we have a slide. Perhaps Emma could pop the slide up with it. There we go. Scandal Judiciary Involved in Pedo-Criminal Networks. It’s a very compelling documentary about the complicity of the judiciary around Europe and the US in Europe. suppressing or subverting justice basically protecting the paedophiles so I do encourage everybody to watch that video if you’d like to learn more and understand fully why it’s so difficult for survivors to come forward and for their cases to actually be heard and and and for justice to, to take place. So, um, I would like to move on to David and just ask, you know, what was striking about those testimonials was that so many of them involved were multi-generational abuse. So many of them were, um, originated within the family and, um, I wonder if there’s something that… Is this a sign that the family has broken down? And what can people do to improve family relations and address this issue of family breakdown that facilitates sexual abuse of children? Yeah, well, the… In terms of addressing how people could communicate better, that’s really something we need to address. And, you know, I got a rude awakening about four years ago when, after studying the subject of communication so long, I then got into lots of conversations about COVID and then noticed something was very bizarre, very different than before is that no one was being rational in any way. And this was a real shock to us. So we developed a number of ways that you could navigate the problems that you face. And one of the main reasons I think for this is that people aren’t aware that There’s directors of society in terms of narratives. And the situation was set up that it was almost impossible to question any of the policies. That makes sense. And in fact, if you go against the grain of any of the narratives, you tend to see people call you conspiracy theorist, right wing, whatever it is. These are pre-prepared terms to shut down debate. So in fact, communication is one of the most important things. And what you find is, is that the situation is set up. And there was a very famous book that was written called The Person Versus the Situation. And if they get the situation right, they can predict the behavior of a large number of people. to the point of, if you create the right situations, it’s a bit like prop, which Jason was talking about. If you set the scene correctly, if you direct it correctly, then you almost guarantee that the conversation is going to get into an argument. So you can navigate this, and it’s not easy, but it’s certainly possible. And with a bit of, well, in fact, it’s inevitable when you practice. So you need to understand the elements of what has good communication and when you do that you can really begin to get through to someone I’d say if I was to say one of the most important things is to understand that when people come to conclusions this is based on the information that they’re exposed to now tonight’s information that a lot of people have now been exposed to will be far different than they’ve ever experienced before. And that will jar them. And that will jar them in a way that you can’t tell them. So those testimonials that come from those brave people, that will do something to someone at a deeper level. That makes sense. And we’re not going to get through to people by telling them a series of facts. This has been clear. It does not work. What we have to do is we have to expose people to an experience where it makes it into the deeper part of their mind. And then their conclusions will automatically change. If you ask anyone during the last four years that changed their opinion, they will give you a very powerful story. It will be my uncle died in a car crash and they put COVID on his death cert. that was too much of an experience that it jars them into an into an awareness. And I I think that’s what tonight’s going to do for a lot of people. It certainly jarred me into a deeper awareness of just how real this is. I’ve watched many documentaries. I sent you a number of them, didn’t I? There are some that are there, and I’ve watched them, and I am aware of it. But I have a far different awareness now, listening to people. When someone phones you up and tells you they lost their wife to the jab, and you listen to them, you can’t not have empathy for that person and realize that they were manipulated. And I think that’s one of the things that, you know, whatever we call it, the truth movement, the medical freedom movement, all that. I think we have to develop an understanding of even though we didn’t agree and we didn’t go along with it, we have to understand how the majority of people did. There’s been decades and decades of programming to prepare people to accept the policies. That makes sense. So we did post the article there, the do’s and don’ts in conversation. And what happens is when you look at each of those items we’ve labeled and noted, I would have made a mistake in every single item on that multiple, multiple times before I realized the mistake I was making in conversation. And that’s really the only way you learn. You’ve got to become aware of what works and what doesn’t work and really find a way to connect to people. And that’s the key. Really, the key is you’re not trying to manipulate or do anything else. You’re trying to traverse the obstacles so you can actually connect to that person and they can really see the information that you’re sharing with them. Does that answer the question? Thanks. Thanks very much. And Jason, what do you, you know, why do you think it’s been so difficult to communicate this this issue of trauma-based mind control and child ritual abuse or organized ritual abuse why has it been so difficult to communicate and what is there are there any tips on helping people to digest it and helping them to um to to face it and and and share it Well, I think the foundational overtones test is that everything in our society is being relabeled that pain is a goblin that needs to be avoided at all costs. So our whole society is being put into this comfort coma. where they believe that anything that challenges them or anything that gives them discomfort is something that has to be run away from. Like even if someone’s depressed today, and how could you not be depressed in this day and age? It just means you’re working absolutely as designed. But if you were to approach the medical system and say you’re depressed, you sort of get the same messaging I’m talking about. Oh, there’s something wrong with you. This is a malfunction. Pain is a goblin. We really got to get rid of this goblin. They don’t encourage you to sit in your pain. So today, pain is being reframed as something no one should ever have. And if we don’t face the pain of this situation with this ritual abuse, well, we’ll never solve the problem. Even when a kid is in school today, if they run a race with six people, It’s a 100-meter dash. No one comes first anymore. No one comes sixth anymore if there’s six people in it because the people who finished last might experience some pain. But I finished last many times in my life, and that pain gave me the courage and the bravery and the sort of kick in the derriere I needed to up my game, become a better human being. So today, this is a top-level experience. pain inducing subject and everybody would rather just get back to their comfort coma and pretend it doesn’t exist. But the more we avoid pain, the greater the pain we’ll experience. And the answer for our pain is actually inside the pain. It’s a painful situation. If we want to address it, we’ll have to walk right into it and look this devilish content in the eye and basically put on the armor of God and protect these children. That’s what we have to do. So I would just tell people, for me, I basically picture myself as someone sent here to do good, and I never back away from the dragon’s fire. I will stand in the middle of that fire no matter how painful. I will not sedate to it. I will not tranquilize to it. I would just put up like Mark Trozy does every day, the full armor of God and go to battle with this very painful situation and hoping that the leadership will spur others the way psychology works. We mimic other people’s behavior. So we’re hoping our leadership shows people that we shouldn’t really run away from this painful event. And even though this group is well-organized and well-funded, they are controlled by evil, and evil is too low IQ to ever win a battle this big. So I hope someone got something from that. Yeah, thanks. I mean, I think what’s striking to me and one of the many things was that, you know, these are not, they were not necessarily poor people living in far off places. It’s very much close to home in London and Roman, you know, and not, you know, and in very well-to-do families, some of them. So, and also the recurring themes, it was happening in schools and churches and, you know, institutions. And so it really deserves the attention of all parents, all mothers and fathers to engage in this subject because it seems like it’s really quite endemic. There’s a predatory, you know, our children are being predated upon and we need to engage in a subject that’s not far away. It’s the neighbor or within the family itself. So Max, would you like to add anything to that particular element? Yes, so the sort of Hollywood portrayal is that this happens in some bad seedy neighborhood in a motel. This satanic ritual abuse, this using of children, pedophilia, this occurs at the highest echelons of our globe, of our society. This is the high level CEOs, the high level religious figures, the high level people in Hollywood, the high level global agency people. This entire thing is a top-down thing. And you were talking about the judiciary earlier. So it’s important to understand that everything has been infiltrated at the high levels by this satanic global cult. So there’s no accident that judges wear black robes. They’re really high priests. So the system is corrupt. It’s set up to be corrupt. I would say go research natural law. We’re not even beholden to this legal system as such as it exists today. This is another trick, you know. So this kind of thing is top down. And so when a person in high public official who’s in any position of power on their 40th birthday, they will have to go through a ritual. where they rape and murder a child or children. This ensures the blackmail part, so now they have them. And it’s an induction into the cult. So you can come to it from these bloodline families, such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and all the others, the black nobility in Italy, or you can They watch people. So if there’s somebody, for example, if there’s an amazing, brilliant scientist to invent something, that’ll catch their interest. And that’s, for example, why the patent office exists. They’ll take something good and then they’ll own it. They’ll take any skilled person and either bribe them or blackmail them into the system, into control. So they control people at the high levels of the medical system, the educational system, the global agencies. Presidents and politicians are the lowest rung of a satanic hierarchy. It’s basically theater. It’s the level that looks down to the people. But these people are puppets. They’re playing roles. They have no real power. There’s never really been an election by the people. It’s always a selection. And even the candidates that run are pre-selected. So I just want to emphasize that this is a hierarchy and that these things come from the top down. So if you are, I would say if you are anyone who’s in any position of extreme power, wealth or authority on the planet is de facto part of this satanic global cult, you can’t reach those levels. if you’re if you are not part of this or have pledged um allegiance to this thanks when I was in geneva recently for the human rights press conference I was approached and given this book which is speaking out by chantal frey um and dr marcel polte referenced it earlier And Chantal is a survivor and her story is based in Switzerland, although she was also trafficked all over the place. And it’s really very detailed and quite an eye opener. It was what really made me feel that we needed to hold a panel sooner rather than later on this topic. She goes into quite a bit of detail about the symbolism that’s used by these cults. And I wonder if there’s anyone in this group who would be able to speak a little bit to the symbolism, because I feel that this is something that’s useful to parents who are thinking of putting their child into a preschool or whatever. You know, there’s certain symbols and colors and things that have meaning here. And it seems to be that’s how the cult operates out in the open by communicating through symbols. I think the symbology is being exposed a lot. If you look at Hollywood and advertisements, I was actually in Mexico last year and there was an advertisement for some condominiums that were being built and it’s the covering of the one eye. So the all-seeing eye. There’s many symbols in terms of Masonic symbology, certain handshakes. In terms of pedophiles, I think it’s been published now by the FBI, though I would say the FBI and the CIA and all these agencies are part and parcel of this system, but they have put out These images for they have images for little girls, little boys, children of color. So for the pedophiles to communicate. And if you look at a lot of Hollywood, they talk about pizza and spaghetti and tomato sauce. And so these are code words between them. So it’s really there are no end to the symbols out there. The swastika symbol is also part of the symbol for there’s different the cult has different subgroups so there’s the sort of rothschild’s dragon family royal section that would be over in the uk but then there’s another and there’s many more but there’s another subset called the order of the black sun and their symbol looks a lot like the the nazi symbol so they the different subgroups go by different symbols and then if you look at the vatican I mean, if you’ve ever seen photographs of the auditorium, it’s a serpent. It’s an open mouth. And in the room where the pope and the others sit and talk, there’s these really horrific demonic structures coming out from behind them. If you look at the ritual of communion in the Catholic Church, They’re eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ. This is what I saw under the subterranean levels of the Vatican. I was taken there many times. They have these big rooms. They have a room underneath the Vatican, which has a giant throne to Lucifer. And then they have another room with these big marble altars. And they brought in babies and children. They would brutalize them so that they would release adrenaline. And then they would cut them open while they were alive with a special knife, like somebody described in their testimony from here down. They would collect the blood in chalices at the four corners. And the people in attendance would be like the Black Pope, the White Pope, VIPs of all walks of society would be there. And they would pass the blood around and drink it. Sometimes they would pluck the organ out of the child. There it is in the Catholic mass, cannibalism and blood drinking disguised as some kind of meaningful religious ritual. So they’re always telling you in plain sight what they’re doing. It’s just that we have been conditioned not to see. And they tell us in movies. You can watch so many different movies like The Matrix. It’s kind of a documentary, you know, The Bourne Identity, all these movies that put out, you know, information. And we think it’s fantasy, but no. So there is a universal law where they have to tell us what they’re doing. And so they do it in such a way, though, that we don’t notice. So I would just say symbology is everywhere. And once you have eyes to see, you see it everywhere. Thanks, Max. Gosh, I mean, the detail is extremely harrowing and food for thought. I think at this point, I’d like to ask each of you if you would like to just have a last say on the topic for the evening, what your last thoughts are, and then we’ll start to wrap up. Jason, perhaps you would like to do it. Yeah, I can go first. I just have a system, regardless of strength or size of the foe, it all comes back. These kind of things can make people feel very intimidated, can make them feel very small, and that is a… subplot of trauma based mind control. So if anything we did tonight, or today made people feel smaller, we can disempower them and make them have greater potential be taken advantage of by this group. This isn’t how empowerment really works. But What we need to remember is we can empower ourselves starting tomorrow. We can gain our power back. We can face any foe. We can face down this group. No problem. But we need to be the strongest versions of ourselves possible. We have the ability to do this. In this group, I’ve been researching this group a long time. They have one major fear. independent strong empowered adults and healthy because a healthy body equals a healthy mind and a healthy mind is very resistant to mind control so everybody don’t feel disempowered Feel like you’re going to face this foe with all of us. And we need the best of you shoulder to shoulder with us. And what you want to do is get up in the morning, knowing that poison, as we’ve already highlighted, is a big part of the mind control, making people feel very weak. And they use mind control to make you lust after poison as well. You can take full control tomorrow. You don’t have to find… the people involved here? Not yet, because we’ll need you when the time comes. We need the fully empowered versions of yourself. Start tomorrow in your own kitchen and open your cupboards and open your fridge and understand that the primary pillar of health, the primary pillar of strength that will help modify and fortify all the other pillars of strength that we need to face this foe comes from your physical health go to your cupboards go to your fridge see if you’re being tricked to poison yourself by your own hand it will be the greatest hero’s journey you’ve ever made in your life, if you address the addictions that are anchored with the mind control, the alcohol, the beer, the coffee, the takeout, the takeaway, the junk food, the poisoning of your brain through the Netflix, through the hypno box, deal with those and you will encounter the biggest problems gain of strength that you’ve ever experienced in your life because when you regain your physical strength then you can go to your intellectual strength your emotional strength your intel and your your financial strength And then your emotional strength, which is what I teach. I teach this five pillars of strength system. And the foundational pillar is the physical pillar of strength, your health. And this is why everything’s poison test. This is why they toxify our toothpaste, our deodorant, our soap. Because they’re so afraid, like Max was saying earlier, they know how powerful we are. And that if we ever get up off our knees collectively, they’re done within 24 hours. Reject the poison. Bring your health back. Bring your physical strength back. Work on the other four pillars after. And the best book ever written on physical strength or fitness Health Period is by a man called Paul Cech, C-H-E-K. His book is How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy. It’s the only book. It’s a thin one. It’s the only book anybody will ever need. Regain your physical power, and you will watch their power crumble as your power comes back into you through some kind of invisible etheric transfer. They gain their power by destroying yours. Build your power and you’ll destroy that group. I hope that makes some sense. I’d love to come in here to say, to add to what Max contributed on the symbols. Of course, they are 100%. The more you become aware of them, it’s impossible for you actually not to see them, which is a wonderfully empowered place to be. And they include, of course, the triangle. And the pyramid, which they’ve tried to subvert into their own agenda, the pentagram, goat symbology, which you will see very popular in music videos. I mean, I recently observed, not that I went out to look for it, a Taylor Swift video, which was absolutely horrendous. in terms of the rituals and the energy that was being generated in that space. It was very clearly a ritual to harvest the energy and traumatize people who are not used to this stuff into becoming normalized and more accepting of it. So if your children are engaged in watching these kinds of artists, we really need to empower them. Checkered floors, for some reason, again, related to the whole Masonic symbols. And of course, the six signs, the number six sign, which I’m not going to show because I’m not going to give it my attention. Moving on from there, perhaps I want to share that, you know, I’d come out about the abuse that I’d experienced as a child in around 2010. And I chose to go for therapy as a, as walking the talk. so that survivors would know there’s nothing wrong with you and that you should seek out help and that seeking out help is what empowers you. The sessions didn’t last long because my therapist said to me, look, you’ve got it all figured out. You’ve been working in the space with children and women for many years. But one of the mechanisms that she shared, which I thought was so useful, is to imagine if you have received a wound of some sort. and you’ve got this bandaid over it, and the sore is just festering. You have to take that bandaid off. You have to clean it out. You have to heal it with medicine and talking to yourself and empowering yourself. Then you can be free of it. So that was very useful. And I’m speaking specifically also to the survivors who are watching this World Council for Health special event today. Also to write a letter to the perpetrator that was particularly empowering. expressing your thoughts at the age you were at that time, and then tear it up or bury it or burn it or whatever you need to do. And a letter to yourself at the age you were at the time to forgive yourself. And to say that you’re going to be there for yourself and stand up for yourself and stand up for others. There is great power in standing up for others and standing with other people. There’s immense healing to be found in the human rights movement. Of course, the health leader movement as well. So some recommendations there. And then two more thoughts to say, never give in to the divide and conquer. We’re at a point in history where the absolute rot, and that is to put it mildly, is being exposed at an exponential level. If ever there was a time for us to unite as humanity, that time is now. and not to allow anything to divide us and to see things for what they are, including what Max talked about earlier, from 9-11 to the constant wars and the poly crises that they’re harvesting our energy and causing so much trauma to the rest of humanity. It’s to be present and to hear, to not be divided and to empower each other. And finally, to say that, you know, many of us come from faith-based communities. If not, we are spiritual beings. And if not, we believe in goodness. That connection is going to be incredibly important in the future that we’re trying to build where human beings have their dignity respected and seen. And when we know we’re creating the kind of future that we need, that we want and that we deserve. So hold on to that goodness, that spirituality and that faith. It’s what connects us and we will overcome. Thank you for saying that. I think that’s so important. You know, there’s a reason they divide and conquer us and have us think each other are our enemies. We only have one enemy and it’s this global cult. And once we realize that we are together a billion times more powerful than they are. And so there’s components to the formula. Number one, we have to heal and integrate ourselves. So we have to address the body, the vessel we’re in. We have to address the mind and all the programs we’ve absorbed. We have to observe our thinking and put it on a whiteboard and see if actually what we’re thinking is correct or not. We have to reframe things. There’s a way that we then reconnect ourselves and become we integrate ourselves. And part of that, as you said, includes a reconnection with the inner part of ourselves or the divine or whatever you want to call that. And once we’ve restored ourselves, then we can all come together because all this division of nationality and race and gender and religion, it’s all made up to divide us. So we come together. And when we come together, we’re completely unstoppable. And We have been used through us. They have created this reality. So the good news is we can create a completely new reality. And so if all the teachers in the school system that are being told to indoctrinate children with this pedophile transgender agenda, just say, no, I’m not going to teach things that harm children or parents. Take your children out of these public schools, these indoctrination centers, Hire some teachers who don’t want to teach that and create your own small school co-ops, homeschooling. So there’s one easy solution. They’re trying to destroy the global food supply chain. Okay, great. What if we all start growing food in our own backyards? What if we get together and create community gardens? What if we directly support farms as they’re trying to destroy them? You know, the medical system, is exist to poison and kill us. What if we go back to real health, you know, and it starts actually nature is fundamentally balanced. So it’s this unbalanced that has made us sick. What if we just start with nutrition and physical exercise and enough sleep and all these common sense things, you know, detached from screens are useful. Technology is useful, but detached from it sometimes go out in nature. You know, there’s so many things that we can do and help each other. You know, when there’s a natural disaster, my observation, they tried to burn the area I live in one of these so-called unnatural weather events they create. And the local authorities, the state, they didn’t really do anything. It was the people that came together to help people who had lost their homes and their belongings. We have this capacity. We have this idea. We’ve been indoctrinated that authority is out here and we have to look out here for to be told what to do or for a savior. But it’s all within us. That’s the secret. It’s all inside of us. So once we heal our minds and our bodies and our souls and reconnect with each other, there’s nothing we can’t do. This is our world. We can take it back from these psychopaths. And indeed, we must. Because avoiding it, you know, drugging yourself with whatever drugs or TV or whatever because it’s too stressful, ignorance, that doesn’t protect you. It’s not going to, they’re after us. And so we need to know the truth. We need to put ourselves back together. We need to come together. And we need to go forward and create the world that we want because this is very doable. And the last thing I’ll say is, yes, humanity has been deeply, deeply traumatized on purpose. But what if we take this dance with the dark that we’ve been through and we jujitsu it into empowering us? What if we rise from that so that humanity has been kept in childhood? What if we take that dance with the dark and get wisdom and step into our power and go forward in a new and different way? We’ve got this. We can do it. And only we can do it. So that’s my message. Beautifully said, Max and Shabnam. David, would you like to have a word? Yeah, beautiful words from everyone. What can I do, said 7 billion people. Pretty much everything. All the major changes in the world are by individuals, like the people watching, the people participating, world across. The last four years has basically destroyed people’s worldview, okay? And that’s very uncomfortable to begin with. But there’s a psychological term for this. And what happens is you get a crossroads. You get two options. You get PTSD, where you sit in trauma and you suffer, or you get PTG, which is post-traumatic growth. And that will happen when you’ve got support and you’ve got people around you. So find a support network, build communities, don’t judge each other, and heal. So we’ve got to become aware first. We’ve got to heal, and then we need to act. But there’s so many stories of a single person making huge difference. That apathy that you’re feeling is not your true nature, okay? So we need to return to our true nature. Look at yourself in the mirror and find that true nature. There’s plenty of resources for everyone to begin the journey, but I think, you know, let’s start tonight. I think something tonight… I did something to me at a level that we can’t express. And hopefully there’s lots of people that have had the same experience. So, yeah, let’s go out and let’s make the world a better place. Thank you, David. Dr. Mark Trozzi, you’ve been very quiet. Well, I’ve been learning a lot from some beautiful, beautiful people here. I just maybe would like to add two things. One is for parents, which is your children are being hunted on a daily basis through their mind. And they don’t have to be dragged to the basement of a satanic church or a tunnel under the city. These are extreme examples showing us how real this parasite class is with their philosophy. but all they need to do is have a device in their hand. And I think it’s very important that we’ve been, we’re living in this strange world where the WHO, for instance, is used as this conduit from the parasite class to control all of us through our governments. And they mandate everything from injections to sexualization of children. And we live in this bizarre idea that’s being fed to us that the children are learning from the WHO at school what’s real, what’s important, what our new values are. And then if you’re a good parent, when your kid comes home, you got to let them train you. They got to let you, they’re going to teach you new pronouns. They’re going to treat you what a boy or girl is or isn’t, et cetera. And this is something we must completely reject. Your children are your responsibility. They’re there for you to educate. You don’t need the TV or the devices to babysit them in fact that’s exactly what they don’t need giving children open access to computers and devices is like giving children crack pipes and vodka it’s not going to work so we need to you know christ taught us he said that if if if a house is possessed and this could mean the human consciousness but if a house is possessed by a thousand demons And if someone comes along and exercises all those demons, kicks all those demons out, but if that temple’s left empty, then it will just become haunted a hundred times worse. We need to give the temples of our children material to possess them with godly, righteous, conscious, useful information. And luckily, before the parasite class got so advanced over the last 50 years, luckily we have a long history. And I think it’s really we’re finding a lot of success with just bringing our kids back to classic literature where they can learn proper culture, where they can learn stories that reinforce the golden rule, where they can learn to speak with kindness and to respect wisdom and to respect great vocabulary. because if you peek over your kids shoulders right now and maybe like say maybe they’re watching taylor swift and you’re wondering are these is is this real are there really satanic rituals you don’t have to go any further than that they’re they’re portray they’re displaying it right out in the open and our kids are sitting there getting their head filled with satanic stuff and then we wonder what’s wrong with them So I think I would really recommend, like, take away all these, like, eye of Zoran away from the kids and make sure the kids that we’re actually influencing them, we’re giving them good culture, we’re giving them good music, we’re bringing them into nature, we’re teaching them important lessons. And then if I could just kind of reiterate something that Shadnam said and Max, you mentioned as well, which is the parasite class, their modus operandum is to divide and conquer. us, right? They’re the invisible class. We’re not told that they’re doing satanic rituals in basements and all this, and in some very illustrious basements, I should say. But they manipulate us. They can, for instance, blow up some towers, convince Americans that somebody else just killed them, even though it was a cabal of people that are neither American nor Muslim or It’s really a network of evil people infiltrating all organizations. But they can blow up some towers, convince Americans to then empower them to go blow up some other places. There they can convince other people to hate the Americans who supported this. Then they can bring them to America to bomb Americans. So you see, this is how we’re all being played off each other. And we need to stop falling for it. Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, men, women. We are each other, friends. We’re compatible. Get back to some of the most basic things we all agree with. The golden rule is a great place to start. Do unto others as you would wish unto yourself. And when we come together, as David said, what can 7 billion of us do? The truth is there are really some thousand, which is a drop of these parasite class that have infiltrated our governments and our institutions. It is a challenge. They do need to be dissected out. They do need to be brought to justice. But we don’t have to continue living with this satanic cult subverting our civilization. So that would be my hopeful words. And thanks to everyone for this. enlightening experience thank you so much so much mark what a brilliant way to round up and I want to build on what you’ve said actually because it seems to be really that it’s the family that’s been under attack and and I can’t even put my finger on for how long, right down to the littlest babies, you know. So there’s a lot of healing that needs to take place. And I would like to end today with a quote from the Book of Changes, also known as the I Ching, which is a very ancient text that was used by Confucius and by Carl Jung alike. And I’ve interpreted a little bit for today. But it goes like this. It’s about the family. And it says, that man and woman have their proper places is the greatest concept in nature. The man’s place is without. The woman’s place is within. These positions of man and woman correspond to the relative positions of heaven and earth. Hence, this is called the greatest concept in nature. It’s literally heaven and earth, the relationship between man and woman. A healthy family is an incredibly powerful thing that money cannot buy. A healthy family depends on members of the family being in the correct place. Among members of the family, they are strict rulers. These are the parents. When the father is in truth a father, when the elder brother is an elder brother and the younger brother a younger brother, the husband a husband and the wife a wife, then the home is on the right way. When the house is set in order, the world is established on a firm course. So this is what we’re doing today and what we’ve been doing. We’ve been healing the human family so that our house can be set in order and a better world established out of its flaming hearth. As part of the World Council for Health team, we would like to thank the amazing, courageous speakers today. And without the testimonies and the expertise shedding light on this matter, we would be likely none the wiser. So we want to thank everybody watching in the World Council for Health newsroom or other media. And thank you for bringing your brave hearts to this meeting. We talked a little bit earlier about how music has been used to disempower us and undermine our morality. But music’s main function is to inspire and uplift us and promote our well-being and remind us of our power. And nothing does that more than the song by Kurt Shaw called Warrior Anthem, which we’re going to play out with. So thank you to everybody for a very enlightening meeting. We hope that this will help to heal the world going forward. Thanks, everyone. We didn’t ask to be here We didn’t plan to see The darkness overtaking You and me, no We took an oath, a vow to keep To serve humanity There’s no force on this earth To shake our belief When we are together We can do most anything. We can change the world forever. Cause it’s our time. Now’s the time to beat the darkness. We are warriors of the light. We stand for truth. We always have. We’ll always do what’s right. We are warriors. Sometimes you need to sacrifice it all for a better way For a better day We do this for our children. We do it for the world. The storms they threw upon us will face them all. When we work together, we can do most anything. We will change the world for better. This is our time. Now is the time to defeat the darkness. We are warriors of the light. We always have, we’ll always do what’s right We are all warriors We are warriors, and we will fight. We’ll fight for truth, we always have. We’ll always do what’s right. We always have.

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