Dr. Naseeba Kathrada discusses post jab detox guide (Robust Round Table #1)

On December 22, 2021, in partnership with the Caring HCWs Coalition, World Council for Health hosted the first of many Robust Round Tables, a webinar for health professionals.

In this clip, Dr. Naseeba Kathrada discusses the post jab detox guide.

Additional clips from the Round Table can be found here.


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    1. I am so happy to have found this telegram group. Thank you to all the doctors who are a part of this group.
      I was watching the Web on post shot advice but it stopped abruptly after the introduction. I am researching information for my 4 adult children who have been forced to take the experiment. I am in Australia.
      Thank you again so much for your care and dedication.

  1. Dr. Naseeba Kathrada, can you please send the list of supplements you reviewed in the round table. My wife and I would like to make sure we have everything discussed.
    Thank you

  2. Graphene or graphene oxide seems to be found increasingly in food and water such as San Pellegrino mineral water (its competitor Rhazunser doesn’t have any GO). Some organizations and private labs claim it is in mRNA vaccines as well. Now, GO seems a carbon, but with almost “metallic” high conductivity and self agglomeration properties. Not promising for exposure to magnetism or microwaves. (My son told me he had a scary experience right after the first and second vaccination: the scanner of a price label in a shop beeped continuously when put on his vaccination arm).

    Do algae like chlorella or spirulina help detoxify from Graphene or Graphene Oxide GO? Any alternatives you suggest.