Mind Health Guided Meditation with Dr Anne O’Reilly

On Friday, December 16, Dr Anne O’Reilly (🇳🇿) led those that gathered online in a Mind Health guided meditation. Anne is a member of our World Council for Health (WCH) Mind Health Committee.

“It’s still possible in the end
to realise why you are here
and why you have endured,
and why you might have suffered
so much, so that in the end,
you could witness love, miraculously
arriving from nowhere, crossing
bravely as it does, out of darkness
from that great and spacious stillness
inside you, to the simple,
light-filled life of being said.”
~ D. Whyte

WCH hosts a live Mind Health guided meditation on Telegram every Friday at 9pm UTC/GMT (4pm EST).

You can find all previous meditations here.

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  1. Hi
    Please can you pass message on toDr anne
    Lorraine from Australia
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    Would love to meet up in August
    Lost contact details
    Please contact me on 61 435722499