Intuition Training Meditation with Monica Levin

Each week, the WCH Mind Health Committee hosts a guided meditation on Telegram. On August 19, Monica Levin led us in a guided meditation that you can now watch on our website.

Monica has been teaching people how to access their intuition for over twenty years. She believes that all of our answers lie within and that when we have the tools to access the answers, life becomes fun! You can find many resources on Monica’s website.

Join the WCH Mind Health Committee every Friday on Telegram at 8 pm UTC to participate in a guided meditation.

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One Comment

  1. Monica, THANK YOU, I felt revived and healed by your cleansing meditation and empowered by your superb presentation. I’ve long used a beam of light for my psychic protection, but have I thought to turn it to steel? No, but I love the concept.
    Since the Better Way conference, I pray for guidance on waking, it’s certainly working in a profound way for me! Every prayer answered! My Kenesiology practitioner, who was also a doctor, retired in 2016, Recently I’ve sent out the thought, for God to cross my path with another. Now that prayer has been answered. I’m sorry that I didn’t get the ‘nudge’ to attend your presentation live. My card would have been the Ace of Hearts in the Purple book, but I’m very grateful that, better late than never, I’ve seen it now, know that it’s here and am certain to revisit it x