Matrix Repatterning: Mind Health Webinar with Walter Geursen

Explore the physiology of the cellular matrix and how everything is interconnected with Walter Geursen from New Zealand.

This webinar focuses on the following areas of interest:

  • Concussion and the mind body connection
  • Physiology of the cellular matrix
  • What long Covid and vax injuries have in common with concussion whip lash
  • How everything is interconnected which means the source of a problem is not where it is located or how it is expressed
  • Fact or fiction distance healing or spontaneous recovery

Who is Walter Geursen?

Walter Geursen was a NZ qualified and registered physiotherapist in clinical practice with a focus on skeletal difficulties and an integration of the contributing emotional and behavioural components of health and recovery.

After 3 years teaching physical education, he realised that he wanted to help people on a one-to-one basis. Re-training as a physiotherapist, he has operated several different clinics over the last 40 years. To better understand and assist his clients, Walter explored his own attitudes beliefs and behaviours and how that had an impact on the way he worked and under stood his clients.

He now practices full time as a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner with an interest in concussion injuries.

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