Let Kids Be Kids | Mind Health Webinar

In May 2023, Penny Marie spoke to her son’s school Board of Trustees about her concern about the Ministry of Health’s Relationship & Sexuality Guidelines and the vaccine narrative being pushed in schools. The video of her speech was seen by thousands, and many people reached out to her with the same concerns.

Let Kids Be Kids was formed from these connections with the intention of protecting children’s minds bodies and spirits, raising awareness, and empowering parents and caregivers.

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Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us for Penny Marie, who’s going to do an amazing presentation on her work. Penny Marie, I heard, interviewed on our new Reality Check Radio independent station that just started about six months ago. And her interview was so inspiring. I thought she had a lot of messages for the connection room and. Oh, sorry. Everyone’s just joining. So we’ve, we’ve had a little play, but we’re just waiting to here’s Penny Marie and welcome. And thank you so much for coming today because from our conversations and from your interview, I’ve been so inspired by your story. And Penny Marie’s a mother. She lives in New Zealand, in the North Island. And I think it was your experience as a board of trustees member at your school, your children’s school, over the COVID years and seeing what was going on and deciding to speak up about what you felt very passionate about. You know, you were really speaking up for your children and for all the other children at the school. And since then, then you started this amazing organization called Let Kids Be Kids. You’ve got a sub stack and you do really good rumble interviews. So as a ways to show what parents, grandparents, concerned public can actually get involved if they feel they have something to say. but you’re going to tell us how to speak and actually how to be, uh, because that’s, that’s the way that it’s effective and the wonderful thing it worked. So I’m giving away the, I’m giving away the secret, but, um, over to you, Penny Marie, and you can, um, tell us a little bit about your story and then we’ll have a conversation. And if anyone has any questions, please put them in the chat. I know we’ve got a live stream as well. on the newsroom and we have our Linda and our tech team who’s going to watch the other channels. So we try and get to all your questions and hand them to Penny Marie to comment on. Thank you. Yeah, and thank you, Anne, for inviting me on here. It’s a real honour and a privilege to be here. And, you know, it’s good for people to see that we’re just ordinary everyday people who figure out that we need to say something now no matter what. So we all step outside of our comfort zones and it blows me away that I get to come and be on these sorts of calls. So, yeah, I just want to thank you for inviting me. So today we’re going to just have a chat and I’ve got a few videos and things to show and I’d love to have some questions. Kind of my journey through here was to speak up the truth no matter what in an era where we’ve been quietened. And gas lit and all those things if we do so. And seeing that the first issue we have is understanding what’s really going on. So being informed and being curious and being critical thinkers, that’s a challenge. And then once we get to that point, it’s then, well, what do we do about what we know? What do we do? And how do we speak it or share it in a brave way that’s also direct but loving rather than in anger and in hate and in reaction? Because reaction is that fight or flight thing and we all sort of jump in and say too much and freak the people out that we’re trying to help. And so, you know, we’ve been on this journey quite rapidly over the last couple of years and I’ve spent quite a lot of time learning how to listen and observe people’s behavior and feeling into the energy of what resonates with people and what doesn’t. So for me, it’s become all about listening. finding a resonance and using tools that are at our disposal to help bring information in in a way that can reach people without terrifying them too much because what’s going on right now is quite overwhelming um yeah and so for me it’s it’s been a bit of a trial and error and using skills that I have and the people around me to um try and reach people in the best way possible um So my slides have come up. So I’m just going to run through a few different things. Sorry, I wasn’t in control of that. What’s going on? Sorry, I haven’t used this tech before. What I would like to do actually to start with is show my board speech. So if we can put that up and I know some people have seen it, but what happened was I went to speak at my school board I had been on the board for the previous three years over the COVID years and I was starting to look into the gender ideology and trying to find it in schools and when I saw it and saw parents speaking out and overseas and being videoed I was starting to talk to parents here and saying hey you can go to your board meeting there is the right to speak and And nobody knew. And so I decided to go in and speak, not really thinking that there was much wrong at my school, but really just to show parents how to speak. Well, my version of it, it’s just one way, but not to go in kind of angry and guns blazing. So, yeah, if we can just roll that, it goes about. My name is Penny Marie. I’m a parent here at HPC. I have two sons. I’m here as a mother and previous board member who understands the two roles that you play. You are you, mother, father, teenager, man, woman. I am addressing you in your commercial position as crown agents of a crown entity doing the business as Hauraki Plains College Board of Trustees, trading as Hauraki Plains College. However, I appeal to each and every one of you as men and women. wholly responsible and accountable in your private capacity for your actions in response to the information I provided for the public record. You’re personally accountable for each and every policy you apply and action you take. The board is PCBU, person conducting a business or undertaking, and so I’m bringing your attention to two topics of concern that the Ministry of Education is expecting you to follow through with. And yet, if any harm is done, you are the ones responsible, not the MOE. I’m here as your ally and not your adversary. I’m informing you of your risk and responsibility to do what is morally right. We parents expect that you will always put our kids’ health, wellbeing, and best interests before policy, where there may be a conflict between their wellbeing and policy. So the first point tonight is sexuality education and gender ideology. The sleight of hand where school sex education became sexuality education is really significant. Schools are expected to embed sexuality education, that is gender theory, into every curriculum subject. I am asking this board to please provide me with details of what this looks like at our school. What is the current sex education programme and in what ways are you embedding it into every subject? You are required to consult with the school community on it at least every two years and I believe we’re overdue. I’m asking for evidence from the school’s data on the health and wellbeing of our students and how the RSE guidelines are improving these statistics. The MOU requires that schools consult with their whānaus and their families. And yet, at an individual level, schools are required to maintain privacy, i.e. secrecy, around school counselling and health of the student away from the parents. There are rare occasions where this may benefit a student, such as when there is abuse and neglect within the home. However, that’s not how this approach is being used in schools now. Now it’s being used to give contraception to students without parental knowledge. It is used to secretly allow in schools students to have their names and gender identities that are not their given names and born genders. I have evidence of how, K-Ma is being used in a nearby school to keep secrets. I want assurances the HPC is not taking such actions. Provide me with research that states that the policies being implemented by the MOE is improving the mental health and wellbeing standards of our students and reducing suicide rates. I have not found this evidence anywhere. In fact, there is much evidence to show the opposite is true. I speak to you as the mother of a gay son who cried wolf many times on bullying he had been a victim to while he was here at HPC. In retrospect, I don’t believe he was bullied. They were his friends. He had our full support at home. Whatever happened to him, chronic bullying was not his main issue. Being marginalised was not his main issue. Excessive confusion due to what he was accessing online appears to have been a significant issue which drove him to turn away from me and attempt suicide and connect with at least one known rapist of men. My family had personally experienced very dark times. I can only hope that he wasn’t groomed or convinced about his sexuality inappropriately by staff or students at HPC or the agencies he was referred to. How will I even know? Because the school policy keeps such things private. Parents cannot ever find out what is going on with their own children. How is this okay? It’s broken our lives and our family forever. A student I know got in trouble here with their teacher a couple of years ago for saying there were only two genders. This is deeply concerning. If the LGBTQ plus communities get to have their opinions, so do those who have a different opinion. Cancel culture has divided us on every issue and needs to be addressed with any teacher or school leader who allows this behavior. The RSE guidelines that the MOE expect schools to have gender-fluid narratives so commonplace that our students are ashamed or scared to actually be boys and girls. The MOE guidelines for RSE were written based on research that seemed seriously flawed to me. Four areas of concern are, number one, online. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The fact that our young people have more access to porn, et cetera, online doesn’t mean that we all have to adapt to it. Number two, flawed research. The data pool of studies referenced is extremely small. One study, just 73 students and nine staff. Disproportionate. Even these flawed numbers show the very small number of people who identified as trans or LGBTQ+. This is Amy. Catering overwhelmingly to these groups, grossly neglect that the vast majority of students are heterosexual. Te Tiriti. Excessive references to how this ideology is supporting the treaty is a gross and deliberate misrepresentation of the intention of the treaty and helps no one except the policy makers. Winston Peters this week said, the government has no place in the nation’s bedrooms, so why are our school children from age five now being taught about relationships, gender and sexuality? Our schools have no right, role, or place in teaching our young kids this kind of socially driven doctrine. This is not education. This is a deliberate social engineering program designed and controlled by the virtue signaling woke. When did the education minister or the prime minister ever ask you if this was okay? Pink Shirt Friday, which this school spent the entire last week celebrating, is a doorway to invite LGBTQ plus pride and further destabilises the majority of our students who are naturally heterosexual and yet are discriminated against for being so. What a scary, confusing and debased society we are creating by allowing this into our schools and pushing it on our children. Do you have evidence that a week-long pink shirt celebration with pride colours is improving student wellbeing? If so, then please share it. It is entirely possible it’s being used to usher in a gender confusing ideology. This gender ideology has no scientific basis. It is a theory. It is a theory birthed by sexual deviants named John Money and Alfred Kinsey. In my references are links to learn more about these men and how their ideology has seeped into the education system worldwide. Please, please, for our children’s sake, look at this. Number two, single control approach to health risks. Last Friday in the school bulletin included a link to measles outbreak information. If you send parents information suggesting medical intervention, you must undertake a risk assessment and not simply follow an instruction. As our previous school board did not do this due diligence in 2021 with COVID, a group of concerned parents self-funded an independent report which I have provided to you. The report stated that even in the COVID situation, a multi-solution approach to risk presented was possible. which means that vaccination in isolation is not the only way a school can deal with a viral outbreak. This report is relevant. Now the measles case in Albany Senior High School this month appears to be a test case for another National Ministry of Education directed pandemic response, far exceeding the seriousness of the situation. Please read the risk assessment report and I request that one is done for measles prior to sending out any further information to scaremonger school families into thinking that if they have not vaccinated with MMR, they will be asked to quarantine and or vaccinate, and if we have even one measles case in the school. The last measles death in New Zealand was in 1993. Vitamin A deficiency has always been the aggravating factor in measles. Where is the advice on this as an option? I contacted two parents at the school whose children haven’t had the MMR vaccine. Both said that if HPC was to impose, the single control approach like Albany Senior High, they would pull their children out of HPC for good. Parent choice is always more important than government or school choice. That is our right as families, as mothers and as fathers. Most parents who do not vaccinate do so because they have done their research, not because they have not. So in summary, the trauma that our government and policies have put us through since 2020 serve as a lesson in how not to continue. We now have a generation of kids who see that society has weaponised us against each other and everything is to be feared and they feel like victims. It is not acceptable to continue to surround our children with this fear narrative and it is damaging to their mental health. Suicides, including youth suicides, are on the increase now more than ever. The government won’t release this data, yet so many of us know it’s happening all too close to home. At a time when schools are seeing a decline in attendance, achievement rates, number of teachers and community engagement in schools, it seems very clear to me that the Ministry of Education policies being pushed in schools may in fact not be helping to raise healthy, happy, work-ready, life-ready students at all. My requests on or before the next board meeting, please read the documents provided to you and they will also be emailed. I request details of what the sex ed gender programme looks like at our school, both as a haora topic and all the ways that it is embedded throughout the curriculum and how teachers are encouraged or not encouraged to embed it into their teaching. A date for community consultation meeting on this topic. School data on the health and wellbeing of our students and how the RSE guidelines are improving or aim to improve their statistics. Evidence of an independent health and safety risk assessment on measles advice and no more measles documentation sent to families until the advice is scientifically proven and risk is assessed. As a concerned mother and with others, we want to work with you on these issues. Allies, not adversaries. A reminder that you are each responsible in your personal and commercial capacity for harm to our students, for programs and advice provided by the school. I know you are running a business here. Most families do not realize this. They think that they are putting, that you are putting the best interests of their sons and daughters before policy. Parents are our children’s primary caregivers. Schools have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure parents are informed and consulted with on matters of health, medicine, sex education being raised or taught in our schools. People before policy. Thank you for your time. Any questions? That’s amazing. Oh, hi, Delinda. Hi, Jerry. Thank you for joining our panel. Well, we have the wonderful Penny Marie here and we’ve heard a sample of what she’s done and achieved and fantastic to have covered that number of topics in 10 minutes. And in a way that was really, I’m sure you had them listening to you, which is the name thing. Yeah. And when I show this, if I go speak and lots of people have seen it online. So what happened was I recorded it. I asked them permission to record it and I didn’t put any of their names or faces in it. And so I had the right to share it wherever I went. And even the Ministry of Education have told the school when they questioned it that I have the right to, I had the right to do it, which is good. And it went viral. So about 30,000 people saw it in a couple of weeks. And so then I realized that really I’m over the target. This is what we need. And we didn’t know how to do it. So I got asked to go and travel around the South Island of New Zealand and just go to some meetings And it was amazing for me because it was a time of connecting and really hearing from the people where they were at in their hearts. One is awareness, bringing awareness and actually showing them what’s going on rather than just talking about it or seeing it online. But the second was hearing what their main barrier was to do the kind of thing that I was doing. Because the people out there that have been looking at this for years have been saying, you know, the biggest thing that you can do is go and talk to your school, go and talk to your board. So that’s what I did. I was the first person in New Zealand, I think, that did that. And what people were really saying was, I don’t know how to speak like you. I don’t know how to be brave like you. I don’t know how to use my voice. So then I was like, okay, we can handle this because what we can do is coach people to find their voice. They can, you know, we can share some information, but really what I’ve found is the more that you do your own research and see it for yourselves and see how it sits with your conscience, the more that you want to do something about it. And so by me creating a really amazing network of parents and grandparents, People are going and doing the same thing now. So I’ve helped to support others as they’ve gone and done speeches. Right now, it seems in the main that schools in New Zealand are stopping parents now from going in and doing this. So we had a very short window of having a voice. And so now we’ve kind of gone to plan B, which is that we hold our own public meetings and we invite the principals and the boards and the teachers to our meetings. because we are parents who have a right to speak. And that’s very powerful, because it’s all about remembering who we are and coming back to our power within. We’ve been giving our power away for too long. Yeah, that’s very interesting, the idea of the public having their meeting and inviting the officials, because, you know, I think we’ve all tried to go online into their playground or their camp. And they have such a lot of control and they have ways of doing things and they’re kind of switched off and they see they haven’t, you know, it’s not welcoming. And I think they’re very controlled in that setting. And I think they’re out of touch with the public. So when they come to a public meeting, I know there’s been a few local public meetings that the few councillors who were brave for, say a local council body was asked about a local council, problem. They were stunned at the amount of public concern there was and the number of people there. I’m sure they learned. And actually, they stood up and said, we weren’t aware of any of this. I think it’s very filtered what a lot of our institutions are, the information they’re getting to work on. And a lot of stuff has been taken out of their hands. And the public, I think, like you say, has a lot of power and the right to to have that information, but we need to take it back, but it’s how we do it. And so that we don’t, you know, they’re, they’re, you know, they’re, they’re us as well. And I think they’re very channel engine on the defensive and it’s really winning them over and seeing that we’re not that scary and they don’t have to be afraid, but that we’re trying to collaborate. Yeah. Yeah, I think going in and saying, I want to work with you and then we’re not going in with our pitchforks is really, really important because, and actually someone I met had this amazing quote that she said, we need to be hard on systems and soft on people because a lot of these people in there are are not the problem, they’re the vehicle or the vessel by which we’re receiving the situation. So when you mentioned about that, I’ve heard from principals that these relationship and sexuality guidelines have just shown up and normally they would have a consultation process, but they’re just getting shown up and they’re just getting told. So the schools themselves are the puppets And so they need to formulate a response or not. And so they’re complying because if they don’t, they lose their jobs. So it’s very much the microcosm of the macrocosm of everything that’s happening and that you guys are experiencing through medical too. And so we need to remember that we have our voices. I just want to pop up my slideshow and if that can happen, please. Because… There is hope. So what I do when I speak now is I talk about this circle where the child is in the nucleus in the center and the parents are the number one protector of the children. And then there’s the grandparents and then there’s your extended family. And then out from that is your neighborhood and your friends nearby. And then in your wider community, which includes school and sport and clubs and all the different things. And that’s the sort of ideal, right? Is that our children are protected by those who are meant to be protecting them. But the reality is that it’s all very fragmented. And it’s really important to talk about this because I’m not here just to talk about what’s going on in our school system. But it’s actually what’s going on in society is that, you know, we’ve got single parent families, parents are working, you know, multiple jobs, grandparents aren’t nearby. There’s been an extra fracture since 2020. Families like mine are still not healed from the division caused by vaccinate or not vaccinate. So there’s a very much a fragmented situation going on. And Where I see the school sits is on the outer realms, but because of all the fracture, they’ve come in for one reason or another and assumed the role of the parent. The state wants to raise our children and make no moans about that. And so how we do this, rather than just calling them out on it, is to reclaim our roles, which is to stand as the parents and say, my responsibility is to protect my child. And the parents that have still got their kids in school, even though they hate what they’re seeing, they are doing that because they’re there trying to help and protect the children of the parents who don’t know what’s going on. So a lot of people say to me, oh, why are people even still putting their kids in school? Some parents care enough to have a social responsibility to speak up on behalf of the children whose parents aren’t. So to me, this is really important, is the power piece is take your power back, parents and grandparents. You have a right to have your voice. You have a right to ask questions of where your children are put and what they’re receiving. And then that turns things around from being we’re not the victims in this. We forgot or we mislaid our voice and it’s time for the children’s sake. And as much as there are a lot of children out there who are embarrassed by what their parents do and say, there are also the children out there that are so grateful that And they need to see the parents and the grandparents speaking up, you know. And I say to people, what do you want your grandchildren to be telling their stories about what you did at this time? Did you stay quietly because you were scared of being called a name or being cancelled online? Or did you show up no matter what? And now we’re being asked to show up no matter what for our kids. So, yeah. Yeah, Geri. Yeah, Penny, thank you so much. I just want to applaud what you’re doing. I think what you’re doing is so important. I missed your visit to our area in Wanaka. I couldn’t attend, but I heard great things of it. I’m sure that many parents here and grandparents, I speak as a grandparent of a five-year-old who’s just started school, so this is incredibly relevant to me. And I wonder, how do they do this? How do they get support in standing? I’m sure most of them are going to be saying, I want to protect my children. I don’t know a single parent who doesn’t want to protect their children. I know plenty of parents who seem to have fallen asleep on the job. I know plenty of parents who seem to have dug a hole and stuck their bloody head in the sand. And I know plenty of parents who cannot comprehend the possibility that something as nefarious as as a demonic government, might be trying to attack the humanity through the children. I know plenty of parents in that. That constitutes about 95% of all parents, what I’ve just described. But I know that there are 5%, maybe more. Maybe I’m just a bit fed up with the fight, but maybe more than 5%. This small group of parents, this brave group, where do they go, Penny? I’m sure that’s the first thing they’re going to want to know. How are you helping? I know you are. I just want you to be able to say it. Thank you. Yep. So it’s very grassroots, right? Because all of the organisations out there, all of the, you know, the support that’s government funded is increasing the narrative that is harming our children. So the solution must be within us, in our private communities. it’s all about finding other parents at school in your own school or area that are thinking and worrying about the same things and having the conversation, you know, be brave enough to take a flyer or put something up on your Facebook chat group to actually start seeing, I call it go fishing, go fishing for the people that are resonating with you. Don’t worry about the haters, like put it out there anyway. And, And find them and then reach out to them, go for coffee, have lunch together, start talking about it and then start looking at what resources are out there to help. So Family First, familyfirst.org.nz, Resist Gender Education. There’s lots of organizations out there that have really good resources that break it down for you so that you can fast track through the quagmire, if you like. And so what Let Kids Be Kids has been developed to do is to really build a strong network of parents at the grassroots. So what we want to have is regional networks and things like that. So yeah, it all starts with the conversation and it all starts with knowing that you’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You are seeing what you’re seeing. And then once you realise that you’re not alone, then you can jump in and be part of the solution. Yeah. I’m just going to go through on my slides. I just want to show a few quick things, and please, if there’s any questions, but Inside Out in New Zealand, and so this is part of the problem, is that the government’s funding many, many, many agencies and organisations to push a single narrative. So inside out is one of the key ones and they come into schools. These people are not medical experts. They’re not teachers. They’re people that have been indoctrinated into following a narrative, a political agenda. So in my board speech, I talked about where this is coming in. The Ministry of Education wants it to come through every curriculum subject. so so inside out gives ideas to educators um on how they may do that so how they can embed their um gender ideology into different curriculum subjects so they’re helping them on and one of the scary ones is in the social sciences they suggest to um look at john money and um you know about the intersex activism movement now his um science has been debunked and it caused harm and it caused suicide and permanent mental and physical health issues to innocent children. So why is this organisation suggesting that schools should be teaching it? And they also talk about how to put it into subjects like the arts and maths and things like that. So you can see how they’re trying to seep it in to the trying to embed it in to normalize it. The chicken and the egg problem. I don’t think this was such a big problem until they created it by putting it everywhere and you can’t hide from it. They also have a gender transition support plan template where they are sort of nurturing children at school and in these groups to consider transitioning. So it wasn’t there in their minds until it was put there. And then they have a whole support plan template of how they’re going to walk the child through this. It includes whether they want the parent to be involved or not. So this is a child that may not want to have this conversation at home. they’re promoting secrecy from the parents. So this is kind of how it happens in these vulnerable children, and this is where they get to choose their pronouns. Now, these actions we feel and we see are being targeted at particularly children who might be on the spectrum, who might be socially challenged, who might be awkward and they’re getting… attracted in because this is a kind and friendly environment and I just read something this morning that it seems to be a higher proportion than the general population of children that have been in state care that are identifying as trans or non-binary and all of this so they’re children who have faced trauma in their childhoods that isn’t being addressed they’re just saying oh they’re they’re trans they’re not going back to going well were they sexually abused did they come from um horrific situations what is their actual it’s the core of their um their situation that needs support rather than putting them on this gender affirming care model which then leads them into becoming a lifelong client of the medical system, a farmer, or a higher risk of suicide. So this is the reality of what we’re going through. I’m just going to quickly show you a few things. So family planning, which is connected to Planned Parenthood internationally, They develop the resources that are being promoted to the schools for teachers to pick up and use. Now, we have a situation where teachers in schools are overwhelmed with admin and all of the other social issues that are going on. And so it’s too easy for them to pick up ready-made resources and to not really think about stuff, but to look at what’s already been funded and provided for. So this is an out-of-the-box suite of resources that And when sex education for me was done at intermediate school and it was about puberty and it was about procreation and how babies were made, now they are doing this from year one all the way up to high school. And so I’m picking out just a few of the worst of the things. Now, navigating the journey is a full suite of resources. And my understanding as a teacher is, can choose which bits of content they want to use. So they may not all be using it. And so very strongly, our message is if you have concerns about what’s going on in your child’s class, you must go in and ask the teacher or ask the school for the exact curriculum that they’re learning. Every topic, not a bullet point list. but to actually see the content because they may be seeing videos you don’t want them to see. They may be doing paper activities like this that you don’t want them to see. Now, to me, a five-year-old probably doesn’t need to be able to put a label onto nipples and vaginas and vulvas and penises. I’m sorry for the graphic nature of this, but this is what is being exposed to some children. I would hope that no school teachers of five and six-year-olds would actually think that this is a good idea, but we don’t know until we have asked. And one of the narratives as to the reason why is that we have a high number of children in New Zealand that are being sexually abused and that knowing the correct parts and names of the body would help them And I’ve interviewed a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I asked her whether this would have helped her and she said, no, it wouldn’t. So, you know, don’t just get led down a narrative. Actually start thinking about this. Yeah, Gerry. Just a small point of utter idiocy. Speaking as a fella… I don’t have testicles at the age of five. They don’t exist. So how have they got a map that’s meant to show something that doesn’t even show in the human body until for a boy, you know, maybe 11, 12, whatever, whatever the puberty age and the testicles drop. Yeah. I’m staggered at the lack of accuracy. That’s right. Well, and that’s the big thing too, is that we can, and actually I wrote down a quote, Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defence made this famous quote in a speech last year, which is, the truth is on our side, the science is on our side, the law is on our side, and the ethics are on our side. Everything that is truth is on our side. So we have the right to call this out as being scientifically incorrect, as well as socially inappropriate and harmful for our children. So you’re absolutely right, Geri, and thank you. I’m not a science expert and I’m a girl, but these children are learning things that adults wouldn’t even learn about. So the other thing as well, at year three and four, why… Why, when you’re learning about body parts, do you need to see naked pictures of every age and stage? Because a boob is a boob. And actually, what is it doing to a child to have a look at what your grandmother might look like naked? It’s just not okay. Now, we have a situation here where we have a high number of, we have 600 or 700 prepubescent children on puberty blockers. because they’re afraid of going through puberty or they’re not sure about what their gender is. They think they’re born in the wrong body. Now, this doesn’t happen by accident. This doesn’t happen through genetics. This happens through indoctrination and fear. And so if you’re showing prepubescent children images like this and you’re sexualizing them, no wonder they’re afraid of going into puberty is what I see. What six-year-old wants to think about the fact that they’re going to have hair and boobs, you know? So for me, it’s a chicken and egg thing. The high number of children that are experiencing gender dysmorphia, you’ve got to think that perhaps indoctrination and propaganda got them to that point, not sexism. genuine dysmorphia. Like if I’m a little girl, why on earth do I want to see a cartoon picture of what granddad and dad and my big brother are going to look like? So I have to confront this. It’s horrifying and it makes me feel sick in my stomach to show you. But, you know, people can say, oh, you’re blowing this out of the water. This is not really true. It is true. This is funded. These are government funded resources that are promoted through the Ministry of Education to teachers and in our schools to use. The teachers then have the conscience battle of whether they decide to use it or not. So it rests with the teachers. Yeah, five and six. Now, these are nine and 10 year olds. And yep, we know that some children are hitting puberty a little bit younger than we did. But I’m not sure that the average parent of a 9 and 10-year-old would be okay about these sorts of activities. When they go and ask the school, they don’t get shown what they’re being taught. Now, with a subject as sensitive as this, parents need to have full disclosure so that they can make the decision about whether they pull their child out or not, and they’re not getting full disclosure. My apologies again, but 9 and 10-year-olds are having to look at things like this if their teacher is showing it to them. and it’s completely inappropriate. And I just want to call out here that I spoke to a teacher who had been teaching puberty for years, like years and years, and she said 10 years ago she noticed that what started to come in through the sex ed was talking about sex pleasure and the clitoris, and now it’s a pleasure part of a woman’s body, and it has nothing to do with procreation and the biology of sex. So she saw it way back then that it was coming in that why are we teaching kids that it’s not even the legal consenting age about pleasure? And that’s really concerning. So, yeah, these are some of the horrific things. that are going on, and now you get to 11 and 12-year-olds where it’s getting like this. Now, this is definitely grooming. This is definitely promiscuous promotion, and it has nothing to do with safety in my mind. And I used to be concerned to speak up because people would think I’m a prude. But mums and dads and grandparents are looking at this going, I wouldn’t even talk about this. Why does a teacher think that this is going to be okay to talk about with my child? um this is a case study where it says imagine you’re 12 and heterosexual and you live in a society where most people are attracted to people of the same sex your teacher your sports coach and your grandmother and your older sisters and brothers are in relationships with people of the same sex so you ask me why people are gender confused and I can tell you why it’s not because they were born in the wrong body it’s because they’ve been propagandized 14 year olds talking about masturbating in front of each other One-night stands, 14-year-olds. How to use condoms. This is, you know, we’re at the bottom of the cliff here, guys. I just want to touch on these. In New Zealand, this Birds and the Bees app has recently been launched. I believe it’s funded. It’s definitely promoted by the Ministry of Education. They held an online seminar recently, and they promoted it. Now, this is recommended for children ages 12 and up, but on the App Store. ages three and up can download it. And we know that we have this contagion where our young people are addicted to their phones and the parents, this is the parents’ moment to speak up because we gave these to our children and it’s our responsibility to know what harm that they’re causing our children when they’re not being used appropriately. Now, on this app, it teaches them things like sex techniques, masturbation, orgasm. foreplay and things that adults my heart’s beating really fast because I find it really hard to talk about this stuff and I’m putting this one up because they’ve removed the word woman from everything as far as this content is highly inappropriate for children they talk about people with vulvas rather than actually woman because they’re removing woman from society and all the words and we need to call that out our men need to stand up for their woman and And our women need to be allowed to be women and not be mocked for being women. Meanwhile, men pretending to be women get to have all the say. I’m lost for words, but this is what they’re teaching our children. And the reason that they’re doing it is they’re telling us that parents don’t know how to talk about these things and that they can do a better job than us. And the so-called experts are writing these. Sport New Zealand is also pushing this through. So don’t just look to your schools, but your sporting bodies, your clubs. I’d like to think that most clubs are rejecting it. And I’ve heard that things like Cycling New Zealand and BMX New Zealand are not letting this come in. So we need to give those organisations kudos. But where trans men were allowed to compete in women’s sports for years, they’re now bringing it into the school level. So you go on Sport New Zealand website and there’s an inclusivity hub right there on the front page. And they’re starting to talk about gender and attraction. Now, I didn’t send my kids to sport for their coaches to have to think about all of this stuff. This is deeply concerning to me. They have a book that they’ve put together called Menstruation and Rainbow Inclusive Practices in the Outdoors. And initially on the pictures, I was thinking, yeah, they’re doing something for women. They’re doing something for girls. That’s great. And when I looked at it, what they’ve done is used it as a weapon that throughout the resource, they say people who menstruate, while many people who menstruate identify as a girl, woman or female, not everyone does. Some people who menstruate are trans men, non-binary or intersex. We also use non-gendered terms throughout. So throughout this whole document, they talk about people who menstruate. not women and girls. So this is how they’re doing it. The Rainbow Tick organization in New Zealand is where companies can get an accreditation for embedding rainbow-inclusive policies in their workplaces. So if we are trying to figure out why adults are not speaking up against this, it’s because if they do, they risk losing their jobs. And these organizations are getting funded to push a narrative that normalizes it. And this is really deeply concerning because it’s been happening for years. And what I feel is happening is it’s numbed out the population to think that they have to be inclusive and kind. And now it’s coming for our kids and they’re like, well, it’s, you know, it’s in our workplaces. And you may not be able to see this, but this is a list of currently in New Zealand, the rainbow certified organizations, Sky City. You know, it’s all our big ones. It’s our banks. It’s our insurance companies. It’s our councils. It’s… Our government agencies, the New Zealand Intelligence Community, the New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand Post, the Rugby Union, our legal fraternity, our Coca-Cola, IBM, Inland Revenue, they’re all part of the Rainbow Tick. So the social contagion is so big that we have to speak up now. And let’s just stop the presentation, please, because I’m sure you guys want to speak. yeah it’s shocking isn’t it but um and I suppose I have the advantage because we’ve had a few little chats and um you know we did want to make this solution focus because I think we are all just um overwhelmed by the the the shock of um the issues we need to deal with. And but yet there are people in a position and parents can be empowered and grandparents. And even though I know it’s hard when children feel embarrassed or, you know, are worried about standing out or being put on. But at the same time, it’s interesting, Penny Marie, you mentioned you had some teens who’ve actually contacted you with their concerns and wanting to speak out and they need support and probably the more parents that, and you were saying by modeling to parents and grandparents, how to do it and how to be, and to, um, not be abrasive or too challenging. So, um, you know, we’re kind of just tossed aside and ignored, but, um, that we are, you know, we’ve, we have a right and, uh, getting people aware of their rights, because people power is so important. I think, you know, all that’s happening here, I mean, this is horrific for education, but what’s going on in the health system is worse and equally horrific. And that we have been, you know, like boiled frogs and conditioned to follow guidelines and pathways that actually are only recommendations made by institutions and authorities that don’t have patient care, they’re there for profit. So these things, people, people confuse and they think we have to follow these. They’re not rules, but they’ve become rules and there’s a lot of pressure and people have switched off even thinking because they’re afraid of what’s happened to other people. But the more success there is, and like you said, already, even in New Zealand, our mainstream media is beginning to to start publishing the other side of the story. So I think the resistance over the last three years and learning better strategies and how to keep going, because we are getting somewhere, but over to you, Penny, because you’ve some real gems to share with us. Yeah, and I’d like to share too, like we in New Zealand here just had our election like a month ago. And this topic was by the MPs that were in when they were asked about it in the media, they played it down and they said it’s a non-topic. Well, guess what? Because the people spoke up and they turned up to the meetings and people like me who had never, ever gone to candidate meetings before, we’ve found our voices and we’ve shown up and we’ve asked questions. It’s all about asking questions because that puts the burden of proof back on them. And so I went along to one and I went along to one and asked one of our would-be politicians a question. And there was a woman at the back and she said, I’ve never come to a meeting like this. I’m terrified about speaking, but I care so much about the children I’m asking this question. And so what happened then was it became a conversation piece. They couldn’t ignore it anymore. And I just want to share that because that was the power of the people that put a topic that we felt that important and they tried to sweep it under the carpet. And by golly, by election day it was. So it was a small win, but it was an example that we need to take our strength from because, yeah, I say that solutions are the main thing. We need to get informed, which means we need to look at the horrible things. We need to connect, which is what Geri was, you know, we were chatting about before and And we have to understand what our rights are. And there’s rights under the Bill of Rights Act in New Zealand and legislation. We don’t have a constitution, but we do have the Bill of Rights Act. And that is to affirm, protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms. And which includes the freedom of expression. So we have as much right to share what we’re saying as they do. So they don’t have the right to shut us down. And we can stand in that. We have to ask questions to put the burden of proof back on them. And for me, it’s all about putting out a resonance into the conscious field that shifts everything. Speaking the truth is powerful. And we, you know, like Let Kids Be Kids, Touchwood, haven’t been targeted by the trans activists today because we’re asking questions and we’re being common sense and we’re providing evidence in what we’re saying. You know, we’re not being extreme. We’re just being common sense. So to bring common sense and critical thinking back into the conversation is the gift that we can give to the world to help us to, you know, like you say, it’s the people that have the voice. It starts from the bottom up. Yeah. Yeah. And I think your comment to Linda, you know, it’s true. None of this is legal at all, but the institutions have bypassed ethics and common sense. But I do believe that a lot of, you know, there’s only, I think that a big part too is informing and education, because I know that quite a lot of the people on the medical boards, we can’t assume that they’re informed about the rules and guidelines that we’re being sent. Actually, a lot of them aren’t, and they don’t even know. And I’d say a lot of people on the board of trustees, Or like you say, the sports groups, you know, they’re all being carried along and people are assuming that other people must know best. So there’s a kind of a naivety that’s going to be kind of shocking to wake up to. Yeah. Yeah, I want to just come in on that, if I may, Anne, as well, which is that psychologically we talk about the role of the bystander in facilitating bad human behavior, that for every person that is doing something wrong and bad, there is the perpetrator, there is the victim, but there is also the bystander. And only with the bystander’s permission does the perpetrator get away with it. And so what you’re talking to, Penny, is standing up and no longer being a passive bystander, but being someone who crosses the road and stops someone hurting someone, being a responsible citizen, something we seem to have forgotten about. Just to piggyback on that just briefly, I got messed up with the time zone, so I’m going to have to go in a minute. But I really loved your presentation of the speaking to the board. I loved several things about it. First of all, you sought an alliance and that was just tremendous. You said, I speak with you. And then you told them how they were accountable. And you pointed out their risk, their risk as board members. They are under enormous risk as board members because they are legally responsible. And so you pointed out their self-interest. So first you allied, then you went to their self-interest and then you went to the evidence and you asked for the didn’t tell them what the evidence was. You asked for them to supply you with the evidence. And I thought those three avenues of communication were just super because, first of all, no one’s going to speak to anyone who’s a threat. So you’ve got to get them on site, number one. Secondly, just psychologically, you need to address their situation, not our situation. So you reached across to them and you said, I understand your position. And even if you didn’t know it, I’m going to tell you what you’re legally responsible for and how you could get got by this. You’re the person that’s going to be held responsible for all of this when the truth comes out. And then the third thing you said is, please give me the evidence. Of course, they can’t. So those three things I spotted, I just think, well done, you psychologically top notch. And it’s a microcosm of the macrocosm, right? So it’s how people can deal with what’s going on medically, what’s going on politically, what’s going on environmentally, right? We can overlay that approach and that was just my approach, but that was kind of the, that was the tools that I picked, put the burden of proof back on them, but show them that you’re not trying to put them in trouble. You’re trying to help. Thank you. Thank you for that. I really appreciate that feedback. Yeah. Yeah. Delinda, do you want to say anything? Hello, and I’m so glad you’re talking about this. I was at a local chapter of Vaccine Choice Canada, and they are actually talking about all sorts of things, but including this, and they actually have a letter that has some legal teeth that a parent can actually give to the teacher and of a student and, you know, that says my student, my, my child is going to be treated, you know, well, and it’s not going to be exposed to this stuff. And so, so anyway, that makes that in some ways protects the whole class. And that, that puts the liability on the teacher and on the boards and everything else. And then the teacher actually has something that says, I can’t, I can’t do that. So, I mean, it helps the teacher. If a teacher is an aware teacher, helps the teacher as well so so um yeah that’s definitely one of the things we’re working on here yeah and we’re connecting uh lately kids be kids is connecting to amazing people around the world and particularly canada because we’re I from what I understand two of the countries that are dealing with this the worst um and so we’re having to really reach out internationally and and be a support network I know there’s canadian people on on listening right now that joined um And we’re all in this together and we’re literally like at the grassroots, mums and dads and educators trying to figure this out. And we do have the answers because the truth is on our side. It’s just, yeah, figuring out these ways to actually use all the different tools that are available to us. And there is legal remedy for this. We need to be doing the same things. I think I’ve seen that document and we want to adapt it here. So if people want to reach out to us here. How much time have we got? Do we finish it? Well, we are due to finish soon and I think it would be good to mention uh your website and your sub stack because you’ve got a lot of on your rumble channel uh which is yeah thanks and then we’ve got I know there’s some questions coming in eh yeah okay can we just check the slideshow back up please just quickly and if sorry if you have to go jerry’s had to go yeah yeah Yeah, so I created Let Kids Be Kids, which kind of just fell out of the need. And to be honest, the intention of Let Kids Be Kids is to no longer be needed because the intention is that the power goes back into the parents’ hands for one. And for two, we don’t need to be dealing with this anymore. So we’re not trying to be empire creators here, but we’re just trying to reach a need while there is the need. So we’re all about developing a strong network and informing and supporting parents. creating helpful content, so having interviews with real people dealing with things and real examples, and then those are tools for people to use to share out online, to show their friends, to actually show what’s really going on with people that we know down the road. Supporting and advising parents on taking action, so they’re dealing with issues where school boards are not responding to their messages, they’re not letting them speak at board meetings, They’re not providing full disclosure, so they can come to us and we’re sort of nurturing and helping. And we’re on this journey together. You know, we haven’t got a preset bunch of solutions. And it’s more than just the gender topic, because as we know, there’s lots of other things coming down the pipeline or already embedded into the indoctrination in our schools. So we’re going to be around for more than just this one topic. um and ways that you can help is to be just to get yourself informed and um yeah you can follow let kids be kids and there’s lots of other groups out there too um and talk about it share the content um we’d love you to join our team we’ve got signal chat and we’re just developing teams doing all sorts of different things like looking at what’s going on in libraries um we have a prayer group we have a speaker network we have all those sorts of things a research And the biggie is financially supporting us. And I really struggle with this topic. But the reality is the way that they did this was because they fund it so hugely. And we can’t push back without having a voice. And having a voice costs time and money. And so, yeah, if you can financially support us, that would be great. And you can do that by contacting us via our website. Or you can, yeah, look, we’ve got Substack. Do a paid sub on Substack. Buy me a coffee. We’ve also got a shirt shop. So we’ve got some clothing because I believe that we need to stop wearing the Nike brands and the Adidas brands. And we need to be our own walking billboards for whatever topic we want to promote. So, yeah, I think shirts and hoodies is a great way to actually start having the conversations. So thank you. I wonder if there’s any comments that we quickly need to look at before we go. Yeah, I think you’ve had a lot of agreement. There’s a few more comments. People are sharing it. They think that other parents need to see this. Already shared in the UK and Canada. This is worldwide, sadly. Parents and grandparents need to check what’s been indoctrinated in schools. Shameful. Children first. And then Kitty in Canada is her children are going to be expelled from school because of the vaccines. But I did say that it’s a good idea to go to the Canadian alliance groups on our world council for health resources, because there’d be plenty of other families in the same boat. And you know that we aren’t isolated and it’s amazing when a small group gets together, it’s amazing who’s going to join in and how powerful it can be in a short time. Because people have been deliberately divided and compartmentalised, but everyone’s finding each other. So, and we’ve got lots of ways and means and resources. So, yeah, it was shared in the USA as well. Yeah, thank you. And it is, it’s all about just all supporting each other. And, yeah, so our website’s all brand new at the moment. It’s only got links to our social media, but we’re going to build it out with more information. So, yeah, you can reach out to us, letkidsbekids.nz. And, yeah, we’d love to hear from you and connect. and support and if you can help as far as legal support to help parents or also mental health support because obviously there’s children and families being harmed through the system and we have legislation here which basically is criminalising our medical system from helping they have the affirm model they’re only allowed to affirm and so we need to have medical and psychological professionals that are willing to not care that they’re going to be breaking the law the legislation because divine law is that we protect our children from harm yeah yeah yeah absolutely absolutely we’re Yeah, we’re in a huge movement. I won’t really call it a fight. I think it’s become a huge movement to take back the world for good and the way it should be, really from forces that none of us would willingly join in with. It’s just that we’ve gone asleep for the last little while and we need to wake up and get moving and collaborate and and communicate in the best way with a lot of love and support and understanding. And, you know, I just, I feel so inspired and I think I need, you know, like, I think listening to some of your talk and some of the rumble and actually seeing the teenagers are crying out for help too, but they’re, you know, it’s very hard for them, you know, it takes a lot. So, But there are a lot. And I think if, like you said, if they can be reassured that they’re going to be backed up by parents and grandparents and concerned public, you know, they get very brave. And, you know, I think that, yeah, we say this is our right. You know, you’ve no right to be doing what you’re doing and we’re taking things back and we can sort this out together. I’d just like to share briefly, if we’ve got time, and if you go to our substack, this just went out today, but one of the dads in our network who’s just an incredible man, he has a, I think she’s 12, and so they’ve been on this journey for a while. And so she just did a speech at school and she shared it with us and we’ve put it on our substack because we need to encourage the kids to speak. So she says, in my opinion, I think the RSE program that is happening in schools should not be in the school curriculum. It is an unnecessary topic that schools should not be teaching young ages. It is not helping children. and is making them confused. Children shouldn’t be mentally or physically harmed or pushed by other people to have physical changes and pushed on drugs that stop their biological reproductive system. She’s 12 years old. Children should be able to express themselves without being pushed. I was nine years old when my teacher told me the color of sperm in high detail and described what sperm looks like. I was nine years old being told how a baby is made in a physical way. Do you think they should teach this at a young age? This is not what schools should be teaching. They need to teach boys and girls about their reproductive system in separate classrooms. And then she gives some data and they had asked a survey where what gender do you identify as the students and 51% were female, 40% were male, 1.7 were gender diverse, 1.6 non-binary and 4.3% didn’t respond. So it shows that there are very, very few people who actually are this. And so why have we got this inordinate amount of money going into it? And she says navigating the journey should not be in schools and the Department of Education should change it. Some students get traumatized from navigating the journey resources. um and and that’s a really key part so not only is this horrific but there are a large number of children that have experienced trauma and sexual abuse and these resources are making it worse and she called that out so I’m really proud of her and we would love you know globally we need to encourage the ones that are brave enough to speak up because they know it’s not right but they don’t know how to say anything because they get told that they’re the mean ones oh yeah gosh that’s an incredibly mature 12 year old, but you know, the thing is that, um, it, this, you know, it, it, the teachers, I mean, should have sh shamed the teachers actually that they haven’t been brave enough to stand up to their colleagues and their board, but you know, I, I, it doesn’t matter. It’s, it’s not about that. It’s about let’s, let’s sort this out and let’s take back. Because like you say, it says it all those percentages, You know, these are little things that have been focused on for money, profit and on ethical, illegal agendas. And the teachers need us to speak up and they need the kids to speak up, like you say, so that they can do something about it. Because poor teachers here in New Zealand, and I know it’s the same in Canada and it’s coming out in its court cases, but Teachers are losing their jobs or being managed for misgendering or using the wrong pronoun or refusing to use a pronoun. So this is a political agenda, nothing to do with kindness. It’s a social contagion. And if they don’t comply, they’re actually losing their careers. And so, you know, the teachers are the ones in the pickle here. And so they need our support. They’re not the enemy all the time. I mean, the ones that think this is a great idea, I have concerns about them. But I would say the vast majority are really, really stuck. And they’re so used to just believing that the curriculum is their God, if you like, that even though it doesn’t make cognitive sense to them, they’re still going along with it. And we need to shake them and make them go back to their moral compass first. Yeah. Yeah. And like you say, you know, it’s the parents that are powerful and can, and the children who will be able to get through. And it’s the same in medicine. You know, I think that people are waiting for the doctors to speak out, but they’ve been conditioned the same way as the teachers and, and also they know that their institutions won’t listen to them. They don’t have the power. I know that in my clinical experience, When a patient makes a complaint or goes to the health and disability commissioner or a family wants an intervention, they can actually they have more power in getting that or speaking to the medical council and the institutions and the health authorities listen to their consumers. They don’t actually, you know, and so really people need to understand that actually they can do a lot and they have a lot. They are very powerful and but they’re unaware of that as well. So thanks so much for reminding everybody. Yeah, and I mean, it’s interesting too because in Canada where the legal is so twisted and a lot of the structures are part of the problem, the first solution that you would think to, you have to sometimes go to Plan B. So a small example of that is when I showed that Beyond the Birds and the Bees app, which is horrific. The woman who’s leading that project is funded, but she also works alongside the classifications office. Now, the classifications office in New Zealand is where you go when you see a book that you think is inappropriate that you ask them to review. So there’s that welcome to sex book that’s doing the rounds. And so we’ve put complaints into the classifications office to get that removed or re-censored or reclassified. But the woman who developed the Beyond the Birds and the Beads app works alongside them. So this is the problem we have. So the first port of call is let’s get the books removed and the apps removed. Oh, actually, the people creating them are the people that make the decision. So then you go to plan B, which is, you know, we have to reform as a society, as community and say, well, what can we do? And mass noncompliance, boycotting. you know serving them with this paperwork like what’s happening in canada to say actually this is our space this is our authority and um you know you listen to us or we walk yeah absolutely absolutely and and really informing ourselves about options and collaborating and knowing um You know, knowing ways forward, you know, when you come up against a block, there’s always going to be another way. Mel just put on the chat, she just said, parents and grandparents who have the time, please join the PTA. And you’re absolutely bang on. So I was on my board. People left because they knew they were at risk, you know, in other schools around the country. But I stayed on. Now, I actually put a blog out before our board elections last year and said, please, please, parents, if your children are in school and you know what’s going on in society, get on your boards because we need people in there who can actually be the voice because I was a lone voice and it was not pleasant for me. And so if there are boards out there with two or more people who know what we know, we can shift things from within. So get on your PTAs, get on your committees, get on your boards, be a voice for the next generation. Yeah, great point. Great point, Penny Marie. Yeah, because there will be someone else just like you. It’s just that you do need to kind of just voice and then you’ll be amazed the people who say, gosh, I feel like that too. And I’ll do a call out for the dads as well, because the mums are leading this movement. They’re leading the protection of the child. Meanwhile, we’re being minimized in language. We need the men to stand beside us. And if the men can’t, and it’s the hijack on the masculine, and they don’t know how to do it. And I’ve had many dads say that to me. They know that they’ll get hated on and canceled and called all sorts of names if they speak up. don’t worry about that speak up anyway we we want you to stand with us we you know we’re not the toxic feminine we’re the ones that believe that this has this has to be a full community family thing and we desperately need dads to stand up and boy your kids are going to thank you in a few years time yeah absolutely absolutely Thank you so much. This has been really wonderful. And I apologise if we haven’t got to all the questions on all the different platforms today. We’re missing a key person who was called away in emergency. But thank you so much, Penny Marie. It’s been fascinating. And all you’ve said, this will be recorded and up in the newsroom and then in the video library. And please share it. And please share the website, letskidsbekids.nz. And yes, this is the start of a big movement. And thank you to Linda for being there and Gerry and everything. It’s been wonderful. Thank you, Penny Marie, and all the very best. Thank you. And thanks to everyone else out there who’s doing this too. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.

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