James Roguski: #ExitTheWHO

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate.

He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action.


This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on September 5, 2022. The full meeting is available here.

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  1. We were OUT of the W.H.O. under Trump. As soon as Biden was “innagurated” he undid many good actions that had been done under trump.
    It is noteworthy that a few MultiBillionairs and their “not-for-profit” “Charitable” foundations stepped in with many millions of dollars and their massive influence over this unelected advisory committee known as the World Health Organization.
    This WHO was NEVER intended to have AUTHORITY to DIctate Actions or Manage a pandemic- ONLY ADVISE!
    The actions being proposed will re3move alll National Soverignty from ALL Member Nations and give all Control to the WHO- Under the UN!
    Just say NO!

    1. No Govt. has the ‘right’ to remove the Sovereignty of The People……We are all Sovereign Beings, free men, free people. Any betrayal by any Govt of the people is a TREASON. All nations, their peoples and their leaders (those still with a conscience, a soul) must UNITE and exit the WHO, the UN and NATO etc. These Global warmongers, power crazy psychopaths need to find they have ‘no support’ from the majority of nations….if not all. Together we the people are strong…..and some nations do still have leaders who are loyal to the people. We must stay positive and strong united.

  2. Where can I find the federal legislators, Congressman & Senators, to contact about this?? This is evil and MUST be stopped!!! I’ll bet half of them don’t even know this is rolling along!!! Thanks, Diane [email protected]

  3. As an American citizen and still proud to be so, I denounce the WHO!! Never will I desire a so called “world health organization” to have any jurisdiction over our constitution or our individual freedoms when a personal health decision is a current issue!!!!! NEVER!!!!

  4. #ExitTheWHO WEF and UN. Useless organizations that our tax money goes to ENTERTAINING members.
    We will not give up our freedom and rights for any price to self elected individuals that are there to make money and have power to control us, psychos, enough is enough.

  5. The UK Govt have no authority to sign away The Peoples Sovereignty, it is an act of Treason if they even attempt to do so…..written into our Constitution …written ‘In Perpetuity’ – ‘To Stand Forever’. Why is the UK Attorney General not ‘policing ‘ this issue?……He is paid to do so……yet another Traitor within the UK Govt. King Charles III has no power to remove The Peoples Sovereignty……we the people stand equal with the King in Sovereignty. The WHO is yet another failed group of illegal elitists…..time we the people stopped funding the WHO, UN, NATO etc. the world will be a better place free from their lies, warmongering and theft of our rights and wealth.

  6. Govts do not have the Right to sign away The Peoples Sovereignty, Their Freedom and Rights Under God stand forever. In the UK our Constitution ‘Written in Perpetuity’ – ‘To Stand Forever’ protects the Peoples Sovereignty…..any attempt or act to attack our rights is an act of Treason. The UKs Attorney General is paid to ‘Police’ our Govt. and his lack of attention to any assault on our Constitution is a Treason….. The WHO….another group of villains, taking our public funds by ‘deceit’….they failed to be any use with the Plandemic. We need to exit/defund the WHO, UN, NATO etc all these Global Gangs of Warmongering, Power Mad, Wealth Hungry Villains…..A MAFIA Just say NO. King Charles III is planning an Army to Force us to submit to the power grab and tyranny of these dangerous lunatics in the WEF, perhaps Charles Army is the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants piling in to the UK…An Army In Waiting….being fed, clothed, housed, phones, free energy, weekly cash allowance etc etc…..funded by the British Taxpayers……Those taxpayers having to choose between ‘eat or heat’. Charles a disgrace, and a TRAITOR of the British Peoples, and The Commonwealth peoples too.

  7. Exit the Who now, defund the WHO Now ! Exit the Un now and defund them too !! Guess President Trump is the only one with enough sense to see what needed to be done…Certainly not Biden !!