James Roguski: #ExitTheWHO

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate.

He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action.


This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on September 5, 2022. The full meeting is available here.

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  1. We were OUT of the W.H.O. under Trump. As soon as Biden was “innagurated” he undid many good actions that had been done under trump.
    It is noteworthy that a few MultiBillionairs and their “not-for-profit” “Charitable” foundations stepped in with many millions of dollars and their massive influence over this unelected advisory committee known as the World Health Organization.
    This WHO was NEVER intended to have AUTHORITY to DIctate Actions or Manage a pandemic- ONLY ADVISE!
    The actions being proposed will re3move alll National Soverignty from ALL Member Nations and give all Control to the WHO- Under the UN!
    Just say NO!

    1. No Govt. has the ‘right’ to remove the Sovereignty of The People……We are all Sovereign Beings, free men, free people. Any betrayal by any Govt of the people is a TREASON. All nations, their peoples and their leaders (those still with a conscience, a soul) must UNITE and exit the WHO, the UN and NATO etc. These Global warmongers, power crazy psychopaths need to find they have ‘no support’ from the majority of nations….if not all. Together we the people are strong…..and some nations do still have leaders who are loyal to the people. We must stay positive and strong united.

      1. I agree however I have only just discovered this platform and while I am impressed to see that there a people that really care and prepared to take action to resist and as impressed as I am with that I am dismayed to see that there has been not one reply to your comment or is it that I just am not able to see the reply comments? I hope that’s what it is!

    2. This manoeuvre by the WHO is so sinister and so secretively orchestrated I am very tempted to consider that there are real evil forces at play here. However I am bolstered by this organisation which I have only just discovered today along with men like James Roguski who I discovered a few months ago and again today, being interviewed by Dr. John Cambpbell in the video called “WHO world manipulation”.
      Sadly my family and nearly all of my friends are not on the same wave length as they just don’t have the inclination or interest so consequently the time to even begin to understand all of this that is going on right now. WHO know this and that’s what they have based their entire war strategy on. The preoccupation, distraction and disinterest.

      If you are inclined, please read Ephesians 6:10-13. If not keep fighting the fine fight for truth and freedom as we stand shoulder to shoulder to ward off this tyranny.

  2. Where can I find the federal legislators, Congressman & Senators, to contact about this?? This is evil and MUST be stopped!!! I’ll bet half of them don’t even know this is rolling along!!! Thanks, Diane IrishQueenMK@aol.com

  3. As an American citizen and still proud to be so, I denounce the WHO!! Never will I desire a so called “world health organization” to have any jurisdiction over our constitution or our individual freedoms when a personal health decision is a current issue!!!!! NEVER!!!!

  4. #ExitTheWHO WEF and UN. Useless organizations that our tax money goes to ENTERTAINING members.
    We will not give up our freedom and rights for any price to self elected individuals that are there to make money and have power to control us, psychos, enough is enough.

  5. The UK Govt have no authority to sign away The Peoples Sovereignty, it is an act of Treason if they even attempt to do so…..written into our Constitution …written ‘In Perpetuity’ – ‘To Stand Forever’. Why is the UK Attorney General not ‘policing ‘ this issue?……He is paid to do so……yet another Traitor within the UK Govt. King Charles III has no power to remove The Peoples Sovereignty……we the people stand equal with the King in Sovereignty. The WHO is yet another failed group of illegal elitists…..time we the people stopped funding the WHO, UN, NATO etc. the world will be a better place free from their lies, warmongering and theft of our rights and wealth.

    1. It would be interesting to explore the legalities of the WHO Treaty and their list of Amendments in light of the Constitutions of each of our Democracy’s and elicit the advice of a Constitutional Lawyer or panel of Lawyers in preparation should our Governmental representatives, God forbid fail to step up and reject this scurrilous plan to seize our Democratic way of life. I am not versed in law but it appears to me purely from the perspective of reason, logic and human rights that surely we the people could mount a legal challenge even if they were successful getting this passed into UN legislation on Dec1 and May next year. However as James Roguski says the best and safest option is to act quickly and head this process off now while there is still time. Time to start writing an avalanche of letters to our respective legal representatives.

  6. Govts do not have the Right to sign away The Peoples Sovereignty, Their Freedom and Rights Under God stand forever. In the UK our Constitution ‘Written in Perpetuity’ – ‘To Stand Forever’ protects the Peoples Sovereignty…..any attempt or act to attack our rights is an act of Treason. The UKs Attorney General is paid to ‘Police’ our Govt. and his lack of attention to any assault on our Constitution is a Treason….. The WHO….another group of villains, taking our public funds by ‘deceit’….they failed to be any use with the Plandemic. We need to exit/defund the WHO, UN, NATO etc all these Global Gangs of Warmongering, Power Mad, Wealth Hungry Villains…..A MAFIA Just say NO. King Charles III is planning an Army to Force us to submit to the power grab and tyranny of these dangerous lunatics in the WEF, perhaps Charles Army is the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants piling in to the UK…An Army In Waiting….being fed, clothed, housed, phones, free energy, weekly cash allowance etc etc…..funded by the British Taxpayers……Those taxpayers having to choose between ‘eat or heat’. Charles a disgrace, and a TRAITOR of the British Peoples, and The Commonwealth peoples too.

    1. Yes prayer is a good option and those of us who have faith are all encouraged to do so but we can also take action! Start writing to our representatives in Government and those with the skills make 90 second videos and spread them far and wide to get this message out to as many people as possible in the time remaining.

  7. Exit the Who now, defund the WHO Now ! Exit the Un now and defund them too !! Guess President Trump is the only one with enough sense to see what needed to be done…Certainly not Biden !!

  8. Yes, exit the WHO and the UN. Stop giving money which doesn’t benefit the people of the US. These two are corrupt.

  9. How do I access petition to exit the WHO? Please advise.
    Are there letters to send to Senate? House? members?

    this is basic forum. Please help.

    thank you.

  10. This is utterly unacceptable and a direct insult and assault on our human sovereignty and freedoms.
    The last time this level of censorship and collusion, was when the most evil people
    such as Hitler, Mau and Stalin murdered millions under the banner of communism. The who “is” this evil rising with support of the most evil inhumane organisations such the WEF which use false narratives and endless lies to justify dystopian terrorism upon the free sovereign people of the earth. Because they not allowing legal due process in any way we must move to not only not accept this evil but to abolish it and hold those to accountable for even trying to enslave through falsities and lies. Klaus Schwab is evil embodied and I suspect we have a situation of captured regulatory bodies through the means of blackmail due to wire tapping and digital surveillance of our Governments leaders. Here in NZ we are living under tyranny as we speak and they are trying to kill us all through these depopulation gene therapies. And they wonder why the pole are vaccine hesitant for fucks sake, of course they don’t really believe any of this shit themselves, so why are they destroying their own reputations and aligning themselves next to the most evil dictators in history. They must be being blackmailed or paid enormous sums of money to sell out and harm/ kill their own sovereign free individuals of their respective countries. Fuck this shit, I am ready to go to war for freedom mark my words!!!

  11. I just saw a podcast from Dr. John Campbell & Mr. Roguski re: Exit the WHO. What’s my next step? I believe everything that was said and want us out of the WHO immediately! Please tell me what to do next.

  12. I was listening to an interview on OANN this evening regarding signing a petition to leave the WHO and supporting Andy Biggs bill, H.R. 79 to leave the WHO since it would violate the constitutional rights of Americans. The website given to find the petition given is http://www.EXITTHEWHO.com and I typed that in and this site and others came up, but no petition to be signed. I will sign the petition if I can be advised where I can actually find where.

    Thank you,

  13. Citizens need to communicate to their Reps!!!! I don’t even want my government telling me what to do much less some other non elected jerk from another country having any control of my life. I WILL NOT COMPLY! Do you want your civil rights to be cancellent in a soc called. Pandemic or other emergency.

  14. Thank you James, for your presentation last Saturday at the UnUrban Cafe. We don’t want an unelected advisory committee telling our doctors how to treat their patients.

  15. There is a difference between suggested minimum safety standards and coordination to the draconic changes demanded by the World Heath Big Pharma Orchestration.

    This is the time to relocalize heath care and turn our backs on a Politburo guided Central Committee fashioned upon the failed Soviet experiment.

  16. It would be really useful to have a summary document of the key points, with references to the pages of the WHO documents, so that I – and others can:

    1. See for themselves what the WHO are proposing
    2. Write letters to MPs
    3. Educate others

    Reading a large document isn’t an option for many people.

    Please provide some easy to follow documentation.

    1. I agree! There needs to be some simplified systems. Perhaps this site might be able to accommodate? If not there should be one set up with all the information available for each Country with relevant contacts so we can start writing and responding to this travesty of justice and human rights and freedom.